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To those demons who like to write curse me and tell me no one is listening, your wrong, they are listening.
All over the world!

The devil knows that if God can help a person past even an insignificant stumbling stone in their path they might go on to do great things and help others past the same obstacles.  These obstacles are being overcome by the seekers of truth when they find these pages.  May God open the eyes of their understanding to find the truth they seek.

Now and then some of those people who I mention on my pages as having spiritual experiencing special things from God write to tell me they are on the trail to truth and thank me for these pages.  It's the only payment I get for years of effort.  That's why I say, it's not about me or what I think or believe in.  I'm not looking for followers I'm looking for friends who are on the same path.  This is the path to truth and to God because in that light of Truth is where God resides.  The foundations of Heaven are built upon truth.

God is real, God is alive, God the Creator is Jesus Christ, and Cheops (Lord of Truth & Light).  The Living Word is alive and speaks with His people even to this day.  This is where I intend to share some of their messages to me.  God bless.

All of the people who wrote me messages from which I used segments on this page may write me anytime.  I consider them all my brother's and sisters in Christ Jesus.
Dear Bryon Smith, I hope I got the format of getting this  mail cross to you.

My name is (omitted) and am writing from Nigeria. Wow, I must say I am really enjoying every thing you have written on your site.  I have checked it out and it goes down well with all the things I know about having a spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ and with the Holy spirit.  Am also glad to know that you are aware of the ufo's and other galaxies and creations of God.

Please keep bringing them on, there are thousands that are searching for this truth.  I decided to find out more about these things and thankfully, the Lord, God did not let me go to wrong sites.
My brother is the one who made me go out of my way to search 4 more truth but unfortunately, he's got it wrong(he has a lot of knowledge on these thing through reading.)  He does not believe that Jesus is the one true son of God, though he believes, he was very very special.  I think the only way I can make him belive otherwise is to explain in the right way these things he knows(about the astrals, vibrations, levels of light etc) and link them to God and Jesus the creator.

Please update your site as I can refer him there.  I believe, he would understand better.  I must say again that, I am enjoying every bit of it and these past few days of reading, I am appreciating God the more, I love it I also pray that God will correct your eyesight and bless you immensely.

I will right again to ask some more questions. I hope u reply this msg to show that u received it.

I was so pleased to find your web page. Thank you for the time you have put into it. I wanted to ask you if you could tell me how to cope with all of this. My church doesn't believe in any of this, they are very narrow minded but they do teach straight from the Bible, just leaving a lot out. I can't find any church in my area that speaks everything the Bible teaches without adding a lot more that isn't in there. I gave up on that, and I read the Bible myself and learn.

I see spirits too and have been terrorized by entities and I know you speak the truth. I have not slept without the aid of medicine for years and years. I have had them sit on me and shake me and just blow on my face. You can't tell ANYONE these things because they say you are crazy or possessed. I am scared and I have fought for so long. I am a believer in the Lord Jesus and I hold that alone as my spiritual defense. I fight for all who are oppressed when the Spirit leads me to help, I listen to my inner voice.

All of this makes for an interesting life and I am very nervous. I see the shadow people and I smell things others don't, I dream things that happen, I see visions. No one can help me deal with any of this. But the most bothersome thing, which I didn't see an answer to on your site, is the noise I hear.

If the churches were teaching the truth about God and spirits their members wouldn't need to seek help concerning spiritual things somewhere else.  My personal friend singer song writer Billy Dale has a song that says "There's a million dead churches just taking up an acre of land."  He's exactly right.  I've also noticed the better off a church does in this world the less truth they usually preach.  If you like your church and it makes you angry when you read these lines then there's a good chance your church fell way short of the mark.  People like the person who wrote the message above however know their churches have fallen way short of their mark.
Bryon Smith,
I am thoroughly fascinated with all the information on your website.  This is exactly the information I've been looking for.  Wow! I wish I could talk to you for hours, but will try to keep my email brief.

My search for information began recently after hearing of numerous spiritual experiences of friends and family. 

I know without any doubt that there is a spirit world due to an experience I had as a child and by all the happenings of others close to me lately.  It's amazing how much is going on out there right now…
Hi Bryon,
I really enjoy your website. I was looking on the Internet for like- minded dreams, visions and ministries. God called me to the ministry in 2001 and I have been experiencing trials and tribulations with pastors in my particular calls of prophecy and intercession. When I was reading your writings it was pertaining to me and my ministry. The Lord has called me out of the organized church and has me in preparation for my ministry. I have bible studies with my family and prayer.
>BES> God called me out of organized religion many years ago in order to show me things I wouldn't or couldn't have imagined on my own.  Like me He is calling many others and one term for this is known as "the awakening."  These are the leaders who in this a time of tribulations and change will be known as God's elite mentioned in the book of Revelation chapter 14.  And to them will be given a white stone with a new name and only they and God shall know that name.

