A Concise History of the Crusades
Madden, Thomas F.
Misconceptions about the Crusades are all too common.
But the truth is that the Crusades had nothing to do with colonialism or unprovoked aggression -- and in A Concise History of the Crusades, renowned medieval historian Thomas F. Madden sets the record straight. The Crusades, he shows, were not the brainchild of an ambitious pope or rapacious knights but a response to more than four centuries of conquests in which Muslims had already captured two thirds of the old Christian world. At some point, Christianity as a faith and a culture had to defend itself or be subsumed by Islam. The Crusades were that defense. Their entire subsequent history is one of Western reaction to Muslim advances -- they were no more offensive than was the American invasion of Normandy.
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Please understand the following.
        People sometimes read a few lines from one of my pages and instantly think they have me figured out and think I'm coming from a hard core Christian perspective, I'm not. I deal with science and facts and when I speak to someone in that area they tell me they think I'm going in circiles and don't know what my faith is.  The problem is they don't know what my faith is and that's why I say don't think you understand me by reading a few lines of my work, you don't.  It's not about one or the other it's about everything.

           The Creator God separated me from main stream organized religions many years ago to set me on a path to truth. I am not a fan or follower of organized religions, I am a truth seeker. 
Religions and politics are infectious ideologies used to manipulate and control people.  The majority of these are not founded on truth or based upon solid proven facts.  Some are based on creamy fragments of truth covered with a hard shell of personal agendas put there by their creators and followers.  These ideologies can cause dangerous mental and spiritual illnesses.  You are better off investigating scientific facts for truth.

Hate is a powerful ideology, it is a spirit and it can be and is directed at various targets.  I don't hate anyone except perhaps for Islamic radicals, cold blooded murderers, people who force their religions or political views on others, hackers and junk mailers.  I do hate some of the mean manipulating things that some people do especially when they do it to other people.  Having been on both sides here and in the spirit I can assure you the perverted & barbaric things humans do to themselves and to each other will not be allowed in Heaven.  I can also assure you that in the event anyone in Heaven ever receive 70 virgins they will remain virgins because there is no physical sex in Heaven.  Sex applies to reproduction that only applies to mortal beings.

People tell me about the non military Muslim Arabs and how they are being hurt and murdered because of the activities of gehod militants like Hamas, Al Cada and others then they blame Isreal for defending itself.  May I remind them how many times we have seen these same people placing their children on display modeling the latest wardrobe and weapons provided by these same militant groups.  Ask yourself why they view everyone else, civilians, children and non-military of other nations as the enemy.  When they murder children and civilians of Israel or any other nation incluiding the USA they rejoice because to them they have killed enemy to their cause.  Could it be because this is the same way they view their own people?  Of course it is. How sick is that?

Statistics show Islam is growing in leaps and bounds among the uneducated.  Think about that.
Mohammed was uneducated, could not read or write and he chose Islam.  The majority of the people choosing Islam as their religion are people who are uneducated.  These are mostly people who are intellectually challenged and unable to read and test the fabric of the religion they choose.  These are people who are not capable to test the spirits or the validity of their religion and doomed to repeat mistakes made by those who have gone before them.
        Radical Islam is about as far removed from main stream Islam as it can be. It's not even Islam anymore.  Radical Islam is powered by hate of selected radical Islam leaders who are still writing their own "bibles".  They manipulate the words and verses to achieve their own ends.

        Religion and politics are powered by ideologies that are contagious/infectious.  Using lies isolation and deception Kim Jong IL has effectively manipulated the entire country of North Korea.  He's kept his nation in the dark away from the truth for many years.  He controls them completely through a religiously oriented politics.  They think he had a divine birth and will live forever as the ruler.  They think they are the most powerful country on earth!  From the moment they are young they are taught a misconception, a lie and they believe it without question.  They worship him and they are told what to think where to go and who to talk with.  They are not allowed to access the Internet or to watch news from the outside world for fear they will learn the truth and he will loose control of them.  He has prison camps for his own people, people who learned the truth and tried to share that truth with others.  Telling the truth is against the law in North Korea.  Telling the truth is against the rules of many religions, Islam included.

