The Bible
A person who exists in darkness is not enlightened or aware of their condition.
Religion offers an artificial enlightenment, just as the laws of Moses did.
The laws of Moses could not offer true enlightenment or salvation.  Acting without understanding is not enlightenment.
The Bible offers a form of enlightenment along with testimony to this truth.
True enlightenment comes only through the Holy Spirit of Christ.  That spirit of enlightenment is the teacher that abides within a person to guide them.  It is a living entity.
Once a person emerges from the darkness they shall never willingly return to it.

God's Plan of Salvation

If I've written it once I've written it and told the story more than 1000 times telling the same story more than 100 different ways.  I've told the story step by step in my personal pages on this website.  Those pages are still here.  But this page is dedicated to the process of what went wrong in the Garden of Eden that got Adam and Eve kicked out of it.  What happened to their children as a result of that "sin/mistake" and how God the Creator resolved that problem and provided restitution/salvation for those under the curse of the original sin.

Lucifer Created Religion before Adam and Eve were created.

The first thing I want you to do before you read this page is throw away all your concepts of religion and what you think you know.  Lucifer created religion long before Adam and Eve in order to deceive a people who existed at that time.  While you are gasping for air and thinking "this can't be right" just think about it.  Lucifer got kicked out of the heavens for playing God and for deceiving not only the angels of God but the people as well.  If you think this conflicts with your concepts of creation just throw that away to.  When the Bible says "The earth was void and without form" the correct translation says "The earth was destroyed and in ruin."  The Earth had been involved in a terrible fight among the angels and the earth was in ruin when Elohim started over again.  These destructions happen now and then as certain as volcanos, earthquakes and astroids and the reconstruction begins again.  Thing is our time is not Elohim or God's time, but it comes just the same.

Many Religions Teach Rational Concepts mixed with Excuses.

You are on salvation's narrow path.  You are on the path to truth!  And "here's the map you must follow without question."  Someone else made that map, told me to seek the truth without questioning? Right!  Sad thing is that everyone who gets tangled up in religion does so because they do not question what they are being FED!  There's not a religion on the planet that isn't mixed with human interpretations that are misleading at best and completely wrong at worst.  Let's face it, there's no "official" religion on the planet that has the real full blown inside scoop on who God is, who we are, what we are doing here, and where we go from here.  There are a handful of them who are very close though, and I'll tell you about them on another page.  Just remember, today, in this human form we understand partially.  We as humans always have the tendancy to error in our thinking and words.

As a lad I was raised in the Christian churches and was taught some things that I had certain doubts about.  They were very good at telling us why God had done away with the special gifts of the spirit.  They had to rationalize why they had no special gifts.  I began to ask questions and have doubts.  I set out to find the answers despite people telling me that I should not question what they told me.  I discovered there's a lot of religions who teach things that are wrong that tell the people not to question what they say.  They are frightened to death we will find the truth about them and the lies they teach. Perhaps they actually were taught that themselves and believe it as if it were the truth.

During my quest I discovered that God loves a truth-seeker.  The only way to begin to seek the truth is to ask questions and go digging for the answers.  The only way is to do exactly what they told me not to do.  Mix that with a lot of prayer to God for Him to guide and show you what the truth really is.

Doing the Research

I read the Bible from the front to back and back to front again and could not find anywhere in it where it said the special gifts of the spirit had been done away with. I found one place where it said that one day when Christ returns all these things would be done away with but no date or time was ever given.  The gifts were given to a people who needed these things to help other people, and we are still in need.  As long as there's a sickness or a demon that needs to be cast out there will be special gifts of the spirit.  The other thing is the Bible, God speaking said that in the latter days God would pour out His spirit upon His children and they would have visions, dreams and they would prophesy.  Everything God does has a reason and purpose and nothing will be done away with until its purpose is complete.  So if God didn't do away with it why are they teaching such things?  The only answer is they don't understand why they have no special gifts.  This sent me on a quest for answers into places I had been warned not to go.

God Speaks, And the Word of God Came
One day I was practicing with our country band and the moment my lead part came up I heard the voice of God call me by name and tell me to get out of there.  I missed my lead part and looked as though I had seen a ghost.  We started over and the very same thing happened again.  We took a break.  The band manger asked me if I was feeling all right and all I could do was stand there with a blank look on my face.  God had just called me by my name.  When He spoke I couldn't hear anything but His voice and yet I was standing right in front of a large guitar amplifier.  Low and behold, God can and will speak to a person if He wants to.  Those preachers told me God didn't speak to people anymore, yet He spoke to me!  And that makes the people who told me that wrong.

That's just one stone in the water.  Just one more very good clue that put me on the correct path to the truth.  God was taking charge and God wanted me out of there, and in some other place.  A place that at that time He was aware of but I was not.  One week later I found myself in Joplin, MO. In God's hands and still on my quest for the truth.

The Truth is in the Knowing
I knew that God could and would speak to me or anyone He wanted to now and no one could ever take that from me, despite the fact some of them did try.  I recalled that Solomon asked God for wisdom.  I prayed for the understanding of spiritual things.  I asked for spiritual wisdom.  And I asked for it in the name of the only one who had access to such things.

