A a young man showed up at our house at 1am.  He said he needed counseling because he thought he was the son of God.  My wife said "I'll get you some help.  I'll call 911."  He left.

Strange things tend to find me but the point is if someone thinks they are the son of God, an incarnated angel, or incarnated alien they are being posessed by what I call sub-demons.  They are literally out of their mind unballanced people who are mentally and spiritually ill.  Christ only incarnated once, did His job and returned to the heavens.  He said many will come claming to be Him but don't believe them.  The next time He comes everyone will see Him and no one will have any doubts as to who He is.

Keep this in mind as you read these pages.
Yahweh wouldn't let the Jews have an image of Him even inside the Holy of Holy's.  He also said "don't do the things that pagans do."  God has a way of marking His people.  The devil also marks his people.

Religion and politics have always been an effective tool to control the masses.
The Creator God is The Lord of Light / God of Truth.
Any religion or political agenda that leads people away from truth is not of God.
Mind control is highly effective on the gullable, followers, uneducated and children.
Higher level mind control sometimes called propaganda works on almost everyone.

A person who exists in the darkness is not enlightened or aware of their condition.
If someone repeats a lie enough times some people will believe it.
If a person repeats a lie enough times they will come to believe it.
When these things occur the lie becomes the truth to those who follow.
It is almost impossible to reveal the truth to those who follow a lie.  These will hold to their lie usually to death without realizing how they have been deceived.

If a person is raised by parents or guardians who live a lie they will usually believe the lie without question.  This is found in all religions.

Those who are on the path to truth know how to test the spirits to discern them.
They are not easily deceived.

Religion offers an artificial enlightenment, just as the laws of Moses did.
The laws of Moses could not offer true enlightenment or salvation, but they did give guidelines to live by and important clues so we can find the truth.

The Bible offers a similar form of enlightenment along with critical testimony to this truth and more clues to help a person find the path to the truth concerning the Creator God.
Understanding who the Creator God is allows us some insight into who and what we are.

True spiritual enlightenment comes only through the Holy Spirit of Christ.
Once a person emerges from their former darkness they shall never willingly return to it.
Those who believe the lies comfort themselves with each other.  They encourage each other to believe the lies they have been taught.  It takes true courage to break away from organized religion and find Christ and the Truth on your own.  Only few ever accomplish this. Now remember what Jesus said, the way to destruction is wide enough for all that choose it.  The path to truth and salvation is narrow and only an exceptional few ever find it.  Are you the few or the many?

Other religions offer a substitute enlightenment. 
This is what Lucifer was offering a people long before Adam and Eve were created.  Lucifer was dethroned by the archangel Michael and his angel army.  Lucifer was transformed from his former glory into another type of body with a name befitting his nature.  He is known by other names but most people recognize him now as "Satan" (the accuser) and the "devil."  Lucifer has never ceased to create and manipulate religions for the purpose of leading people away from the truth of who their Creator really is.  Keep this in mind as you study and read these pages.

People who exist under the false enlightenment of religions believe they are enlightened, because they
have never experienced true enlightenment.  A person who has moved from the false enlightenment into true enlightenment are aware of the difference because they have experienced both.

The devil likes to tell people what they want to hear.  He and his shadow entities have established religions all over the world based on these principals.  He mixes a Mulligan stew of religious combinations so that he has something that will appeal to almost everyone, everyone except those who must have the truth and nothing else.

There's nothing I would like better than to tell people exactly what they want to hear, but that's not why God allowed me to return from the dead the last time. 
He gave me a choice after showing me quite a few extremely astounding things.  His angel told me I could stay there but I said I had to return and tell others what God had revealed to me. 
Now and then I regret that decision because people can be so very cruel.  I understand that when I made that choice in the spirit I had to take up that cross and follow Him.  With every stripe, with every wound, with every scar.  Now I understand and I'm still here doing what He sent me back to do.  Just for the fun of it when you meet the shadow of death, mention my name.  See if he remembers me.

The Devil has created many religions and many churches among human kind.  This page will be dedicated to revealing things certain churches and religious leaders teach that are not based on spiritual truth.  A twisted truth is also referred to as a variation of the truth.  The devil and his demons frequently twist the truth to gain followers for particular concepts that people choose to believe in.  The devil loves to tell people what they want to hear, especially if it isn't the truth.  While they all love to twist the truth there is one particular demon named Nata who's name means to "twist the truth."  I've had direct spiritual confrontations with this demon on more than one occasion.

