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Religious fanatics come in all flavors and all of them justified in their own mind thinking God has anointed them when in fact they have been completely rejected by God, as the Pharisees were in the days of Jesus.  They are quick to judge and throw stones thinking as if that's what Jesus did when he was incarnate.

Ask them, how many people Jesus stoned to death while he was here on earth.
They should say "none" and when they do ask them if that's a rock in their hand.
Because Jesus did not do that and they shouldn't either.  What did Jesus do, he walked around the circle of those ready to throw the stones and wrote their secret sins in the dirt in front of them.  So go ahead, judge if you dare but the judgement you cast will be yours in the end.

While this concept requires no real thought to understand those of religious spirits can't quite wrap their minds around it.  They still think "swearing" is "bad language."  The act of swearing that God spoke against was the practice of asking God to curse someone for them.

How to tell if you are a religious fanatic!

Do you frequently notice all the sinners around you?
Do you think that being like Christ means you must avoid places
you determine to be wicked?
Do you believe Hooters restaurants are pornographic establishments?
Do you think being religious makes you Godly? or Righteous?
Do you think going to church makes you better than anyone else?
Do you think you can earn your way into Heaven by doing good deeds?

If you answered yes to any of the above, odds are high you are a religious fanatic.
If you answered yes to three or more you are a religious fanatic.
If you answered yes to number 2 you don't know anything about the life of Jesus.

Do you believe that sin is an act of doing something evil?
Do you believe that sin is a state of being?

Answer to this one later on this page.

Do you go to the beach and check out the hot things?

If you answered yes to the Hooters question and yes to this question you are not only a religious fanatic you are also a hypocrite.

Needless to say this is a complex subject for some people.  Honestly I get better food and service at the local Logan's Roadhouse.  Being a restaurant critic isn't what this page is about.  The first thing religious fanatics need to understand is actually a kind of secret.  Some of those people they are judging in all their righteous judgment are both angels who don't appear to be angels and others are prophets who God sent to help them.

Religious Fanatics have existed every since man made religions came onto the scene way back there.  Sure I can quote the scriptures but anyone who knows anything about the Bible knows the basics when they are reminded of them.  Besides the religious fanatics think they know it all so let them look up their own scriptures to prove or disprove what I have on this website.  Then if they disagree let them keep it to themselves because we who know better don't need to hear it from them.  ;-)

Religious fanatics are the first ones to get pissed off when they are proven wrong.  So if you are reading this and you don't like what I've written do me a favor and don't bother telling me about it. ;-)

When God our Creator became the only begotten (born in the flesh) Son of God the Father, he was well aware of the existence of religious fanatics. 
He didn't hang with them and didn't like to associate with them.  The Bible clearly tells us Jesus hung out with regular working people.  Carpenters, fishermen, stone masons, people who drank and chased women, tax collectors, prostitutes.  Who judged him for it?  The religious fanatics of his day and time.  Who judges us for doing what Jesus did ?  The religious fanatics of our time.  Nothing has changed.  If you need this explained please understand that He still doesn't associate with religious fanatics.

At a wedding party it was Jesus who turned the water into wine!  I've had religious fanatics tell me that was just grape juice.  Let me tell you if that were just grape juice they would have stoned Jesus on the spot.  I know it wasn't grape juice because of that and because they said "you've saved the best wine until last."  You know why they were awed?  Because they usually drank the best wine first and when people were drunk they gave them the bad wine last.  People who think it was just grape juice are among those who rationalize the truth right out of their Bible.  "It's bull sh!t people and it's bad for you!" (George Carlin)

Religious fanatics all like to claim they've read the Bible.  They all like to claim they know what it's about.  They all like to think they are some kind of authority on the subject when the rest of us know
they don't know squat!

When God began speaking to me according to Numbers 12:6 I was shocked and amazed.

When He began giving me messages to deliver to specific people I knew I had been chosen for a special job.  God doesn't just speak to everyone like He was with me so I knew I was in some serious trouble.

When He gave me messages for certain other people using these methods and I actually began delivering those messages I got slammed quite a lot.  Some the messages were for were completely godless people. 
Some of them were religious fanatics.

Godless people will sometimes tell you they don't want to hear it. 
Religious fanatics will sometimes threaten your life and do it in the name of God!  I know, I've been there.

Do you know what happens to a prophet of God who God speaks in no uncertain terms?  Ever read the story of Jonah and the fish?  Yeah, well
if God gives them a message to deliver they darn well better deliver it or else.

I've been threatened.  I've been beat up.  I've been thrown into life and death situations and I'm still here.  Was I sick of it?  You better believe it.  I became very much like Jonah.  "Dear God if I tell them what you said to tell them they will kill me!"  I even delivered some of the last messages to people via anonymous letters!  So like the coward I sometimes am I began trying to negotiate a new deal with God.  I said "God if you send me to them that puts you and me at an instant disadvantage.  But if you send them to me I stand a better chance."  So God let me out of the first deal for the most part and let me put up this website to talk to people using it and Email.  Whew, things got better right away.  Bad as it sometimes is with ignorant religious people as well as ignorant pagans who don't believe in God it's still better than it was.