If God could speak to me and knew me by name then I knew that God could also hear me. If he could here me I could ask questions and perhaps get some answers.  I asked some very important key questions.  I was lead to find the answers that God "gave to me" through life's examples, powerful visions, night visions and dreams.  In some of those God appeared and was speaking directly to me.  God showed me things and did things with me those preachers and people from my past wouldn't ever have believed.  He was talking to me just like he did the prophets of old.  He told me he had a purpose for me and at the right time I would do what He wanted me to do.

There was no longer any question in my mind that Jesus Christ was God the Creator in the flesh because this was the God who was speaking to me, and He showed me powerful things.

And I asked Him, "God, if these things are true then why are they true?"

The biggest question at that moment became "If I can ask anything of the Father in the name of Jesus and the Father will do what I ask, then why doesn't it work out like I was told it would?"  I see and hear people praying in the name of Jesus all the time and they never seem to get what they ask for.  Only a handful of people I know have done that and got what they asked for and some of them only get what they ask for a small part of the time.  What's the catch?

God showed me the catch.  All of the answers to all of my questions were all rolled up in the past.  One day God showed me a powerful night vision and in that vision I was taken by two fiery angels to a place in the south west.  Everything was gray.  People were in a building and it looked like a funeral.  And I said "What is this a funeral?"  I went outside and there in a building found what looked like airplane wreckage, of a large airplane.  I touched a piece and cut my finger on it.  I said "There is a lot of hurt in this place."  And then the angels took me into the air again, high above the clouds and we went south east until we came to NASA.  There at a launch pad I saw the teacher all dressed in black and holding a black book in her hand.  I heard her voice but her mouth did not move.  She said "Look to the past for the answers to the future."

This night vision was not only foretelling the Challenger disaster it was God giving me a clue.  That if I could discover the answers to ancient questions I could know the answers to my own questions about quite a lot of things.

There is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again.  The earth had life on it before, it was destroyed and the recreation began.  These things will happen again after we are gone.  Those who are taken to be with God will become part of the new creative forces in this place.  There is so much more to know and to understand.

Speaking and Saying Nothing
You can pray in the name of Jesus until you are blue in the face and the Father who is spirit may not hear you, unless there's an angel nearby or you have the spiritual key (Holy Spirit) within.  The power that Jesus is and represents is not in the spoken name but in the spiritual name of Christ.  We speak the name anyway but the Father hears only the spiritual voices from our hearts.  Remember when God sent two angels to Sodom? He sent them to see if the prayers he was receiving from Lot were true. He could hear Lot because he was Abraham's brother and of the chosen bloodline.

In the Beginning & Falling from Grace
The most important things we need to remember and ask questions about were given to us in the Bible.  We shall start with the Garden of Eden and with the two trees that were in the Garden.  The fact the Garden of Eden was in Iraq is also important but not to your salvation.

Adam and Eve were the mother and father of all the human race as we know it today.  They were told they could eat from any tree in the garden except the one that was known as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Now God told Adam this before He created Eve, but Adam told Eve what God had said.  A very sly serpent lived in that tree.  They were told not to eat it not to touch it, but leave it alone.  For in the day you eat of it you shall die.

The very spirit of the "devil" was in that tree.  To touch it or to eat of it was to allow the devil's own spirit access to their bodies and minds.  Because the serpent was in the tree the devil had influence over it and used the serpent to speak to Eve.

It's important that you understand the devil still works like this. He can have influence over one person, that person can touch another person and the spirit of the devil can gain some access to the second person.  The devil speaks and works through the people now just as he did through the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  It was the devil who was within the Pharisees who instigated the movement against Jesus to have him put to death on the cross.  Killing God's chosen ones is what the devil/Lucifer/the great dragon is all about.  These people speaking as the devil put words in their mouths called Jesus everything but who he was.  The devil's people still say to "Kill the infidels."  This is an extension of the devil's own hate for God.  Since the devil can't hurt God he goes after God's favored people, just as the prophecy said that he would.  He is the dragon and "his" people are the flood from "his mouth" that seeks to destroy the children of the woman.

The Shadow of Death
Being dead and coming back to life gives a person a brand new perspective on life and spirits.  Having had many other OBE's and walking and flying among the spirits will give a person a much greater understanding of the unseen world around us.  The catch to that is not everyone gets the opportunity to go there, see so much that goes on in the spirit and come back to tell what they have seen.  I am one of those people.  I live with both the blessing and the curse the knowledge of such things bring.

In the Likeness of His own Image
It would take a novel to explain all the things God has shown to me and since I intend to explain the most important things on this page I can't tell you the full story.  I can give you the short version.

God the Father is spirit just as the Bible says.  The Creator is an extension of the Father that makes things happen according to the Father's desires.  The Father Spirit wanted living things and the Creator made those things.  The Father desired more intelligent beings with the ability to know who their creator was.  The Creator made Adam and Eve in the likeness of His own image for a very good reason, but the heart of the creation was key to the purpose of their existence.

You see the Father only recognizes spiritual things and does not see the physical world the way we see it unless He sees it through the eyes of the Creator or through the eyes of those who the Creator's spirit resides within.