The Church of Satan
The "Church of the Devil" is not just the church of Satan.  They may be seriously misguided but at least those who are of the church of Satan usually don't pretend to be something they are not.  The one case where I must disagree is for those who claim to be Satanists who say the devil is God and Jesus is the devil.  The real church of Satan is one that promotes physical pleasures as if to satisfy their inner hunger.  They know they are spiritually lost, it's just a choice they make because they can't find the "real Light" or truth.

We of The Light know that peace of mind and inner fulfillment does not come from physical pleasures. 
We know that having certain physical things are nice like having food to eat, a house, a car, people who love us.  People can have all these things and not have the Holy Spirit of God and they still go crazy because they are still very unhappy.  How many times have we seen the rich and famous kill themselves by various means?  Fast cars, sex, drugs and alcohol will not give them peace of mind or spirit.  Only the One True God, Jesus Christ dwelling in our hearts can accomplish that.

Lucifer invented religion and has been deceiving people using a spirit of religion every since he was cast down from the heavens and could find a human being to deceive with it.

Islam is one main religion of the devil in the world today, as it is the religion of hate against the children of the truth, as well as the Jews.  (The name "Jew" means "chosen people of God".)  Islam is born of Ishmael.  His father was Abraham.  His mother was an Egyptian slave named Hagar.  They were not married.  Their union was not sanction by God.  His mother was the slave of Abraham and Sara.  He was born in bondage.  His descendents exist in spiritual, religious and political bondage to this day.  These are continually blown by the spiritual winds and as as result are continually at war with each other and their neighbors.

Islam originated from twisted truths taken from the Jewish texts in order to give it some credibility.
  Based on Jewish texts and the way God dealt with the Jews.  The Koran was written based on the Jewish texts then modified transferring power from Jehovah to Allah in such a way as to cause people to believe Allah and Jehovah were the same, they are not.

Mohammed was called a prophet.  Jesus was the messiah, the Creator incarnate. Huge difference.
Mohammed originally based his beliefs upon Jewish text.  He studied under Jewish priests but upon failing his religious education he was kicked out and harbored great animosity against the Jews.  Based upon human nature the guilty frequently seek to demonize the innocent or the victims, which is what Mohammed did.  Revealing the truth about what happened infuriates Muslims and can literally get a person killed.  These are the kind of people who follow this religion.  The truth is the documents and works of Moses existed long before the Koran or Mohammed.  These documents belonged to the Jews (children of Israel) not the Arabs (children of Ishmael.)  Even the Koran says the gifts of prophecy belonged to the Jews, not the Arabs.  Technically an intelligent person should be able to read the Koran and realize that it points a person back to the Jewish texts.

The truth is Mohammed was never a prophet of Yahweh and never eligible to become a prophet of Jehovah God because of his bloodline.  Mohammed never fit into any description that God gave concerning the coming Messiah.  The ancient Jewish texts gave key information about the coming messiah.  Only one person filled all of those requirements and it wasn't Mohammed.  God's prophets also gave clearly defined clues as to who the enemy was.  He said they were the ones who came against Jerusalem and the people of Israel.  You don't even have to think about it you know who God was talking about.

Islam is the only religion that presents a threat to the entire world and who threatens to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth."  While the majority of Muslims are peaceful the radical version of this religion spoken of by the prophets of Jehovah will come against the nation of Israel with a sword.  The people of Islam are doing exactly what the prophets of the one true God said they would do over two thousand years ago.  Entire books have been written giving valid evidence to support what they say.  There's no way I can put it all in this page so I recommend you get those books and read them.  There are links on some of my other pages on this site.

There are quite a few deceptive Christian religions.  Use the link at the top of the page or here to read more about some of them.

God drives a UFO!
I wanted to leave this segment with a note of humor.  There are those who tend to worship UFO's, alien beings and ascended masters.  They channel and they claim to have all kinds of insight but when most of it is sorted out and tested it doesn't hold up.  Jesus said when people are praying they should pray to "His Father."  He didn't even want people praying to him, but said "Pray to the Father in my name."  He doesn't want anyone praying to angels, Mary, saints, ascended masters or UFO's, even though they all exist.  As for God driving a UFO, it's like the 800 pound gorilla.  When your God you can drive anything you want.  ;-)  But I assure you that while God sometimes sends us strange signs in the sky and in the heavens God doesn't need a flying saucer or UFO to get around the universe.  Jesus warned us to test all spirits because He knew that all kinds of spirits would come to test us and some would try to deceive us.  There is only one Lord of Light and He was incarnated as Jesus Christ while on earth.  All the angels and demons of heaven and earth know and respect His name.  When it comes to dealing with spirits it's kinda like Hollywood.  It's all about who you know, not so much about what you know.

More later.

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