Holier than Thou!
(This is a page to warn you about certain kinds of people so that someone doesn't take unfair advantage of you and your family in the name of their God.  It needs editing and formatting but I do the best I can with what I have.)

I'm just about sure everyone who's had any kind of life have met these kinds of people.  They show up at your door with a need.  They tell a story that warms the cockles of your heart, you open your doors to them and they move in and parasite off you as long as they can. The moment they realize they've been found out they demonize the people they have been parasiting off of in order to justify and maintain some self respect over the illusion they exist within.

These kinds of people come in several flavors but they all come with one thing in common, an unnatural unhealthy relationship with their ideology of God.  To a better trained eye they have all the signs of religious cult members/victims.  On the flip side they come off as scam artists, which is exactly what they are.

These people are often on the move because no mater where they go they know it's only a mater of time before the people they are shafting figure them out and either report them to the law and give them the boot.

Since I have a recent example of this kind of people I'll share a little about it.

They showed up a family highly devoted to God with a need/desire to fulfill some commitment often "in His name."

They don't have a phone, home address, a credit card or anything else that won't fit into their family vehicle.

They don't have a computer or anything that could be used to trace them.

Their answer for this kind of living conditions is
"they have repented from technology."  They don't mind using a computer as long as it belongs to someone else and can't be traced back to them.

The truth is more likely they are on the run from the law for other transgressions.

Honestly they wouldn't have money for such things unless they stole or mooched it off someone else.

The entire family acts, speaks and dresses like they walked right out of the 1800's.  They are all very skilled talented people when it comes to certain things like making cloths, gardening, cooking, and of course playing gospel music.  I attended and shot video of one of their performances and just watching the girls on their instruments gave me chills.  Wow what talent!  The girl with the violin can flat make that thing talk.

The father is extremely skilled at making things with his hands. 
This guy can craft things out of wood that is without question impressive.  Yes he makes things he sells so that's how they get some of their money.

They have two daughters in their 20s and two sons under 21 who all live in the same room.

One daughter makes regular trips to China but they won't say why she goes there.  You know a flight like that isn't cheap and we are confident she's not preaching to the Chinese on those trips.  Keep in mind these people don't have steady work to pay for a trip like that.  So where's the money come from?

One son wants to become a missionary pilot and as the story goes they've checked all the other people training missionary pilots and not one of them measured up to their standards.  Why not?  Because they require being paid for services rendered.  But this guy I know trusted them to be as good as their word.  They would work around the place and pay for the boys lessons in labor.

The father mentioned he was to inherit quite a lot of money as his father or near relative had founded some multi-million dollar business years before.  The problem is he was disinherited for some reason.  The family no longer recognizes him as being family.  If you ask why the answer is vague at best and seems to imply it's because they chose to live for God.
After hearing some of their misguided beliefs and seeing their four kids two boys and two girls all living in the same room I have serious doubts living for God and doing the right things are first on their agenda.

I don't know anything about their family that I've not met or the family fortune but I did recognize the name of the business he mentioned.  If the man was telling the truth about being related to those people I have no way of knowing.  He may have made the entire story up for all I know.

They left without saying goodbye without a forwarding address and without getting their son his pilot's license.  They left literally owing these kind hearted people who housed and cared for them, who used their time and aircraft to teach the boy to fly.

To have a pilot's license one must have a residence that has an address.  They quit shortly after the boy soloed and was able to fly a small airplane cross-country.  What a handy skill for someone transporting illegal things from state to state or even from out of the country.  Actually having the license is a bad idea because then the person is in the system and they know the system is run by technology.

I won't mention their names because it's not important.  If you read this page and ever meet these people you will know instantly who they are.  I recommend avoiding them at all cost, because believe me before they are done it will cost you.

The entire point of this page is an example to show you the more a person hides behind their God the more sins they may very well have to hide.  Don't believe that just because someone appears to be highly "Godly" that they are actually good or Godly people.  It's more likely they are running from the law living in the land of Nod "wandering" and have a closet full of sins to hide.