>BES> From a lady who knew there was something wrong with traditional Christian thinking when it comes to God talking to people.
        I got your email and let me tell you that it was so welcomed. I thought that it was just another Internet thing but you really are there. Yes, I really do believe that God sent me to your site. He always sends us in the right direction. And it seems that when we really get desperate He really sends us in the right direction. Again, thank you for writing me back. Your letter made so much sense to me. I wonder sometimes if I am one of those people that God has anointed special because sometimes I can sense things that in hindsight proved just what I thought. I can sense people and situations sometimes. It's as if I have a "discerning spirit".

I do want people to know that the Lord really does speak in an audible voice so they will stop thinking that it's a feeling or something
. It is not a feeling. It is a real voice. I hear a lot of people say that the Lord told them this or the Lord told them that but they always speak of it as if it is a feeling or an emotion. It is not. So yes go ahead.

Let me tell you about the angel that helped me once. And he was really there also. About 20 years ago I worked in a children's home in South Carolina as a houseparent. There was a certain part of town that we were asked not be in at night. Well, on one of my off days, (we lived on the campus) I wanted to go to Kmart. Well, on the bus you had to pass that part of town to get to the Kmart. I was in the store so long that I forgot what time it was so when I came out it was dark. I did not think anything about this because I knew that I would be on the bus and safe. Well, while I was waiting on the corner for the bus this guy walks up to me and he informs me that no bus was coming to that corner at night. I had spent all of my money in the store so I did not have money for a cab and I panicked. I did not know what to do but he told me that if I walked two blocks down the way that a bus comes in ten minuets. He turned and walked away but I was very frightened because that meant that I would  have to walk through that part of town that we were not to be in. It was dark and the there were abandoned buildings with broken windows and you could not see because the street lights had been broken out. It was just a very spooky place to be in. At that moment, I realized that I had been standing in front of and abandoned church (even the church folks moved out it was so bad) but I looked up and I noticed that there was a beautiful stained glass still in the window and it had a picture of Jesus with a little lamb in His arms. Well, I just asked Him to go with me cause I was scared and I turned around to start walking in the direction of the bus stop. Just at that moment and man walked up. Well, I started to walk and he walked behind me. He stayed just in my peripheral view and just close enough to me not to frighten me but so that I could see him. He never said a word to me. I continued to walk the two blocks to the stop with him behind me. Just as we arrived at the stop the bus was pulling up so I did not have to do anything but get on the bus. This man waited on me to get on the bus. I never could see a face or anything identifiable so I got on the bus and sat down on the first seat behind the bus driver. There was no one else on the bus but the three of us. The man went to the back of the bus. I never looked back at him but I knew that when I got off of the bus I was going to look back so that I could get a look at him but when I arrived at my stop he was gone or he had bent down or something cause I did not see him. It was not meant for me to see his face but I know that he was sent to protect me that night. He was my angel.
Ok hope to hear from you again soon.

>BES> I would like to share with our visitors these things have been experienced by a more people than they might imagine.  Most of the people won't share their experiences like these for fear of being ridiculed by their own friends, family and church members.  When I told a certain church group about experiencing the Shadow of Death just before I met two angels who took me to meet with Jesus in Heaven they proclaimed I was possessed by a demon and kicked me out of their church!  People who treat people badly all because they tell the truth about certain important things are people who don't want to know the truth at all.  The Bible says those who say good is evil and evil is good are cursed, and they are.  It takes a lot of courage to share experiences like these with others.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who has stepped forward to share these things with the public.  I hope to share an angel story similar to this one on my angels page.  For now please understand that angels still walk the earth in human form and act as God's spys on earth.  Be kind to strangers because you never know when you may meet a real angel from God.

From: Kristin
Subject: Re: I have also talked with Jesus in person!!!!!
Thank you for  this website!!!!

Good morning Bryon!!!  Thank you for taking the time to write out all those comments! I enjoyed (and am continue to enjoy) every bit of your email....plan to read it a few more times over the next few days. It's a lot of info to drink in and I will need some time to read up on some of the concepts you listed (like Zion, etc.) since so many of the concepts about God I know are intuitive based on my spiritual experience.

