Crop circles have been appearing in fields around the world for 1000's of years.  The real ones are not made by human beings.  Frequently visible balls of light will be seen just before or right after a crop circle appears.  There are places in the UK that were named after these balls of light that people saw.  One of them is called "Golden Ball Hill."  Named after a golden ball of light that was witnessed there 100's of years ago.  Some believe that stone circles mark locations where visible orbs were witnessed by people 100's of years ago.

Very good movie on the subject.  I have it, have watched it several times.  It has a segment about the visible orbs.  One of them flew right up to a man.  Another flew up to a man and he passed out and woke up on the ground a few minutes later.  The orbs of light are about the size of a volleyball or basket ball.  People wonder what they are, just watch them and how they move.  They slow down, they go down into the crop, they seem to be looking things over.  They take off again and fly very quickly across the fields.

One videographer video taped a crop circle being formed and the first thing he saw was two orbs flying over the field.   As they did circles appeared in about one second flat.  A third orb crossed the field from another direction and connecting lines appeared between the circles.  The entire thing took about 3 seconds to appear.  Three orbs of light were video taped over the field as it happened.  I know what the orbs are, which is part of my purpose in trying to make people aware of the spirits around us and what they are and what they do.

The crop circles that were made by people have broken stocks.  The crop circles that were made by the balls of light have "bent" nodes or even blown out nodes as they were heated from within very quickly and the moisture inside turned to steam causing the node to explode, bending the plant over in a uniform pattern.

The mathematics involved in the more complex crop circles is far to advanced for a bunch of farmers to duplicate with any accuracy at all.  The farmers who admitted they were hoaxing their crop circles were asked which ones were theirs and which ones were real.  The man said "I can't tell you that.  It's the mystery of the entire thing that inspires people to try to find the answers."  He admitted there were real crop circles they had not made but he was not going to admit which ones were real and which ones were fake.

I've seen 2 or 3 TV shows on the subject that were very good.  I also saw the one you mentioned where the men said they had created the crop circles.  But the same men were interviewed on another show and admitted they didn't make them all.  They couldn't be all over the world at the same instant when crop circles appeared 100's even 1000's of miles apart on the same night.

The next thing you should be aware of is there are spirits, entities out there moving people to confuse the truth about things.  If a person saw a real UFO the government people make them out to be idiots.  A trucker friend of mine saw a UFO being shot at out West by the military.  People were stopping on the highway to watch.  He stopped.  He said they were shooting rockets at the UFO and they were exploding and had no effect on the UFO at all.  Then the military showed up and told them all to leave.  They said "we are just watching the show" and the military said "there's nothing to see here, move along right now or else."

The truth is frequently hidden from us.

There is a mystery in the land of Egypt.  Only one of those pyramids is the important one.  It is the one mentioned in Isaiah 19: 19-20.  It is a book in stone and a representation of Zion, throne of the Lord of Light.  This is also mentioned in Revelation 14.  The Lamb was on top Mount Zion and with him the 144,000 elite of God.  Originally the Great Pyramid of Giza had 144,000 white tura limestone casing stones.  Each one had writing all over it.  It was a message for those who could understand it.  Each stone represented a living soul.  The devil sent his people to the pyramid and they robbed it.  Then he sent more and they took the white stones from the pyramid and transported them across the river to Cairo where they built a Mausoleum to a false god named Allah.  A demon actually most likely of the species of jinn mentioned by Mohammed, because they were always with him.

The purpose for which people do things is one thing but the purpose within the spirits that are in those people is something else.  It was the purpose of the devil to deface and discredit the alter to the Living Light represented by the Great Pyramid of Giza.  It was his purpose to steel God's glory. and to hide the truth of it.

Egyptologist say Cheops  and KuFu were the same person because they ruled Egypt at the same time.  Yet they have statues of the two and they are not even of the same nationality.  The pyramid was made for Cheops and the word means "Lord of Light."  There were no typical burial hieroglyphics found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.  But in hidden chambers they found hieroglyphics written by the workers that said "friend of Ku Fu."  The Egyptian workers hated Cheops for who the pyramid was being constructed but they loved their pharaoh Ku Fu.  I believe they were making a statement concerning their feelings by writing the messages as they did.  It also had to be done in hidden places where the supervisors of the building of the pyramid could not see them.  This is why the writings were hidden.

