Spiritual Frequencies

You say you know of a psychic who is very good and can see ghosts but says they have never seen a demon and therefore do not believe that demons or angels exist.  The answer is that spirits reside in different frequency ranges just as light and radio waves do.  Visible light is a very small range of the light and radio frequency spectrum.  Let's say you have an AM radio and you listen to it and believe that FM does not exist simply because all you have is an AM radio.  Does that mean that FM radio frequencies do not exist?  Of course not.  It just means you don't have the radio required to receive FM radio signals.

Spirit Photography

Some spirits wish to be observed, others do not, and others exist where they are because they have no other choice.  It is possible for spirits to be photographed and their voices recorded now thorough means of electronic and film media. To our cameras they usually appear as orbs or balls of light.  Cameras can not see into the orb or ball of light to glean some understanding of its nature or identity.

Why don't we see demons in photos? 
Sometimes they are captured on film or video but usually not in recognizable forms.  Demons prefer for us not to be aware of their existence while spirits of the dead commonly known as ghosts frequently do want the living to know they exist.


What is an EVP?  It is Electronic Voice Phenomena.  When a person is able to use a recording device to record the spirits of the dead, or other spirits that might happen to wish to share a message with the living.  Ordinarily older consumer recording devices like tape recorders were poor choices to capture an EVP because the internal tape motor disrupts the flow of electromagnet energy being sent by the spirit or entity.  Older consumer microphones required a higher level of energy in order to move the coils.  New digital recording devices are nearly perfect for capturing EVP's. They use tiny low power microphones and have no motors to disrupt the flow of energy.

How does a spirit record its voice on a recorder
?  Spirits are energy forms that contain information.  A digital voice recorder is designed to record sounds translated from audio energy moving through the air into electronic format that can be stored within the recording device.  A spirit is all ready an energy form.  They are able to manipulate the coils of the microphone directly without moving the air around the microphone.  You do not hear them speaking until you play the recording back.  Although certain people like to argue that spirits only speak in certain frequencies it has been our experience that spirits literally manipulate the "white noise" energy also known as "gain rush" in order to create their voice patterns for the recording device.  This is why the voice itself sounds like manipulated hissing on the recording.  We discovered this when we tried to clean up some EVP's by filtering out the hiss.  We discovered if you filter out the hiss you also filter out the message.  We then ran high and low filters on the same EVP's and were surprised to see the voice existed at 15k and 20k cycles as well as 300 cycles or lower.  The voice is literally throughout the audio range.

For more information about EVP's and to listen to EVP's we have captured you may go to Spooky PlacesLook for the EVP link from there.  These are authentic electronic voice phenomena.

From the Author

I had uncommon personal experiences that have allowed me to move among the spirits, to see them, feel them, know what they are and what they do.  I have experienced the shadow of death, died, was taken by two angels to the great city of Light.  While there I saw the ancient of days (really old man) and Jesus Christ who is the Creator.  I've been allowed to go out of my body many times and move among the spirits.  I've spent years researching the paranormal, video taping, recording and taking pictures of paranormal events.

Spirits Alter People's Perception
How a person sees reality is how they perceive things.  There are things that cause people to see things differently.  In the past people with altered perception were all believed to have some kind of evil spirit upon them.  People like this were viewed as bad and treated badly when what they needed was understanding by those who should have known better.  Not everyone who has an altered perception is evil and not all of these things are caused by evil spirits.

I have information concerning how this happens and why on other pages on this site and on my paranormal site SpookyPlaces.net in the guide area. Spirits alter people's perceptions but not all altered perceptions are caused by spiritsSome are caused by chemical imbalances in the mind and some are caused by what we might call flaws in the brain.  Have you ever heard of someone who sees music as colors and patterns?  It's not an evil spirit that causes that.  Have you ever heard of someone who sees images of information flowing down from the sky into their mind?  It's not an evil spirit that causes that.  However if these people are treated like they are crazy or less than human the mistreatment of them can condition them to receive an evil spirit.

I help people around the world with so many different kinds of problems I can't begin to write them all on these pages. I lost track how many wrote me who were about to kill themselves because their world was falling apart.  So far I think I've managed to talk them all out of suicide, and some of them several times.  They were driven to these ideas by the people around them who do not understand what's happening to them.  As such they make an effort to find someone who does understand what's happening and wants to help.  So I do what I can to help them.  Now and then someone out there who knows that person and thinks they are crazy finds out they are talking to me and they tell them I'm just as crazy as they are.  As a rule no good deed goes unpunished.