Adam and Eve were given a choice in the Garden of Eden and told what would happen if they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  Eve ate the fruit and the devil entered into her and took control of her emotions and the thoughts of her mind.  At his moment she began to think devious thoughts  like the serpent who lived in that tree.  The only purpose that serpent had was to beguile Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of that tree it lived in.  Now that same desire filled Eve's entire body and mind.  Her only desire now was to get Adam to eat that fruit as she had done.  Lust, and every devious and perverted human emotion was within the fruit of that tree.  It was now part of her own being and she was filled with emotions and with lust of the flesh.

Knowing that Adam would never eat the fruit if he knew what it was pealed it and disguised it and gave it to Adam.  The moment Adam ate of the fruit he knew he had been deceived by the woman who the Creator had made for him.

The Creator knew that one day these things would happen and while bad as it was He all ready had a plan to resolve the situation.  The purpose after all was that of making beings who were able to understand the creation, their Creator, and the Father.  "Behold, man has become as we are, knowing good and evil."  The Creator knew these things, of course He did and so did those who He was speaking to when He said this.

Keep in mind the physical creation was not the ultimate objective in this Creation.  It was not the purpose human beings were created, it was only the means to an end.  But the Father desires these spirits from within the human beings who the Creator has created.  And these spirits must be special and recognizable to the Father, just like His own Son is.

Meanwhile the evil spirits ran wild upon the earth and perverted and blemished as many as they could in order to prevent the Creator from accomplishing His mission to provide the Key of heaven to humans.  After all the key that Lucifer had was taken from him and he is insanely jealous of human kind because of this.

In order to restore human beings (the chosen ones) to the Father a new key had to be created.  That key could only be spiritual in nature since the Father is spiritual and spirits like that of His own Son are all that He will recognize.

The spiritual blood line from Adam and Eve had to remain intact for the plan of God to be fulfilled.  This is why when God the Creator saw the evil of human kind in the days of Noah He destroyed the people on the earth in the great flood saving only Noah and his family as direct descendents of Adam and Eve.  The bloodline and spiritual bloodline ran through to Mary mother of Jesus, the son of God, the Creator born in the flesh.

The only solution for human kind to be recognized by the Father as His own children was for a part of Himself, the Creator to become human and join His own spirit with that of the Human spirit.  This had to be accomplished with a direct unblemished descendent from Adam and Eve.   This is why Mary was chosen as the mother of Jesus, the Son of God.

As the Creator lived within the body of Jesus during his life it was being conditioned to accomplish exactly what was intended of it.  As Jesus lived and the things he did so would that key give others abilities according to their own faith and spirit.  As Jesus was accused and beaten and then nailed on the cross he said "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."  And in this his own spirit was made ready to forgive and receive those who had done terrible things in life, if they would repent and accept the spirit of the Creator into them.

When Jesus died the Creator went into the underworld and there joined or "touched" those among those in captivity who were His friends.  The key, the spirit He gave them allowed them to pass from the lower realm to the higher and there Abraham's bosom was established as a waiting place for them until the day of the Great White Throne Judgment.

When Jesus returned from the underworld He told Mary M. not to touch or cling to him because he had not yet ascended to the Father.  Him ascending to the Father was for him to present himself to the Father so the Father would recognize the new spiritual key the Creator had created within Himself.

Then He returned and dwelled among his friends for a time and many people saw him during this time and recognized him as Jesus.

When he ascended his followers did not want him to leave.  Jesus said "Unless I go the comforter will not come to you."  He was saying he had to rejoin the Father in order for the key he had made to haven to return in abundance to the people who loved him.  In this his spiritual body was broken for us and all who will repent and receive this spirit may have everlasting life.  This spirit came to many at Pentecost and it was then passed from one person to another through touch and the laying on of hands.

In this you understand that spirits are frequently passed from one person to another though touch.

If you could see the spirits as I have seen them then you would understand that spirits is what it's all about.  You see that spirit the Father recognizes shines brilliant white just like His Son does.  All the angels of heaven recognize a child of God because of this bright spirit.

Many people join religions never knowing what is going on around them and through them in the spirit.  Many join religions inspired by the devil and never realize what they have done.  They will descend into a fiery pit when their time is done on earth and they think they are secure, they think they are saved.  Many people join the Christian religions and adopt the spirit of religion never realizing they have accepted a substitute instead of the Holy Spirit of God the Creator.  You can't receive the Holy Spirit from someone who doesn't have it in the first place.

There are not as many people saved as they think there are.  If you could see inside a person to see their spirit then you might understand what I am trying to explain.

God literally sent me back from the dead to explain these things to those who the Father brings to these pages
, and to me.  I do not take the mission lightly, I will not accept any substitute.  My time is relatively short and when it is over I will move into the Greater Light of the Creator.

Ultimately you must understand the key is not in the name of "Jesus" but is in the essence of His own Spirit
.  The Father hears the desires and prayers of the spirit, not of the mouth.  The Holy Spirit is the name and signature and voice of the Son, the Creator and this is the voice the Father spirit recognizes.

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