Feel free to share my story with others. I have met a few people along the way who have met Jesus at some point HERE on earth (apparition), or God has spoken to them on earth (as you described hearing God's voice in one of your stories), but I think you are the only person I know whose story involves actually going TO heaven & experiencing something very spiritual & special!

I can tell you another story...one that involves someone I know who experienced a different spiritual side: hell. There is a book out there about someone who claims to have gone to hell (I think it is called "23 minutes in hell" or some kind of name like that...just heard about it a week ago). I haven't read it yet but plan to at some point (not high on my priority list because I figure I don't care what hell is like since I have seen the heaven & know that's where I want to be!). Besides, I have a firsthand account from someone who was there & I saw the transformation in him after he came back from there (atheist who all of a sudden understood that hell was not "fire & brimstone" but indeed was the absence of God's love....weird to hear those words coming from a person who was so adamant about "if I can't see it with my own 2 eyes then it doesn't exist"!). The person was my ex-husband (I have no ill-will towards him in any way....our marriage simply did not work out, but that's another story!). If you would be interested in hearing this story, let me know and I will send it to you.

The other thing I find interesting after my spiritual experience, is that I am drawn to churches whose pastors are truly filled with the Holy Spirit (and I have been in more than just one church where I realized that the pastor was NOT filled with the Spirit, which is disconcerting to me when I think that he is supposed to be inspiring others with God's word...!). To me, it isn't about "religion", more about listening to the Lord speak thru these wonderful people. I was raised Catholic, but never felt the Lord in church when I went as a kid. At some point I was so disillusioned with the Catholic church where my mother always took me that I just flat out refused to go when I reached college-age! My mom (who is very Roman Catholic) was disappointed, but understood also that I had to find my own way. In the last year, I have been attending a very small Pentecostal ("born again", assembly) Christian congregation in the inner city of Detroit called "Real Church" (www.1realchurch.com) & have really enjoyed it. I feel like some of the joy of God's love peaks thru the building when I am there. As you know, it's impossible to bask in God's love fully here on earth but I find I am more sensitive to it after my experience. I look for places where I can feel at least some of love coming thru. God is like a drug! HIS splendor is intoxicating to us & I want heaven again!!!!

Another thing I have found interesting....have you seen the TV show on HBO entitled "Rome"? What a GREAT illustration of a God-less/pagan society. Wow....yeah, let's show what happens when NONE of us have God in our lives! I have been criticized by some other Christians for watching this show, saying it is "too violent". To me, it only strengthens my love for the heavenly place I know is there.

You mentioned the Angels singing....I understand what you mean about the singing. Heaven is a whole different realm. We can't get there with our human flesh bodies & once we cross over, our bodies are completely different! There is no flesh. Time is a concept that is required by flesh, not by heaven. The concept of the earth being built in 7 days is ridiculous. It wasn't 7 "earth" days; we can't relate to God's ability to do things since we aren't God. The "day/time" concept was written so that we could somehow relate to it in our limited human forms, but it is purely symbolic.

Yes, I agree God's word is ALIVE! Recently, God led me to study the first 5 books of the old testament. I have been stuck there for last 4 *months*, reading about the Jewish people, Moses, etc. & you can actually *see* that Jesus was there right from the start (!). Most Christians assume that Jesus was just hiding until he was born in the New Testament. That's completely wrong! So between understanding better that Jesus was always there right from the start makes the New Testament that much better to read once he does walk with us on earth! Just this past week, God has pointed me to reading the book of John & I have been reading a chapter a night. The words jump right off the page...it's like musical poetry! You just don't get that from regular books....!

I have also begun searching for the earthly clues about God as well. This past summer I traveled to Italy/Greece/Turkey & really enjoyed my tours of places I have read about for years (Rome, Pompeii, Istanbul, Izmir, Athens, etc.). When I got back, the pastor at Real Church recommended the "Archeological Bible"! It's a very large book but it is amazingly fascinating. It gives more information about the people/history behind many of the biblical writings/teachings (lots of articles in there about Jewish & pagan traditions as well as tons of other amazing info like maps & pictures). You might really enjoy it!

Ok, I think I have written way too much already, but once I get started....!

Take good care & I will talk to you again soon!

God Bless!

Another visitor said.

From: undisclosed  Subject: Someone has to Say it Right - ThanksTo: dream-link

Thank you so much for your website. I was browsing the web when I came upon it and like you said, if you know the Voice of God, you do.

Keep up the good work and don't be dismayed by demonic influences because we need bold ones who will speak the truth in these last day!!