One of these young men has frequent visualizations of all kinds.  When he learns something new he sees information flowing down  to him from the heavens.  When he tells people he sees these things in his mind they think he's crazy, but he isn't.  Sometimes he hears God speaking saying He is giving him powers and he doesn't understand why God would do that for him when he knows he isn't worthy.  Knowledge is power and he sees knowledge as powers and doesn't make the connection between the two.  So I explain it to him.  And I tell him don't tell people God is giving you powers or that you see information flowing down to you from the heavens, people do not understand that.   Instead just understand that you see things in an altered perception.  Understand those powers are nothing more than the knowledge you have learned in some lesson.  So he learned another lesson and says "I understand.  I never thought of it like that before."

He's 17 years old and someone near him should have figured it out by now but instead he had to find me on the Internet half way around the world to help him.  Now and then I run into someone who think's I'm as crazy as those I work to help.  I won't argue that I'm not normal, I don't think I ever have been normal.  Now and then someone says "Oh he's not quite right is he?"  Sometimes it takes someone who's been on the other side to understand the things people are dealing with and need help with.  God said "My people are a strange and peculiar people." I can accept the fact that I'm different, can you?

Sometimes things go wrong and when they do what happens?  I've been good to the young man and have helped him.  I invited him into my research group and my friends accepted him but when I was asked to look into the activities in another group who have serious mental and spiritual problems my friend followed me over there trusting they would receive him as well as we had, but they didn't.

This group I'm talking about is run by a man who claims he's clergy says he's a preacher and a demonologist.  He keeps a very paranoid lady as his right hand person and these people teach that demons come through people's TV sets!  If you think that's nuts you are right.  So this lady tells this young man she is troubled by demons and he says "I'll send a knight to help you."  She imagines she's seeing a tall dark shadow person standing next to her, screams DEMON!  Then runs to this wolf in sheep's clothing who calls himself a demonologist and tells him this young man sent a demon after her!  The man believes her hallucination without question!

The young man perceives his angels as being the knights that protect him
.  The "godman" says visualizing things is evil.  Let me remind you when Joshua fought the battle of Jericho a soldier appeared to him dressed in full battle armor.  This image was so clear and real that Joshua pulled his sword and asked "who are you!"  The soldier said "I am an angel of God who commands the angel army and I have come to help."  The point is Joshua saw an angel dressed like a soldier.  Is there anyone reading this who can swear for certain that God has never sent an angel who looked like a knight to some leader in battle?

Sending the knight as he said was his way of saying he would pray for a angel for the lady so as to help her
.  As a result he was branded a practitioner of evil and unwelcome there.  They said all kinds of incorrect and mean things about him but that's only half the story.

She Says She's An Incarnated Angel!
To complicate things even more while all this was going on one of their group members came to chat with me in my group and claimed she was an incarnated angel.  Since I've met angels and God has sent them to me to deliver messages I know angels do not incarnate. Common angels are purpose driven.  They exist only to preform a function dealing with God's businessOnce their purpose is fulfilled they are reabsorbed into the Cosmic river.

I would like you make a note here the man who abducted and raped Elisabeth Smart also believed he was an incarnated angel.  He said God had commanded him to take 40 some odd wives while on earth and have children by them.  David Koresh believed he was Jesus reincarnated to.  Who we going to believe?

So this girl who's the same age as the boy I've been speaking of tells me three times she's an incarnated angel and wonders why she ever did that because it was a huge mistake.  She says everything we think we know is wrong.  The Bible is such a joke she can't stand to read it.  Then she tells me her angel name is Phenox which happens to be the name of a demon listed in Christian myth who is said to command 20 legions of demons!  This girl is in that paranoid group and trusted by it's leaders.  Makes you ask "what's wrong with that picture."  Everything the boy sees is the result of his own way of perceiving things.  Everything this girl sees is the result of an altered perception generated by an evil spirit.

So I tell her she's not an angle and that the real angels of God are watching.  Naturally she's offended by me telling her that she is delusional and she runs right back to the paranoid group and tells them that I'm talking bad about God and God's angels, and yes they believe her without question!  Not one of them came to me for an explanation!  I was kicked out of that and two other phony paranormal groups without anyone once asking me what was going on all based on the messages from these paranoid people who see demons everywhere.  If you are interested to know more about this kind of thing please read the paranormal page on this site and the guide page on our paranormal site.  The point to this segment is to help you understand the difference between a spirit altering a person's perception and that of a physical / non spirit altered perception.