Who was in charge?  An Egyptian priest named Manthelo, who lived in Egypt at the time Ku Fu reigned said that a strange people they called "HicSos" came into the land in a strange manor.  Their method of transport was so strange it frightened Egypt so much they gave up their country without a fight.  HicSos's means "Shepherd Kings."  With them was their shepherd prince, who I expect was recognized as Cheops.  It was these people who overturned the worship of the many gods for the worship of the one God.  In Egypt idols were big business and the Egyptians hated the HicSos for this.  From Manthelo's writing we know the strange people came and the Egyptians hated them.  Then he writes the HicSos directed the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza and when they were done they left in the same strange manor they had come.  The Egyptians rejoiced at the departure of the HicSos's and returned with new zeal to their worship of idols.  (The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt)

The story has multiple angles.  If the mystery were not so great then why would there be so many different theories and opinions about it?  But the truth is there hidden in the stones.  Had it not been defaced you could clearly see that someone else directed the building of the structure as it is unlike all of the other pyramids.  And what did the Egyptians do?  They copy things, or they try to.  Put one real pyramid made by some higher intelligence out there and the Egyptians build other pyramids all around them and see if we can find the real message.  Then deface the real one and when it looks like all the others the task of finding the truth becomes even harder.

Why do the Muslims challenge Jerusalem as being a holy place to them.  Why do they crowd the grounds where Solomon's temple was when they admit their holy city is Mecca?  Why did they steel the white stones from the Great Pyramid to build a Mausoleum in Cairo?  The reason is they are the children of darkness.  Wherever the children of light go these children of darkness will follow and do anything they can to deface the truth and crowd out the people of the Light.

Of course the spirits of deception can be found in people all over the world, some are very obvious while others are not.  If there should be a truth come to us from above in the form of a crop circle there will be others out there creating fakes and taking credit for it.

When I ran the Paranet BBS "TAU" there were several people, myself included who had special messages for the people of Paranet.  Jim Speiser knew that.  When he handed control over to Michael Corbin I warned him not to.  I had a dream and saw Michael Corbin moving to a city of lights and then eating a dead man's bones.  Sure enough he moved to Las Vegas and a mutuial friend informed me that when he got there discovered his uncle had died and so took his credit cards and ran them to the limit before the merchants accounts credit card company could be notified.  This was the symbol of eating the dead man's bones.

From my dreams I foretold what would happen to the space shuttles that were destroyed.  3 or 4 others came in and verified that I was on track and they also had messages that foretold certain events.  One of them told how AT&T would be shut down on a certain day or in a certain week and they would have to reroute communications through their competitors.  This actually happened.  The man said that ET's would be responsible for this event.  When a TV producer did a segment on this event witnesses said they were standing at the back door to the parking lot and saw fellow employees vanish from the parking lot only to reappear a few minutes later with no memory of what had happened to them.  They tried to find out why the computer system went down but no explanation was found.  Suddenly it started working again.

As these things happened there were 3 people on the Paranet BBS's who turned into mad dogs and came after those of us who had made predictions from our dreams.  I was warned in a dream to leave Paranet just as this began and just as Michael Corbin took over.  The man has a demon and so do those others who came after us.  They tracked us down on any BBS they could find us on.  They did searches.  They chased us and harassed us and called us names every place they could find us until eventually we all quit using the BBS's and closed our own BBS's down.  This was all the effort of the devil using people to silence the truth.  This is the method he uses.  This is very similar to the method the Islam terrorists are using, except they are killing people every chance they get.  It's all the same kinds of spirits who do not want people to know the truth.  And so these people who harassed us off the BBS's were working for the devil in order to silence the truth.  Their methods proved effective to remove the truth speakers from Paranet.  Therefore there is no longer any real or special truth within Paranet.

The good news is that Zion is real, it is the throne of Christ, the Creator, the Lord of Light.  It is constructed from the top to the bottom.  The Capstone representing Christ the Lord of Light who was and is Jesus Christ.  He is the stone rejected by the builders on earth, the church leaders.  The other 144,000 are the elite of God, these represented by the white casing stones.  Once the structure is complete the power structure of Christ will become functional.  Christ shines upon them and within them with great Light and power and all Glory of God.  Those who have been allowed to see these wonders have been given a gift beyond measure, a special understanding of the truth.  Those who hate Zion will be crushed by it.

Continue to search for the truth and question everything.  Don't be fast to believe in things unless God reveals it to you.  I've been known to question God many times and so far He's not struck me dead for it.  Well he did send the shadow of death for me once and two dark angels but they took me to Christ and the great city of Light and then they returned me to my body.  I tell him "If this is true then show me why it's true."  And He does, but usually in His own good time.  I am to share these things with those the Father sends to me, this is my purpose in life.  Creation is a process of events.  If it's worth making it's going to take time and effort.  This is true with the Creations of God as well.

Check this out.

These are spirits that were captured by accident as they were flying around and inside of a woman.  The feature length show is called An Unknown Encounter.  I've seen and walked among the spirits many times.  I even know a woman who sees the spirit orbs with her own eyes.  She came to me asking me what they were.  I told her.  She said "I thought so.  I can tell what kind of person someone is just by the color of the orbs of light I see with them."

I have a lot of work I need to do on the Spiritual Things webpages.  I get so busy I just can't seem to get everything done.  I'm editing and rewriting my first novel right now to submit to a new publisher.  My publisher is going out of business and my books will go out of print Sept. 1st. this year.  I'm even giving my E-books away right now on line and two screenplays.

God bless.