Another thing that tends to happen to children growing up under these circumstances is they change.  Their ability to perceive, test spirits and understand the truth is altered in a bad way.  Back when I was growing up I found the preacher's daughters were the easiest lay around.  They grew up feeling captive inside a jail built for them in the name of God, yet no one taught them the truth or what to do.  The moment the gate is open the horses will run wild.  Have you ever wondered what inspired the song "Son of a Preacher Man?"

I can tell true stories of how children growing up like this went as far the other way as they could the moment they escaped from their prison.  Some of those kids were smart, had good potential and could have grown up to be successful as well as saved.  I recall one girl who grew up with our girls, her mom was a member of a type of Pentecostal church that dressed looked and talked like they stepped right out of the dark ages.  Their long dresses had to cover their ankles.  Their hair styles and manors were very similar to the people I described earlier on this page.  These people are also bound by a type of religious spirit that hurts them and prevents them from finding the truth or learning how to discern spirits and do the right thing.

The moment this girl reached 18 she ran for her life from her captors.  She got into tattoos, piercings, drugs and alcohol.  She began wearing distasteful clothing so short it left little for the imagination.  Her language changed and people who knew and liked her before no longer recognized her.  I can't help feeling this could have been prevented if the parents had not been members of a highly judgmental cult in the name of God.  Is having your dresses covering your ankles any different from Muslims who cover their women's faces in the name of their God?  They also like to abuse, restrict and keep their women completely covered.  It's not about how long or short the cloths are, it's about unrealistic concepts being forced upon them in the name of God.  The "You have to be my clone" concept that tells them they can't express themselves or be themselves.

Yes there is a correct way to dress but forcing people in the name of God to go out of their way to dress like cult members or freaks is not the answer.  The answer is somewhere in-between.

Another Kind Of Person You Should Watch Out For is "The Godman!"
There's a man online who has a website and a group who preaches that people can get an infestation of demons from watching TV shows like the Ghost Hunters. He actually calls himself "The godman."  Since I am aware there is more than one man online who calls themselves "the godman" I realize this is a spirit, a type of altered mental state that indicates a self proclaimed importance that is kin to those who would be dictator.  Hitler had a spirit that is kin to the godman mentality.  There are variations of these spirits and there are people today who actually think they are Hitler reincarnated.  Most of these people are insignificant but some of them can become dangerous therefore it's good to be aware of them.

The godman however thinks he's specially sent by God to help save the world and sets himself up to be worshiped and looked up to by his followers.  The godman means to do good things and does not see himself as being evil or wrong.  He may occasionally say he's human and makes mistakes but holds fast to some incorrect theology and spirit that refuses to allow him to correct his mistakes.

Some of them are fairly smart, a few of them are very well off, some of them have their own TV shows and churches, most of them are losers who think they know things when they don't.  Either way they are all misguided in some area of their understanding.

A friend of mine who was a member joined me to that group wanting to know what I thought about them.  After reading a few messages in that group I saw they were dealing with a spirit of paranoia.  These people were afraid of demons and they were being taught by a man who said he was clergy, a preacher calling himself "the godman!" He claimed he was there to help them deal with the demons and warn them of the dangerous of certain people and certain types of TV shows.

How many times have we heard about someone creating the very problem they say they are trying to help people with?
I told them demons do not come through the TV set after people, they are attracted to paranoid fearful people like a shark is to blood in the water.  The "Godman" was causing the very paranoia and problems he claimed he was there to help people with!  A moment or so later he accused me of having demons, playing with demons and sending demons after people!  The godman of course is a type of mentality and also a mental disorder or delusion.  This man no doubt began by seeking the understanding of the paranormal but somewhere along the way went astray.

