The more science looks for the answers the more they find evidence within the Bible.
Science makes wrong turns now and then like everyone sometimes does.  The general belief is the continents got where they are over billions of years.  Certainly it has been billions of years until now, but has it been that long since the great continent of Pangeia broke apart and became the world we now know?

In the flood of Noah we read about the earth shook and the fountains of the great deep burst forth and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Then it took something like 120 days before the water subsided and the tops of the tallest mountains became visible above the water.  Noah's Ark landed in the mountains of Arrat.  Water still covered the earth.  That was some flood!  It wasn't just a rain storm.

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What I want you to notice is the shape of the mid Atlantic ridge.  Notice how it is shaped just like the shapes of Africa, North and South America.  Now consider the actual "continental plates" the ocean sets upon is miles beneath the ocean floor.  If our surface world were connected solid to the continental plates then why is this ridge the same shape as the continuants?  Why are there skid marks moving outward from that ridge?
Notice in this picture how the shape of Africa fits into the slot off the Easter coast of North America.
My theory is this.  The continent of Pangeia sat upon the Mid Atlantic Ridge upon caves filled with water.  An earthquake broke the structures holding the continent causing it to fall upon the mid Atlantic ridge.  The pressure of the land upon the water in the caves was phenomenal.  The water burst forth into the sky causing the Great Flood of Noah.  The Bible described this saying "The fountains of the great deep burst forth."  The Mid Atlantic Ridge is actively volcanic in nature, which I suspect created the ridge.

At that time the continents began to move, not slowly but very fast away from each other.  They moved until they hit something that stopped them.  This is what caused the Western mountains in both north and south America.  This is what created the Atlantic Ocean.

Please look closely at the horizontal lines that cross the mid Atlantic ridge and run outward away from the ridge on both sides.  These exist from the top to the bottom of the ridge.  I do not believe this is by chance, I believe these are skid marks where the continents slid away from each other after cracking upon that ridge and breaking apart.
The mid Atlantic Ridge is an under water mountain range that pushed up under the super continent of Pangia.  This caused Pangia to break down the center and then slide away from the ridge on an cushion of water and mud.
These mountains and some islands on the bottom of the ocean are segments that broke off the continents as they moved.