        The Mayans were praised for their accomplishments yet they were a people with a religion of continual bloodshed.  They sacrificed winners and looses believing the blood flowing into the earth would cause thier crops and socity to flurish.  They had no idea of the truth concerning what they were doing.  Every time they shed innocent blood upon the earth they poisoned the earth with bacteria fouling the earth.  Spiritually this bloodshed caused portals to open between this world and the underworld allowing all manor of foul spoirits to be released upon their people and upon the earth.  You want to know what became of them?  God saw fit to send them and their religion away.  God the Creator doesn't like the bloodshed.

An amazing number of civilizations have tried to destroy Isreal.  The Philistines settled in Palastine and were invaders to the land.  They were among the first who hated Israel and God's chosen people.  No one seems to know exactly where they came from or where they went when they vanished from the earth.  The point is they vanished but the people of Israel remain and those who come to dwell around the nation of Israel hate the people of Israel just as those who came and then vanished before them.  Quite a lot of those who hate the people of Israel hate them just because they exist.  Quite a lot of them say they want to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth" and the question is why do they feel that way?  Could it be because of the God who the people of Isreal consider to be the One True God?

The Email said: "So you read a few books and you think you know what's going on.  You don't have a clue!"  Let's take a look at the facts shall we?               Look at all those peacful Muslims protesting.
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Read about or buy this DVD from the History channel
This video contains a GREAT deal of valuable information to prove the events of the Exodus did in fact take place. It also reveals the exact location of the parting of the "Red Sea" and explains the mistranslation of "Red Sea" from the original texts to the "Reed Sea" which was north of the Red Sea.  The words used to describe these seas were written and pronounced very similar.  An ancient Egyptian text described the events that took place and clarify the precise location as being "The Reed Sea" and not the Red Sea.  This video also reveals the existence of the people known as the Hycsos, as well as the name and location of the city "Avaris" they dwelled within.  It tells how the pagan Egyptians buried the foundations of that city to prevent anyone from knowing the truth.  The Hycsos were the descendents of Abraham, forefathers to the Israelites.  Hycsos translated means "Shepherd Kings."  These were the people the Egyptian priest named Manetho wrote about who took over the land of Egypt and directed the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The Hycsos ruled Egypt during the reign of KuFu and his brother for about 120 years.  This video also reveals the existence of  a stone hidden within the basement of the Museum of Cairo that tells the story of the plagues and the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.  This stone is off limits to Christians now because Muslims do not want to reveal the truth of these events.
Pakistani teenager barely escapes death at the hands of her family! Her Own Family!

Diana grew up in a strict Islamic family in Pakistan. Her life was pretty typical until she met a girl named Mary who was a Christian. Now Diana is also a Christian and on the run.

When Diana's family learned that she had become a Christian, they repeatedly beat her and insisted she return to Islam. But Diana refused. She was then forced to a local canal where her uncle put a pistol to her head and gave her one last chance to return to Islam. Diana replied, "You can kill me if you want. I will not leave Christ."
Learn more about Muhammad.
Straight from Muslim sources: the bloody life and violent teachings of Muhammad, the founder of Islam.  As American and European leaders continue to assure us that true Islam is peaceful, and formulate foreign and domestic policy on that basis, it is more important today than ever before for non-Muslims to know exactly what Islam's founder, Muhammad, actually did and taught. Now, in The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion, Robert Spencer provides a frank and accurate picture of the Muhammad that Muslims around the world revere: a warlord who preached violence, ordered the assassinations of his enemies, and used his "divine revelations" for his personal self-aggrandizement.
A Pilot's Letter to Muslims!
Anyone who thinks radical Islam isn't out to kill people should watch the news.
Yesterday I saw an American Islamic radical on the news telling everyone to leave their religions and convert to Islam or die!  He said if you don't you will suffer and die in this world and be tormented in the next for all eternity.  What he doesn't realize is he's not preaching the truth, he's proclaiming his own internal torment and his own eternal destiny.  If he knew what God has shown some of us he would be singing another tune.