People who use terms like "godman" and claiming to be a preacher is seeking attention first of all
.  He wants to be a leader and have a following of people who think he's important.  He wants them to think he has knowledge about the subjects he speaks about when actually he doesn't.  His followers are his support group and as long as he has them he feels important.  Because of them in his own mind he thinks he's right.  He actually believes the things he teaches.  He doesn't realize he's the cause of the problem.

After him causing me to be removed from his group and two other paranormal groups that are weak to say the best of them I received PDF documents from someone of conversations he was having in those groups.  He said he was not a prophet of God and had never met one.  Actually he wouldn't know if he had because he wouldn't believe it either.

Over the years I've learned that sometimes when God sends an actual prophet to help someone and that person rejects the words of that prophet, that person in need of help has a serious run of misfortune.  You can verify these things with the bible.  God sends prophet to people to preach "change your wicked ways."  People do not repent and sometimes stone the prophet to death.  God sends disasters, plagues, and sometimes even destroys entire cities.  Oh well.  The godman has a serious run of bad luck and can't for the life of him figure out that he was the one who screwed up.

Like I told the girl who claimed she was an angel that the real angels of God are watching
.  That girl who claimed to be an angel was one of the godman's trusted friends.  How smart could he be after all?  In his mind he must find some way to make sense of it and that sense of course can't be the truth.  It must be something that fits into his delusion.  Someone must have sent the demons after him!  It must be caused by someone else because it couldn't be his fault.  To know the truth would be fire upon his head.  Yet only the truth can set him free and he's not inclined to accept it.

He's not alone, there are others out there just like him who love to say "I only answer to God."  The truth is self evident.  Even the prophets who were called and chosen by God only answer to God.  The saying can be said by anyone and it is always true.  I know a demon named Nata, he's a real piece of work.  He loves nothing better than to make a true statement that will gain him some morsel of respect.  So he says a truth then he tells a twisted truth or lie and gets people saying "Yeah that's true."  Once he hooks them he reels them in.  Who's messing with these people?  Well you can be sure Nata or one of his friends is right in the middle of their delusions.

The point is the more they puff themselves up to gain respect the more full of hot air they are.  Go the other way people do not fall for it, it's bad for you.

David Koresh said he was Jesus incarnated a second time!
There are other types of people who pretend to be oh so righteous who mislead the gullable into life threatening situations.  I can name a few, Jimmy Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson and in a few min of searching on the Internet I could gather a few more very well known names.  To any person having a lick of common sense take one look or listen at people like those I mentioned here and say "Oh that's trouble, show me the door."  I might say I spot phonies fairly quick, because I do but almost anyone might be tricked now and then because there are people out there who are very slick and deceptive at what they do.  Some of them actually believe the lies they are preaching.

Jimmy Jones was really slick and highly deceptive but David Koresh said he was a reincarnation of Jesus who was sent back to experience the sinful side of mortality!  Any halfway intelligent person who knows anything about what the Bible says wouldn't fall for that and I'll tell you why.  Because the bible itself says with Jesus speaking the next time he returns every eye will be upon him and ever knee will bow.  He also said there will be fakes who will show up claming to be him and they will say "he is here or he is there, do not go."

Now consider that Jesus himself warned us about the wolves in sheep's clothing
.  He warned us that people would come and claim to be him and he said don't be fooled by them.  Do not listen to them.  Get away from them.  Have nothing to do with them.  So those of us who know these things can't imagine how anyone could fall for someone who claims to be Jesus incarnate today.  Let's face it, it's beyond stupid!  Yet people do it and those who know better have some trouble understanding why anyone would fall for this kind of deception.