The lady who asked for my opinion watched in stunned amazement as all these things take place.  She need not ask me my opinion about them, she knows they are paranoid frightened followers who do so blindly.  We got kicked out of that group but others left on their own once they saw what kind of thing was going on there.  The ashes of that fire had not cooled down before they attacked a man who is a band member of the vampire subculture.  He's not possessed by a demon either but that group was ready to stake him on the spot!

Another thing I should mention is the difference between what Jesus would do and what these people do.  They judge and condemn and says  "stay away from those people they are possessed by a demon."  Jesus said "bring them to me for me to heal them."  I would help them, if they ask.  Accepting the truth on this page alone would be enough to get them started toward the truth and toward recovery.  You can't help someone who doesn't know they need help.  You can't help someone who doesn't ask.  All you can do is warn others not to fall into the trap as these people have.  Now that you have had a warm up on this subject have another interesting segment how evil uses people.

How Dark/Evil Spirits Affect The Living
I receive E-mails from people almost every day asking me questions about spirits, what they do, what are they capable of and how to get rid of bad ones that have taken control over their friends or loved ones.  There are always going to be those who for one reason or another refuse to believe and find alternate explanations accusing the researches of fraud, delusion, and deception.  Many times the skeptics or scoffers are afraid of the truth.  Sometimes they base their beliefs on the lack of evidence depending on the subject.

For months I have desired to share with my visitors here some of the things that happen to me and to people out there who ask for my help.  I have explained how demons hate those who know of their existence.  They really hate those who share what they know to help others be rid of demonic influence.

In the following messages a father was writing about his demon possessed son and his girlfriend.  As I've said in other places the demons know who I am.  They will also go to great lengths to protect their hosts.  One of their most used tactics is revealed in the messages below that I will now share with you.  The demon finding out the father was asking for help for his son wrote me pretending to be the father and then cussing me out using words and terms I've had demons tell me in person only this time using the son.  The first message is from the father and my response to the father.  The second is the message from the son pretending to be the father.

Please understand I did not contact them, but T.R. contacted me even sending me a picture of his son and the son's girlfriend.  I've removed the real names and will not post the picture for obvious reasons.  I have no intentions of harming any person in any way.  I can assure you demons do not want you to have this information.
On 4/20/2009 9:30 PM, T.R. wrote:
> Hello,
> I was reading your prophecies and this will sound random, but heres is a picture of a boy (an attachment) and I was wondering if you get any feelings off of him. He was born in Ontario, which is North East of your position.

> Hope to hearing your reply

> T.R.

I would rather not say much based on a photo.  While I admit I do get an impression from the image I am not sure I should trust that impression and say something that may complicate things.

I will share a dream with you that woke me this morning.  If you have some video or care to tell me what the boy's story is and what you are thinking I am willing to listen.  I realize there was a reason why you sent me that picture asking about the boy.
On 4/22/2009 8:43 PM, T.R. wrote:

> but I'd prefer if you mentioned none of this on your website or anything. That will only push him deeper into his frustrations. 

(I won't mention any names but these things are important and I know there are quite a few people who are dealing with altered perceptions caused by dark spirits who need help.  Most of them will not be inclined to find this website or this page.)

I get the impression from the image that he and the girl in the picture are troubled by some kind of very dark spirit.

I agree this type of spirit can not be helped by a forward confrontation.  The dark entity will protect what it sees as belonging to it.

In our "world" we have our possessions but in the spirit world and world of demons they possess their hosts as the most valuable thing they can possess.  They do this via their creation of "shadow entities."  They literally can see and hear everything that host sees hears and feels.  They can multiple these spirits in their hosts and pass them along to other people.  As such is the saying "bad company ruins good morals."

The real catch is that someone who wants that demon or demons will never turn loose of it.  They will express it's feelings toward others.  As it feels it may loose a host they feel they will be loosing something that is part of themselves.  Exorcism is out of the question in such cases.  Only when a person has hit rock bottom can they see they have been deceived and used by an evil spirit.