The only truth in his words is that Islamic radicals will torture, murder, hold for ransom, hold a person at gun point and make them repeat lies. The more they rant, rave, threaten people, burn flags and images the more they prove the evil that resides within them.   The demons that drive them know there is no hope of restoring them to their former glory and place with their Creator.  This much is true about them.

The Islamic religion plants the seeds of spiritual discontentAll these religious concepts needs to do then is land in the "soil" or mind of the mentally unstable and the holy war starts.  That's how it works but I admit there are always those who the devil has influence over in all religions.  The devil doesn't really care how he murders people but the Islamic religion is the devil's baby.  I'm all for the Muslim people of Iraq to build a free nation and attempt to prove to the world they can do it.  What they are attempting to do goes against everything the Islamic radicals stand for.

Just how twisted is this religion?  The Koran also says the Jews are the chosen people of God, so why do the Islamic radicals proclaim they will destroy Israel and wipe it from the face of the earth?  Anyone with half sense would know instantly something is wrong with that concept.  The only explanation is that Allah is not God the Creator.  Allah is not Yahweh.  If he isn't then who and what is he?  Consider this.  The more truth a people accept and understand the more secure they are, the more inclined toward peace they are.  The more a people believe lies the less secure they are the more violent they are. 

What you see among radical Islam are the expressions of the demons cast from heaven and bound for hell.  What you see among them are a people grasping at lies and hell bound without hope as fast as they can go.  Anyone who has ever confronted a "real" demon knows how hateful and threatening they respond when they are confronted with the truth and authority of God.  The demons can't withstand it directly but their human hosts act out the expressions of their demons.

Islam and Israel!
Ask yourself if Mecca is the holy city of Islam why do the Islamic insist on taking control of Israel?  Why do they insist on taking control of all the places on earth that are considered holy to the Jews and the Christians?  When you find the answer you will have a key part of the mystery.  First of all Israel is still in control of the Ark of the Covenant and the devil and his hoards know that.  When you understand what the Ark represents then you will understand why the devil wants his people in control of it.
One more thing, the deed to the temple mound is buried with the temple treasures and tells who rightfully owns that land.  When it's found the world will know the Muslims have no right to that land and all hell will break loose.

In the night vision when God foretold the first shuttle disaster...
And the angel of God spoke to me saying,
"Look to the past for the answers to the future."
And God gave me the keys to the knowledge of some of these things.  On my web pages I share God's knowledge and wisdom with my visitors.

God sends out the knowledge to numbers of individual people and some of those people put it together to share it with others.  The information is given out in segments like pieces of a puzzle.  Others have pieces of the puzzle and information that I am aware of but I don't have all the facts about their parts of the puzzle.  When I find others who have these parts of the puzzle I try to put links on my pages to their pages.  Many times this is done in the form of a link to a book page.  Part of my job is to tie the information together with links so my visitors can find the information they need to continue their quest for spiritual and historical truth.

Today it is very dangerous to speak the truth about the religion of Islam and Mohammed.  Powerful people in the world of religion who know the truth about Islam are afraid to speak the truth because of fear that Islamic radicals will come kill them.  Recently the Pope made statements about how Islamic radicals are evil, he instantly received death threats from Islamic radicals.  The truth is one thing the nations of Islam do not want to hear.  They have been burying the truth for thousands of years and they are not about to stop now.  If this religion is so powerful and dangerous then certainly the prophets of the one true God has spoken of them, and of course they did.  The last final and greatest war the people of this earth will ever know was described and predicted by the prophets of the One True God, the Lord of Light who is Jesus Christ.

