Punk Mentality becomes a mental disorder.  In extreme cases it is life threatening.  I have no idea how many have died as a result of this type of thinking, but I know the death toll is very high.

We see them everywhere today.  They come in different forms but quite a lot of them wear their pants down below their butts.  Some look as though they buy their clothes at the Halloween costume store.  They wear scars and tattoos to show off their mental condition to those who happen to notice.  It is a statement of insecurity and rebellion to the world as to who they are and what's wrong with them.  They give power to their illness and delusions.  They flaunt their disease in public as if it were their strengths.

Truthful information empowers people.  Trusting in lies weakens people, makes them insecure.  Their insecurities branch out into their minds like weeds in a garden.

Now and then a parent or concerned friend will E-mail me and ask me what to do about their child or friend who has acquired a negative unsocial behavior.  I decided it was time to share these things on this site to help those who are seeking help.

Quite a lot of these problems are created either from poor parenting or from close association to others who suffer from bad parenting.

Do they realize they are insecure? I think some of them do, but they don't realize what is happening to them.  I don't think they are consciously aware they are being attracted to a kind of mentally unbalanced spirit.  I don't think they realize how dangerous it can become.  I doubt they realize they are continually judged by others who do not suffer from the same kind of mental disorder.

There are many levels of this type of disorder but they all start by the subjects feeling of needing to belong.  The other related connection is by association.  The person who becomes punk through association or attraction to another punk person does so through attraction to that person or feelings of sympathy for the other person.

The calling of the punk mentality is heard by those who are insecure in their own lives.  Their insecurities are usually based in bad parenting.  Perhaps they had things given to them then taken away again.  Perhaps they were abused physically and or mentally.  Perhaps they were an only child who was spoiled creating an imbalance.  Perhaps they had brothers or sisters who were favored above them.  Perhaps their insecurity was not cause by the parents but rather by school mates or teachers who treated them in a manor that was not acceptable for them.

I say "not acceptable for them" because everyone is different.  What might work on one child or young adult might not work well with another.  Some people are very sensitive to spirits and emotions.  These much work harder in order to find their balance in life.  These can also be upset and thrown out of balance by things that might not bother someone else.  These can and will have illnesses caused by spiritual energy.  They will also act out the energy given to them by someone else without realizing it wasn't their feelings, emotion or thoughts that caused them to act as they do around certain people.

Quite a lot of them never let it get beyond a statement of rebellion.  Others are attracted to the shadow of death that resides within this mentality.  Punk mixes with or becomes gothic in the subjects mind at this point.

Drugs and alcohol are always found among the punk and gothic.  These substances alter the person's mentality.  They are called "spirits" for a reason.  The more a person dilutes or bastes their minds and bodies in these substances the more altered their thinking becomes, until they become delusional.  They acquire other mental disorders like "bi-polar" in which they experience sudden and uncontrollable highs and lows.  One moment they feel GREAT and another moment later they feel depressed like no one loves them.  More and more they believe lies which are things they seem to want to believe in rather than the truth.  They will resist any attempt to get them to go to alcohol rehab or a drug treatment center.  They will literally run from anything or anyone that offers them a real solution to their problem.

The Heavy Metal Fest
Now I will tell a true story of something that happened to us.  We were hired to shoot video of a heavy metal festival a few miles from where we live.  I told the owner of the bar that I would bring my family and shoot the event.  Then I warned him that he was inviting disaster by attracting this type of mentality into his place of boniness.  He argued with me and was convinced he was going to make money.  We made about $2000 worth of "T" shirts and came to shoot the event.  They had a dozen bands lined up for the three day event.  At first the music and song wasn't so bad but it continued to get worse as the day went by.  The drunker and more drugs the patrons consumed the worse the music and song became.  Each band was worse than the last and the worse it became the more the crowd loved it.  At first they were just standing in front of the stage but at a certain point they began slamming into each other hard enough they knocked each other to the floor spilling their drinks and breaking glass bottles on the floor.  Blood flowed down their sweaty beer soaked faces.  The police watching the event to keep order shook their heads.  People coming in would look at our shirts and tell us they were nice and if they had any money when they left they would buy something.  Most of them had no money left and some of them were literally carried out by their friends.  At one point I told the police that someone was going to get killed if someone didn't stop this insanity.  One officer said "Let them.  Better they do it here than out on the street where they might kill someone else."

We did the videos.  I promised God, Myself and my family I would never again put them through an ordeal like that.  I hoped my daughters realized these people were possessed by some serious mentally disturbed spirits.  I prayed they would never have anything to do with such things but only one of them got the full message.  We lost $1,500 on the job.  The owner of the establishment lost $5,000 and went out of business.  I had warned him what would happen but he didn't listen and still didn't want to admit he had made a serious mistake in judgment.

I intend to tell more stories and give examples here when I can.  I would like to thank others who have found this page and thanked me.  I thank them for their support and especially to those who actively take part in helping others with these addiction problems.

Normally I tell people with these problems to get professional help
.  See a psychiatrist.  Find a good doctor who has experience in dealing with these things.  Usually this works when the person with the problem really wants to get help.  The times when it doesn't work are when the patient really doesn't want help but just wants to put on a show for the spectators.  (This happens all the time in the world of celebrities with mental disorders.)  Someone who doesn't want help can't be helped by anyone.  The other thing is when that person is someone who has a lot of money and their doctors would rather get that money rather than help their patient.  They need to learn they are important.  They need to learn what is important in their lives.  They need to know they have a real problem.  They must take control, want help and get help before their problem becomes worse.  They need to understand their is a solution to their condition.

I have no Ph.D.'s but I have an understanding for such things because of my own strange life experiences.   I have lived in close proximity with people having these disorders.  I've had three of them actually living in my house.  I've done video jobs for punk groups that were right on the edge of jumping.  I've seen the scars up and down their arms where they have mutilated themselves.  I've seen the tattoos.  I've seen the things they decorate their cars and rooms with.  I've listened to their music.  I've been inside their heads.  Then add this to the fact I've been dead twice and walked in the spirit to see the shadow entities on many occasions.  What I describe on these pages comes from my own experiences.  Test what I say and if you really want the truth you will find it.