I've been receiving messages like these from people in various and far distant places.  I just turned a case in Alaska over to a paranormal group up there and I've not heard back from them since then.  A 12 year old girl saying a demon talks to her.  She became very sick and emotional.  Strange things began happening to her and around her.  Her husband wouldn't allow anyone to come help and finally the mother convinced him to allow the preacher to come see the girl.  The preacher told her I was a religious fanatic and not to talk with me.  Three months later the mother wrote me back telling me what had happened and how the girl went from bad to worse after she took her preacher's advice.  Now she said the girl is on expensive medications and has two nurses watching her day and night in a hospital to keep her from killing herself.  I told her to contact a priest or someone who has connections with someone who could help.  Finally I found the UKparanormal.org and contacted them.  Found out they were doing a job in Indiana and I'm going to be doing a job in Indiana last part of June.

When in cases like yours you can pray the host person is allowed to see the true nature of the "thing" that inflicts them.  You can also pray for their protection because demons will turn a person dangerous to themselves and dangerous to others if they feel very threatened.

Demons are attracted to certain kinds of music that produce negative vibrations.  They feed on it.  Likewise they hate music that has good vibrations.  When I'm cleaning a house I play songs written and preformed by Billy Dale Sexton.  http://www.billydalesexton.com/

Some of them love to mark their hosts with tattoos and piercings to show ownership.  To them it is like a dog or animal marking it's territory.  Strange hair coloring and or odd hair cuts is sometimes included in the marking process.

What a lot of people do not understand is that God is the author of all true sciences including mathematics.  Some highly devoted religious people fail to realize that science and nature are a product of God.  Science, math and nature verify the existence of God.  Some of these people however believe it disproves the existence of God and they throw it in the face of those who believe that if something can be explained by science then it couldn't have been a miracle from God.  Both of them are wrong in their thinking.  God, science and nature work together in the creation process to produce everything in creation.  God frequently uses nature to preform miracles.  Usually these things are things people have difficulty understanding.

The devil on the other hand love to convince people that if it can be explained by science then God didn't do it.  But we know the devil is a lair.

Let me know if I can help.  Prayer and asking for him to see what spirits he is dealing with are the best things I know to do right now.  I will consult someone else to see if there's anything else I can get that might be helpful.

---- Below is the message from the son pretending to be the father. ----
On 4/28/2009 10:19 AM, T.R. wrote:

> You have been in touch with my 17 year old and he has explained to you that he believes he is an Anti-Christ.  This is a young man with bipolar in his family who is suffering from delusions that he is meant to save the world....how could you be so irresponsible to correspond with someone and add to the fire of hell that he is living with...you should be ashamed of yourself.

> Believe what you want but stay away from my child...I have printed off your messages and I will report you if needed.

> You are an irresponsible creep who shouldn't be allowed on the Internet.

I'm sorry but I do not know what you are talking about.

I am not aware of any messages from a 17 year old boy who thinks he's the anti-Christ.

I am aware there are a lot of people who are mentally ill and or bi-polar who require therapy and medical assistance.

Please feel free to contact the legal authorities as you see fit.  As you know I have a copy of the same messages and I have a lawyer on retainer.  There were two messages and this makes the third.  I have no way of knowing if you are the same one who wrote all three messages or that you are the one who is bi-polar.  I'm sure the judge and the lawyers will agree.

I also have this message and the other two from the same E-mail address.

I've written nothing out of the way or illegal and recommend prayer for those in need.

I have blacklisted your e-mail address and name in my mail filters to be sure I do not receive or respond to any further messages from this E-mail address.

Blessings to you and yours.
I wish you the very best.
After my last response to them I never heard from them again, of course I did set the filters to delete all message from that address and wouldn't have received anything from it even if someone had sent it.

What do you think, did all the messages come from the same person?
I would love to show you the picture of those two but I do not dare.  If you can picture them with gaudy tattoos and piercings with frowns and an evil glint in their eyes then you are on the right track.

Please notice all three messages are posted here yet in neither of the first two did the father say anything about the son being bipolar or thinking he was the anti-Christ, but the son pretending to be the father did.

Is there a chance someone else other than the son wrote that last message? 
Yes, any other person who has connections with the same demon could have written the message.  I've seen sets of people recite the same messages or types of messages with the same intentions.

Why would I run the risk of sharing these messages now?

1) Because the kids in question are about as far gone as they can be and I expect aside from the direct action from God there's no hope for them.  2) Because if one case is being reported and coming into the light there are thousands of others where people are seeking help and information who will not dare ask.  3) Because demons will not expose their hosts to truthful information that may allow their hosts to become free of them.  Meaning the likelihood of any of those people returning to this website is very slim.  I am aware of at least one exception to this rule in a case like this and I'm prepared to share any interaction from them to me with visitors to this site.  That also means I'm prepared to do something else for the greater benefit of all who really want and need to know the truth about these things.  If you like riddles ask Jesus what he did in order to get the message to the entire world for the past 2000 years.  Let's just say he went public with his message and let his friends pass the word along for the past 2000 years.