Children of Light, Children of Darkness
Several different prophets of God wrote about the war between the children of the light and the children of the darkness.  They wrote this battle will continue until the last great battle which will issue in the second coming of the Lord of Light.  The term light represents the truth and the term for darkness represents the lie.  To this day Muslims and Arabs insist on protecting places that hold artifacts that verify the story contained within the Jewish texts.  Out of hatred and fear the Egyptians literally buried the city of Avaris in Egypt, the capital of the Hycsos (shepherd kings who were children of Israel) and for many years would not allow anyone to enter that place and do research.  They did this for fear that someone would find evidence that would support the Jewish texts and so strengthen the argument supporting the God of Israel.  The artifacts and foundations of this buried city were finally dug up and they found no less than seven seals that were used by Joseph as he represented the pharaoh.  They found texts that were written by the children of Israel.  After the investigation they told them they must once again bury the foundations and the evidence.  Now the people who live there farm this land and if you were walking directly over this place you would never know what you were walking over.  This is done thanks to Islamic Muslim Arabs who do not want anyone to know the truth of these things

Remember, the Egyptians worshiped many pagan gods, these were demons the God of Israel declared war upon to bring about the exodus to set the Children of Israel free.  The same spirits that hated the God of Israel expressed its hate for the God of Israel through the Egyptians.  When the Shepherd prince left Avaris the Pharaoh of Egypt took the children of Israel into captivity and slavery.  These were all closely observed by the Lord of Light, the God of Israel.  He set his plan in motion for Moses to set the children of Israel free in the Exodus, which did take place and has been proven by geographical evidence as well as in written documents written by scribes of both the children of Israel as well as the Egyptians.

History has provided signs for us to know who is who.  Did you know Islam worships a black rock in Mecca?  Probably a meteorite.  Do you know what a black stone represents in the spirit?  You can read what a white stone represents in the book of Revelation, chapter 14.  If a white stone represents truth and purity then what does a black stone represent? Just the opposite.  To add to the meaning these people march around and around in circles for hours just to see and hope to touch the black rock.
The Exodus
In the basement of the Egyptian museum in Cairo, Egypt there is a great stone with hieroglyphic writing all over it telling of the battle between Pharaoh and Moses and the God of Moses.  The stone is called Ahmose Stele.  The stone had been broken maliciously in an attempt to destroy the story that it holds.  Parts of the stone are missing, but enough pieces were reassembled to reveal the truth of the story it contains.  It tells of the story of the Exodus, the plagues, and the power of the One True God.  This stone is held in the basement of the museum and no outsider or Christians are allowed to view it anymore.  This is done to conceal evidence of the power of the God of Israel and the fact the Exodus actually took place(Please note the God of Abraham is the God of Israel.  Allah, god of Islam is not Jehovah, it is a pagan god also known as a moon god.)

Mount Sinai
Likewise Muslim Arabs are in possession of the land of the Sinai where Moses lead the children of Israel to the Mountain of God.  These places contain artifacts and writing upon large stones that was left there by the children of Israel as they dwelled in the land of the Sinai.  I know of people who have been placed in nasty Arab jails and their possessions taken from them in order to prevent them from showing the world what they had discovered.  The Muslim Arabs put up long personal fences around these places to prevent anyone from entering these places.  They say they are preserving it.  If they are preserving it then why not show what they have in their possession?  They do not show it, they arrest people, they take their videos and photos so the information can not be made public.
The Temple Mound
Muslim Arabs took control over the location where Solomon built the Temple to God.  They are very protective of the location and do not like people snooping around this location.  One man, Mr. Rood stood upon the location where the Ark of the Covenant was once located and Arabs ran out and threatened his life telling him to get off there.  When he asked them what it was they refused to tell him.  Later he returned and took some water that was being pumped out from that area and was once again threatened and this time was detained.  The truth they are hiding is the elevator built by Solomon that was used to hide the Ark of the CovenantIf it were totally up to the Muslim Arabs you would never know the truth of such things.  Thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon, the tunnel he dug to move then hide the Ark went to the west to a location that is still in the possession of Israel.  God knew the children of darkness would try to conceal and hide the most precious artifact.