It's one thing to claim they are Jesus incarnate but the deception doesn't stop thereThere are people out here who claim they are incarnated angels.  These people have no clue what an angel really is and have no understanding that an angel can not incarnate into the body of a human baby.  For one it's not allowed.  For two most angels are made up totally of energy that preforms functions for God and humanity like our computers do for us.  Or robots working in a factory.  They know one thing and that is the only thing they are given to do.  Anyone who's encountered  these kinds of angels will understand they are very limited as to what they can do, how they do it and when their purpose is done they are reabsorbed into the Father spirit.  Put bluntly God can spit and create one of these angels.  It's God's form of E-mail if you will.  God can create subliminal messages with them all the way to full blown waking visions and everything in-between.  These kinds of angels can appear as human as anyone when they become visible but they do not think on their own.  They only preform functions for God as messengers and guardians between God and humanity.  They do not incarnate.

Brian David Mitchell claimed he was an incarnated angel who preached he was commanded by God to take 40 some odd wives upon earth
.  So he went out looking for any woman who would believe his lies and found one.  As time went on he wasn't having any luck finding another so he kidnapped a young girl one night right out of her house and took her to live with him and his other wife in the woods.  This became a very famous case and yes the girl was found and returned to her family in time.  Her name is Jessica Smart and she's quite famous now.

Some of you are going to say "what are the odds I'll run into someone that crazy?"  There are more than you might think who are mentally ill and very delusional for one reason or another.  It's not funny, it is an illness.

Most of us know someone who has a mental disorder who must learn to live with it as there is no cure.  Dr. Jenkins has a mental disorder himself and he understand first hand what people must deal with. 
The people I'm talking about are the ones who have the mental delusion they are something other than human.  These people can become dangerous not only to themselves but to others without warning.  They need help, they don't need followers.  They don't need anyone feeding their delusions.

It wasn't long ago I had someone friend me on FB who got me in chat and told me right away she was an incarnated angel
.  Having no clue that I teach truth's about spiritual things and have written 3 books about a girl who's half human and half angel (
not an incarnated angel).  I've met angels and if I hadn't I wouldn't say I had and I tell people about them on these pages.  I can tell you if someone says they are an angel you need to back away.  Because if you do meet up with a real angel one day you can be sure they won't need to tell you who they are.

This girl chatted with me for about 30 min telling me that everything we believe in is wrong and many books we trust in are liesShe told me the bible is a joke and she can't stand to read the thing.  She said all the things a fallen angel would say and then mentioned what happened at Sodom and Gomorra and how it wasn't about what the people did to each other it was about what they tried to do with angels that got them toasted.  I checked her profile and learned she was in fact a homosexual kid around 17 or so years old.  Now we see psychological connections between her, God and most likely her family that may have been instrumental to her mental disorder.  NOTE: When God came to talk with Abraham he said he was going to see if the prayers concerning Sodom were true and if they were he was going to destroy it and all the surrounding cities.  The angels had not yet entered Sodom and the girl was incorrect in her understanding of why the cities were destroyed.

I don't claim to be a psychologist, I'm  not but I have studied the human mental condition for many years tying to understand why people do the things they do.  I worked a job for NAMI. I've listened to lectures about the mentally ill. One out of 8 is said to have a mental illness.  In our lecture they said one out of five has a mental disorder and everyone knows someone and most likely several who have a mental disorder.  NOTE: It's proven the part of the brain that controls aggression and evil is called the amyigdla.  It's possible to be born with a defect where this part of the mind does not work correctly and can cause various kinds of delusions.  It's also possible for this part of the mind to be damaged and cause improper behavior.

Why they say the crazy things they sometimes say.  Why they believe in things I know for a fact are not true.  I am aware that some if not many kinds of mental disorders are created because of conditions a person may be subjected to.  PTSD is one of those kinds of disorders.  Another is sometimes when a person is abused as a child they grow up to be an abuser.  So who do we blame, the parent or the child?  The legal system will blame both, because that's just how it works.  Being abused does not give anyone the right to abuse anyone else.  But this kind of mental disorder is contagious in that way.