Certain demons are notorious for giving their hosts dramatic delusions.  They come in several varieties.  I've actually met demon possessed or controlled people who thought they were the anti-Christ incarnate.  Some told me they were one of the two witnesses who would testify on God's behalf then be killed and resurrected after three days for the entire world to see as they ascend to Heaven.  Some claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus and yes they actually believe this.  Are they?  NOPE! These are some we were warned would come before the second coming of Christ.  Yes they are demon possessed / controlled by shadow entities.

This website and information there-on are Copyright © 2005 Bryon Smith

Some things exist weather we believe in them or not.
Everything in existence is energy based.  The planets, suns/stars, moons and every living thing consists of physical mass and energy.  Everything in the physical realm emulates things that exist in the spiritual (unseen).  If you can plant a seed and grow a plant, animal or baby you better believe spiritual seeds are planted among the living, they grow and multiply.  The physical body may die and transform back into dust but the spiritual energy that was that living thing does not die.  The living, humans are a living garden of spiritual energy.  What gets planted, what grows within them and what they pass on to others is all part of the process of the balance of energy.  The more bad energy that exists in our world the more bad things happen to our world and its people.  Study history and see when certain types of spirits ruled the earth and what kind of things happened to the people.  When darkness/ignorant spirits/people rule people die of senseless and frequently violent causes.  When people forget the past they return to the past and the mistakes that were made will be made once again.  No mater how many times Moses preformed miracles and saved God's people they always returned to their ignorant state of being.  No mater how many times the people saw God's hand at work in their lives they were determined to repeat cycles of darkness that lead to their demise.

Consider human nature. 
People can be very Sincere, have the best of intentions and be completely wrong.  I've had people tell me there's no such thing as ghosts or spirits and they were very sincere.  They usually are not aware they are talking to a man who was raised in a haunted house.  Later my wife and I moved into a house that was so haunted no one could live in it!  That's right, the owner couldn't rent or sell it but we bought it and moved in and met the spirits head on.  Some things are very difficult for some people to believe in until they see it for themselves.

Some people do not believe in ghosts or spirits of any kind. 
Some people do not believe in God or the devil.  They like to say "Well that's just a mater of opinion." 
No, actually it's only a mater of opinion to those who base their understanding on unfounded theories.  Let me give an example.  Way back in the beginning when people first walked the earth they knew the earth was round.  Enoch seventh from Adam wrote of the paths of the planets.  Later on people decided the world must be flat.  The two sides could argue about it and some might say it's a mater of opinion, but was it?  Of course it's not, the earth is round, it always has been.  One side is correct in their understanding while the other side is wrong.

Another similar example,
the Catholic church taught the earth was the center of the Universe and all stars rotated around itThe Catholic church literally had people burned at the stake and beheaded who said the earth was not the center of the universe.  (6th commandment completely disregarded.)  The Catholic church taught then as they do now that they receive their knowledge from God.  Like the German SS they believed the Jews were Infidels who should be eliminated.  Like the Muslims they referred to the Jews as infidels.  Who was right?  Who was wrong?  Was it just a mater of opinion?  What is different today?  We have technology to prove the earth is round and not the center of the universe or even the center of our own solar system.  Today we also have evidence to prove that spirits and ghosts actually do exist.  The point is the Catholics have been proclaiming they are God's One True Church and yet they have been found in error countless times since their foundation.  Makes you wonder why anyone would still want to follow their teaching.  So they say "we are but humans and prone to make mistakes."  No kidding but their past mistakes were made in the name of God and that blood is still on their hands.

For people who have actually had contact with the paranormal they know for a fact that spirits exist. They know they exist weather you choose to believe in them or not. I will admit that some people do not understand the spirits as well as others. Understand the Lord of Light is the Lord of Truth.  The Creator God is the ultimate logic.  The Creator God is the ultimate mathematician, and the numbers He comes up with do not lie.  Those who come to the Father will come to Him through the Son, the Creator and they will do so in truth and light.