Great Pyramid of Giza
Isaiah 19:19-20
The Bible speaks of an altar to the Lord of Light in the midst of the land of Egypt and on the border there-of.  This altar is as large as a mountain.  It was put there by the Creator God, the Lord of Light in the midst of the land of Egypt in defiance of the pagan gods of Egypt.  It withstands the onslaught of time.  It may have been constructed with Egyptian labor but was not designed by Egyptians. 

Egyptians loved to decorate and write on everything
. They put more effort into funerals and death than they did life.  The record of Herodotus says that "strangers to Egypt" supervised the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  It was not adorned with the typical Egyptian tomb writing and hieroglyphics.  Manetho, an Egyptian priest, explains that during the time the strangers "Hycsos" (Hic meaning king and sos meaning shepherd) were in charge of Egypt that all the pagan temples were closed.  At the time of the discovery of these records the anthropologists were not sure who these Hycsos were and thought they may have been Arabians, but later others discovered the reason why the truth of the Hycsos had been hidden.  The Egyptians hated the Hycsos.  Some time after the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza after the Hycsos had departed the Egyptians destroyed the city of the Hycsos and buried it.  The Egyptians literally farmed the land over the former city of the Hycsos and still do to this day.  They did this to hide the evidence the Hycsos had ever existed.  When the ground was dug up for research purposes they discovered not one but seven seals of Joseph buried among the foundations of the city.  The authorities once again ordered the foundations of the city to be buried.  The Hycsos were the people who designed and supervised the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The Arabs and the Egyptians do not want the truth of these things to be made known.  They have done everything they know to prevent the truth of many things from being made known.

They say "stone robbers" stole the majority of the white tura limestone casing stones that covered the Great Pyramid of Giza.  These 144,000 white stones had writing all over them, and it wasn't hieroglyphics used by the Egyptians.  These stones represent the 144,000 elite of God mentioned in the book of Revelation Chapter 7.  You will notice in all the tombs made and used by Egyptians they are filled with elaborate paintings and hieroglyphics, but not the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This is a very important part of the mystery of the Great Pyramid.  If the white stones were still in place you would be able to see who actually directed the building of the Great Pyramid and why.  But Muslim Arabs took over the land of Egypt and in defiance toward the God of Truth they took the stones across the river Nile and built of all things a Mausoleum to another God.  This work was all done by the devil through his workers, the children of darkness.  Now read Isaiah 19:19-20 and see about the altar to the Lord of Light that was in the midst of the land of Egypt and on the border there-of.  Giza means border.  This one pyramid may have been built using Egyptian labor but it was not designed by or supervised by Egyptians.  The writings of an Egyptian priest name Manetho says that "Egypt was invaded from the East by a people called Hycsos.  These people over threw the worship of the many gods for the worship of the one God and then directed the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  When they were done they left in the same strange manner they had come."  During the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza he wrote the Egyptians hated the Hycsos and the Shepherd King who ruled over them.  Apparently the name of the Shepherd king was Cheops, which means "Lord of Light."  He did not allow any credits to go to the current ruler of Egypt, Ku Fu.  Yet inside hidden places the Egyptian workers wrote the message "Friends of Ku Fu" in various places in red paint in defiance of Cheops.  Ask yourself, knowing the Egyptians and how they loved to decorate their tombs why they didn't plaster this message throughout all the passages of the Great Pyramid.  They didn't because the Hycsos would not allow them to.  When the Hycsos departed Cairo the Egyptians returned to their worship of the many gods with great zeal.