Occasionally a religious fanatic who thinks they have clue will write to tell me the same things the religious fanatics told me when I was delivering messages face to face.  "If God were going to speak to someone it sure as hell wouldn't be you."  Oh I do love that one, point being that people who say things like this tend to belive they have God all figured out and completely under their control.  No real prophet of God who knows how God works would dare say something so stupid because they know God is listening.

One that really creeps me out is when people speak the messages of their demons!  OMG!  These like to say the same things the demons say.  I've had them speak the message word for word identical to the demons and yet those religious fanatics have no idea who their God really is.  Demons have a way of quoting certain things from the Bible and even the Koran in order to manipulate religious people to do their bidding. 
They have the spirit of religion, they do not have the Holy Spirit of God.

You know how hard it is to try to explain things like this to a religious fanatic?  You walk into a church, God opens your eyes and you are in a church filled with people and sometimes not one of them has the flames of the Holy Spirit with them.  Now and then you might find two or three in the very back row who do but the rest of them have the spirit of religion and it is very sad.  When you try to explain what happened to them they stand right up in your face shake their finger and threaten you for trying to help them.  They say, "You are trying to cause me to doubt my salvation!"  That's right, and that's because they aren't saved!

It doesn't take very long to go from feeling sorry for them to thinking they will get what they deserve in the end.  When that happens I am also aware that God will remind them of the messenger He sent to warn them.  Some of them will hear my name and see my face at that moment and boy will they be furious and shocked.

Religious fanatics wield a sword they like to call truth and with it they make all kinds of enemies on both sides of the fence. With the very same sword they chase people away from God and the churches.  They offend countless innocents while judging someone with far more spiritual insight just for eating at HootersThey say "OMG they are eating at a pornographic establishment and they are setting a bad example that will cost someone their soul!"  These religious fanatics are the ones setting the bad example and misleading the children and they have no idea what they are doing.  The Bible explains in several places how religious fanatics will judge others then rationalize to themselves how they were justified by doing so.  Without realizing it they not only nullified the laws of God they found themselves to be guilty by those same laws.

Religious fanatics make frequent judgments on other people who are better off than they are spiritually.  Those judgments are not founded on truth or made by the Holy Spirit because most of them don't have the Holy Spirit to help them know the truth.  If they did maybe they would be a bit smarter than they actually are.

If you visit this website I don't care if you are a sinner you will not be judged.  If you are a religious fanatic you better wise up and get back with God and pray for the Holy Spirit to set you straight.

The answer to the sin question is simple once you have the key.

People who have the spirit of religion can't tell it from the Holy Spirit because they don't have the Holy Spirit to know the difference.  As such these people believe they not only have the right to judge others but feel obligated to do so.

Adam and Eve committed an act that brought about their transformation into a mortal body.  That act was called a sin.  This transformation required them to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  This separated them from God their Creator.  Their transformed state of being is a state of sin. 
The answer is mortal beings exist in a state of sin.  Mortal beings frequently commit acts that are bad and these acts are commonly referred to as sinful acts.

As such people came to recognize certain acts as being sinful therefore they judged the people who commit these acts are also living in sin.  Quite a lot of these judgments are right but sometimes they are misleading.  Some acts are considered sinful by people who do not comprehend God or the reason for the laws.  Therefore it was said that some judge but only those who have the Holy Spirit can give a right judgment.

Jesus was frequently tested by the religious fanatics of his day and time.  When he was asked to decide if the woman caught in adultery should be stoned, he wrote in the dirt in front of each of them their sins.  Then he said, "
He among you who has no sin cast the first stone."

Since he had revealed to each of them that he knew their secret sins they knew he knew that according to the law they had all committed sins that required them also be stoned.  If they cast a stone at the women they themselves would meet the same judgment.  So it was said
"Judge not lest ye be judged."

Religious fanatics are not capable of correctly comprehending things that actually require spiritual discernment.  They "judge with right judgment" and that makes their faults and sins all right at least in their own minds.  What they fail to realize is those religious fanatics who were testing Jesus and about to stone the woman were doing the very exact same things that religious fanatics do.  Because they say they know they place themselves in judgment.  People who are lead by the Holy Spirit should know the difference and shouldn't need to be reminded of it.  People who are not lead by the Holy Spirit constantly need to be reminded of their mistakes as were the children of Israel.  This is why God gave them the laws.

I've had many compliments on this site and thanks for having it out here.  Some say they like the way I speak boldly while those of religious thinking think I'm just as guilty as they are of slamming people for being wrong.  I tell them you have a problem with me take it up with God, he's the one who put me here.  Believe me if I mess up God lets me know it.  This website was a deal between myself and God so that I don't have to go to people to deliver God's messages.  Not only that this site reaches many people around the world who need help and have asked God for answers to complicated things their preachers can't explain for them.

How do you know when someone's blowing their own horn or if they really were called by God?  There is a way. :-)  So do you want the truth or do you want something to support what you choose to believe in?