What are Spirits?
A spirit is a form of energy generally invisible to the human eye.  These spirits have an identity or name.  They contain a program, intent and information.  If seen by the human eye spirits most commonly appear as balls of energy.  Sometimes these lights will pulse like a heartbeat. I'm more inclined to think that spirits of the dead trapped on the earth bound plain are the ones that more frequently pulse like a heartbeat.

These balls of light contain information in a spiritual format. 
The information within the spirit ball or orb is its identity and its name is its purpose and visa-versa.

Not all spirits appear as balls of light, some appear in other forms. 
Some exist or transform as elongated shapes that appear to have wings and move very quickly.  Some orbs can link themselves to other orbs and move in unison with the lead orb. Many orbs can join directly with other spirits.  Some spirits appear as a cloud or mist and some appear in shapes like flames.  Please view the Halo image to see what a good spirit attached to a human being looks like. Please view lights video to see what other spirits attached to a human look like.

If you have trouble seeing the spirit orbs in the lights video above you can view them in real time DVD quality format from this link. It is a large file please give it time to download.

These spirit balls exist in a wide range of spiritual frequencies just as the light spectrum does. 
These balls of energy can be combined with mortal living creatures to produce various effects.  Spirits are normally invisible to the human eye but some animals like birds, cats, and dogs can sometimes see the energy or spirit balls.  Certain species of birds are the most sensitive to the spirits and on occasion may even chase after a tiny spirit ball as they would a bug.  Occasionally some people can see spirit balls out of the corners of their eyes.  Psychic's can see certain energy balls in certain spiritual frequencies but usually not all of them.  When God the Creator created Adam and Eve He placed a spirit within the body of Adam to begin the process of conditioning Adam's spirit to the world around him.  When God took a rib from Adam and made Eve from it the human spirit had all ready been conditioned within Adam for many years.

Spiritual energy can not be destroyed, at least not by humans.  Pure spiritual energy can be shaped just as a potter shapes a pot from clay.  After the pot is fired it can no longer be changed.  People's spirits are like the potter's clay.  They can be shaped into who they will become but once fired they can no longer be changed.  This is why Jesus said to leave the Pharisees alone, because they were damaged "clay" and unacceptable to him.  You don't put new wine into old wineskins. Likewise Islam who are the enemy of the One True God can not be saved, if they have been fired in that mold.  This is why I say I am not here to convert anyone from their religion, I am here to help anyone who wants to understand these things better.

Spirits contain everything that represents a living thing. 
Spirits contain memories and genetic code.  It is possible for the Creator to take a person's spirit, view the genetic code and create a new body for that spirit which is recognizable to anyone who knew that person while they were alive.  It is also possible for him to remove the physical scars and flaws within that spirit because the Creator's fingerprint exists within that spirit.

When a person views an apparition of a ghost or spirit they are seeing the "translated" form of that spirit in a previous likeness. 
The process is a combination of physical and spiritual interaction between the living person and the apparition.  Sometimes the image of a spirit can appear on video or in photos when the spirit desires to make itself known.

What are natural spirits of the earth
?  These are spirits also known as angels that are programmed to deal with the basic functions of lower living things.  This includes plants and then animals.  Spirits that deal with plants are a low form of basic energy.  Their purpose is to maintain the balance of life for plants of their kind.  Spirits that deal with animals are a higher order of spirit.  These spirits are neither good or bad they are just a part of the process of nature and the cycle of life among their kind.  They "think" and analyze things that concern them like a computer would process an equation.  On occasion spirits that deal with animals have been known to affect people under certain conditions.  Spirits that deal with people have been known to affect animals under certain conditions.  Native American Indians and other tribes have experienced these things and this was the birth of the knowledge of "spirit animals."

When Jesus cast the demons out of the man they went into the pigs, drove the pigs crazy and the pigs jumped off a cliff and were killed.  These were not natural spirits of the earth, they were demons and unclean spirits.

What are angels
?  Angels are spiritual energy programmed to fulfill the desires of the Creator by helping, supporting either in active or inactive mode and monitoring living and non living creation.  Angels of God contain God's key to the Father which is the fingerprint of the Creator. (I talk more about angels on the angel page.)

What are demons
?  Demons are fallen angels.  Angels that failed in their purpose because of spiritual perversions.  The key of the Creator (God's Glory) was taken from them.  They were cast down from the Heavens (high places) into the earth.  Most of them reside within a place known by several names.  The Underworld is the best term that I can think of for that place as it resides within the earth.  (I'll talk more about demons on the demon page.)