So the girl tells me three times she's an incarnated angel and she tells me she has no idea why she wanted to incarnate in the first place because this world sucks major.  This is a type of disassociation with reality in her mind.  People with these disorders try to make a sense out of what goes on in their mind while doing their best to find evidence and people who will support their psychosis.  They don't want the truth to help them they want the facts to support what they have chosen to believe in.  They want to find people to associate with who will believe them and pat them on the back and say there's nothing wrong with them, it's the world that screwed up.

Logic tells me the only reason an angel would want to incarnate and become human is if they had a HUGE falling out with God.  Think about that for a moment.  Father or parental abuse, daughter runs away and decides to incarnate and become human.  And we know she's homosexual therefore we may find the reason why the girl decided to run away.  Not all parents could accept one of their children being homosexual, especially those who are highly religious.  No parent who believes in God wants to believe their child is lost to God or going to burn in hell for all of eternity.

She says there is no Heaven and there is no hell
.  She says life itself is hell the place where we are tested.  Therefore we have an indication that she's heard the story before and didn't like what she heard.  Again we find her working to disassociate herself from the idea that she is going to be punished for all of eternity for being homosexual.  Therefore any book or person who preaches this concept must be wrong.  Then she says there's only 3 dimensions and they are spaced just 3 feet apart.  Ah?  I said.  And she says "Ever notice how ghosts appear to float above the floor?"  "Sure, I guess."  And she says "That's the reason for it."

Having been involved in paranormal research for more than 40 years I know that's not why spirits seem to float around.  They float around because they are energy and they have no mass.  They are not actually in another dimension either, they are still  in ours but since they have no physical mass they can't be seen without a manifestation or someone with psychic abilities who can see them.  The underworld however is a dimension within our dimension that exists below us literally within the Earth.

Now the girl gives me the name Phonex as her name when she was a angel before she incarnated.  The name she gave me is the name of a demon commander from Christian myth.  A demon said to command a 20 legions of demons.  Angels do not incarnate but fallen angels frequently will influence and sometimes possess the living if they can.  These spirits cause insanity.  Just ask the pigs that Jesus cast Legion into who went nuts and jumped off a cliff killing themselves.  If a person is conditioned and primed to accept the delusion sometimes they will and that's what has happened to this girl.

The Alien Incarnation

I've encountered more than a few mentally ill people who claim all kinds of things, you read about a few previous but this one is a 20 year old girl who thinks she's an alien.  Not only that she's a bully who enjoys posting first messages on an Internet based message system calling all of us humans some very wicked names then she waits for an argument.  Ask youself why anyone would start a fight, judging people she's never met then blame them for the response she gets by saying "they are judging her without even knowing her."  HA!  OK, would be rolling in the floor about now if I thought it was really funny.  Problem is I think she's serious!

She said she's incarnated many times and can't figure out why she ever incarnated as a human.  I told her she's not an incarnated alien and if she actually believes that she needs to get some psychiatric help ASAP.

Here's something you should be aware of.  The last one who thought she was an angel has a sub-demon and demons were once angels and sub-demons created by demons possess people.  The sub-demons then express their own memories and desires through their host making the host believe the delusions of the demon.  What you may not be aware of is there really are mortal aliens who have died on this planet.  Their spirits remain here and like the demons and sub-demons they can possess people and make their host actually believe they are a reincarnated alien being in a human body.  In this case they have a possession.  Either way they are delusional and I recommend psychiatric help and perhaps an exorcism.

Anyone who says they are Jesus or an incarnated angel is not someone you want to associate with.
  They are someone who needs help in a very serious way.  There's a reason why they have a mental disorder and they need professional help. Anyone who believes someone who says they are Jesus or an angel also needs to get help.  They need a wake up call big time and someone to explain why people can think the things they do.

People who say these things are placing themselves in a position of authority in their own minds.  They want to think they have more authority than those who oppressed them driving them into this mental state.  They seek justification for their mental delusions.

I'm sure there are websites out here who help people with these problems and can direct them to someone in their city who has a PH.D. in psychiatrists and is licensed to help them.

Under the guise of working for God they do more harm than good.