Many Islamic Nations have factions who Hate Truth, Freedom, Democracy, Capitalism,
and anyone who disagrees with them.  They also have a very low regard for human life.
They hate all nations that are prosperous through industry.  They hate making their own way.  They love stealing from others, even if they must kill people to get it.  They depend on non-earned wages like Oil.  They have very little of their own industry.  They loathe America yet they pay people off with US currency.  They love putting a serious reverse twist on reality.  They will start a war and claim it was the other guy who started it.  They bury the truth wherever they find it especially if it verifies the God of Israel.  In Egypt they keep buried an entire town to hide the truth of the existence of the Hycsos. That's just one thing they did their best to hide.  If a Muslim realizes their religion is wrong and decides to change religions they can be killed for it.  You would think people would be very careful about becoming a Muslim.  You would think they would go to greater effort to be certain they are on the right path before they do something so dangerous.  Who in their right mind would want to lose their lives and their souls as well?

The Great City of Light is the Great City of Truth
Those who enter the Great City of Truth will be seekers of the Truth

My argument is simple, people who love the truth do not bury it, destroy it, or try to hide itPeople who love the truth and the light will find the truth and publicly display itPeople who hate the truth will bury it, as the Arabs and Muslims have in every place they have found it.  Now you know who the children of the light are and who the children of the darkness are.  As you watch the news and see the Arabs and Islamic Muslims attacking Israel and crying foul you must understand this is being done by a people of darkness against the children of the Light, just as it was predicted by the prophets of God long ago.  Islam = darkness = lie.  Israel = Light = Truth.  I'm not saying the Jews have it all figured out, I'm just saying that Jew translated means "Chosen People of God."  Christians are those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah who was promised by the God of the Jews.  The Jewish religion does not recognize Jesus, but Christians do.  God showed me that Jesus Christ is exactly who he said he was, the Son of God, the Creator incarnated.  He wears the golden crown and resides in the Great City of Light/Truth.

Israel would be happy just to be left alone. Prophecy says Israel will exist under constant threat.
Islam vows to destroy the nation of Israel.  They teach their children and their children teach their children.  They put guns in their hands and teach them songs of hatred toward the Jews and toward Israel and toward America who supports Israel.  They say they shall one day destroy Israel and then America.  Islam can not live and let live.  Anyone who represents the truth and the One True God is the enemy of Islam.

What could possibly drive an entire race of people with such hatred?
What causes a people to choose to believe a lie?
In order to understand these spiritual things you must back up to the beginning.
The short story about spirits in general is they are mostly balls of energy that contain information in a spiritual format.  These spirit balls exist in a wide range of spiritual frequencies just as the light spectrum does.  These balls of energy can be combined with mortal living creatures to produce various effects.  Please read the "Spirits" page on this website for more information.  There are entire teams of people who are aware of the paranormal world around us who have set out to capture proof of the spiritual.  Some videos have been captured that show some of the things I've actually experienced in the spirit and O.B.E. as well as in body.  Some of these videos can be accessed from the Spooky Places site.

Islam & Ishmael were Born of a Sin!
Technically neither of them should have ever existed.
A story of two nations and the spirits of those nations.
If life is all about spirits and spirits are all about God and the devil then in order to even begin to comprehend them you must understand the nature of such spirits and sins.  God set forth certain very strict rules about marriage between His people and other races of people.  His people didn't always follow His directions however and their unions with people outside of God's instructions were frequently disastrous.  Contrary to popular belief God never sanctioned polygamy, or having more than one wife, yet some of His people did just that.

God told Abraham that he and Sarah would have a child.  Abraham and Sarah were old and Sarah long past her birthing years.  Having descendants back then was a very important thing in several ways.  A father needed help to maintain his business and they needed someone to pass that business and their possessions along to.  This was known as their birthright.  The birthright was usually given to the first born son.

When God and two angels came to Abraham's tent one day (while on their way to Sodom to see Lot) and mentioned this to Abraham, Sarah was standing outside the tent and overheard them talking.  She laughed within herself and no one heard her aloud, but the angels and God heard her.  Sarah laughed knowing that it was humanly impossible for her to have a child.