Keep up the Good Work In Christ!!
Your site blessed me!
When I started posting messages from people who write thanking me I stopped receiving hate messages from demon controled people.  Maybe my mail filters are deleting them. Here's another I will share with you and my answer to the message.

At 05:55 PM 9/7/2008, you wrote:

Am a young lady who is desparately searching for truth.Am saved and justified by the blood of Jesus Christ.I strongly belive that God the father led me to this site because i have really learnt alot of unbelivable things.Things i never knew about.Things that i have never heard preached in churches!In your giving the truth about the roman catholic,i noticed that you havent mentioned anything about their relationship with Mary mother of Jesus.Am asking this because i really would like to know why they ask her to pray for them.I have alot of respect for her because i know that the messiah came through her.Would you please tell me why they do ask her to pray for them?

I also have the highest regard for Mary mother of Jesus but while it is possible to send prayers to Mary it is not to anyone's advantage. Jesus (Yahshwa/Joshua) gave us directions as to how we should pray and who we should pray to. He said pray to the Father in my name. The Romans had insidious intentions when they took control of the "Christian" religion and they made several serious changes. The day Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple the Romans and the Jewish leaders were meeting in that very church. The purpose was for the Roman government to take controlling interests in the Jewish religion in order to have better control over the people/Jews and non Jewish followers of Jesus.

They tell people they must allow others smarter than (the public) to interpret the scriptures for them concerning important areas where the Roman Catholic church differences and strays from the direct commands of Jesus and his Disciples.

The first thing they did was change the Messiah's name to "Jesus" which translated means "Son of Zeus." Zeus isn't God and the son of Zeus isn't a god either.

This is important to know from the start since the Messiah said to pray to the Father in His name. The Roman's didn't want the people's prayers to be heard by the Father.

Then they tell their followers to pray to Mary as another effort to keep God the Father from hearing their prayers. Anyone having even a small understanding concerning how spirituals things work will understand what the Catholic leaders were doing.

They transformed other pagan rituals and holidays like Christmas and Easter and paganized Christian beliefs. The Bible said they would do this and said "do not practice the things of the pagans." My words just to make it a bit shorter but it has the same meaning. The Bible even says they would take "Christmas Trees" and decorate them and said don't do these things.

The reason of course is to force people to pray as they are told and get them to tell their religious leaders what they feel they need to tell God. This gives the religious leaders a tremendous amount of control over their followers.

I hear stories and have seen movies where priests who learned the truth were literally put to death by their own leaders. The movie Stigmata is based on a true story about this very thing.

No the priests do not know the truth only those at the very top of the Catholic church know parts of the truth and they rationalize to themselves via the thoughts and voices of demons believing it is for the greater good of the church.

Jesus said "Call no man Father."
He said "I am the truth the light and the way, no one comes unto the Father except through me."
He said "Pray to the Father in my name."
He said "Do not practice what the pagans teach."
He also said "In the latter days" people will have the Holy Spirit and no one will need to teach them because the spirit of Christ will abide within them. The Catholics hate all of these things.

The Bible says "Do not consult the dead concerning the living." Understand the meaning is taken from the context of how it was used.  This was when King Saul sought council from the dead through the Witch of Endor. Praying to Mary falls into a subcategory of consulting the dead as a go-between to the Father / God. Mary can not influence the Father one way or another concerning the living or the dead.  (Please NOTE:  If the spirits of the dead did not exist why would anyone be warned about them?  Yet many say "we are taught that when you die you either go to Heaven or hell right then."   These who teach such things are not well informed.  They have forgotten the mention of the waiting places where souls wait.  They have forgotten the mention of the Great White Throne Judgment.  The term hell is used and misused to describe everything from the underworld to the lake of fire.  The devil and his angels are not cast into the lake of fire until after the GWT Judgment.)

The Catholic church is the most paganized Christian religion on earth and it influences all other Christian churches and denominations. The Catholic leaders know this.

Here in France(and i know maybe in most Europe countries),they even built churches in her honour or rather to thank her because they believe that she delivered them of plagues or things like that!I have also seen them going to give her thanks in caves because she has delivered them from danger.Thank you and may God continue to inspire through you so that we may know alot more concerning him through you.

This is why I'm here. There are others that teach the same messages and they are out here. My brothers and sisters in Christ doing what God called them to do in order to reveal the truth about the deceptions and the deceivers.

Recall the Romans were the most paganized people on the planet. Every land they conquered they learned everything they could about the religions of those people and incorporated it into their basic religions. When they took the treasures of Jerusalem back to Rome God cursed them and they shall remain cursed.

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