In time when Sarah had no child she decided to give her handmaiden (slave) Hagar to her husband that he might have a child through her.  Hagar was an Egyptian woman, not of the same people as Abraham and Sarah.  This union with the Egyptian woman was not sanctioned by God.  Egyptians worshiped many Gods and even so God hid His wonders among the Egyptians, and they defaced and defiled them.  Egyptians had no respect for the one true God, but they worshiped demons instead.  Now this is the history of who Hagar really was.  Her spirit within her was unclean and unacceptable to God just as Cain was, son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel.

Please note the connections.  Cain was first born of Adam and Eve.  When his offering to God was not accepted by God he became outraged against his brother Abel whose offering was acceptable to God.  Cain killed his brother Abel.  You will find this very same spirit within the descendants of the Egyptians, through Hagar mother of Ishmael, right out through all the descendants of Ishmael.  You will also find a very similar story line and example.  This is a great piece of the puzzle.  In order to understand who these people are and who their God is you must understand these things.

Now Cain was the first born, had GREAT PRIDE and expected respect for that but Cain was born under a contract between Eve and the devil and his spirit was unclean before God.  Abel was born as a true child of Adam and Eve under God's direction to be fruitful and multiply.  Cain's spirit came from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  Abel's spirit came from the union between Adam and Eve and was of their own spirit.

Think about it.  If just touching the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil could change the way a person thought, imagine what eating that fruit would do to a person.  And the Serpent was in that tree and the devil was in that fruit and in that Serpent.  And that spirit became part of Eve first and then Adam.  Their first child, Cain, was of that same spirit and the devil was inside him.  Since Cain killed Abel and Cain was not acceptable to have descendants for God's chosen people, God gave Adam and Eve another son, and Seth was born to replace Abel.  And Seth's spirit was like that of Abel, found acceptable to God and his descendants found favor in God's eyes.

It was a long story and constant conflicts broke out between the children of Cain who lived in the valley and the children of Seth who lived on the mountain and in the high places.  The children of the devil will always seek to kill the children and people who find favor in God's eyes.

Just as the descendants of Adam and Eve have been born and existing under their parents original sin all of the Arab nations exist under the sin that was committed between Abraham and Hagar, Ishmael's mother.

Just as God did not slay Cain but marked him so that no one else would kill him God did not kill Ishmael but instead sent an angel to tell his mother what would come of Ishmael and his descendants.  Cain was marked but cursed to dwell in the land wandering (The land of Nod) and to have no place to call his home and to have no peace as long as he lived upon the earth. 

was given a promise that he would be the father of a great nation but that he would do so having the spirit of a wild ass and would constantly be at war with everyone including his brothers.  Like Cain, Ishmael also would never see spiritual peace in his life.  His troubled soul was the cause of much pain and bloodshed among those considered his brothers and sisters. That same spirit exists to this day among the Arab people.   This is why various Arab nations will on the one hand proclaim their "brotherhood" and on the other hand kill each other if given the chance.

The Great Flood of Noah
Evil generally wins out over Good when good people do nothing.
When good people stand their ground the evil ones really cry foul.
Evil will do its best to use lies to gain the popular vote of the ignorant, also known as the people who don't know what's going on.

Cain's descendants finally overwhelmed a great area of the earth.  The daughters of the descendants of Cain also had union with "fallen angels" or "demons" who came from the heavens.  These beings were known by several names.  The author of the book of Genesis called them the Nephlim or "Giants."  Enoch referred to them as the "Gregori" and said they were confined on the second and fifth levels of Heaven.  When Enoch asked the angel who looked just like a man, who was escorting him around the levels of Heaven, the angel said, "These are the Gregori who took to wife the daughters of men upon mount Enon on Earth."  And their descendants were very evil and combined with the all ready evil descendants of Cain they literally took over the earth by force.

When God looked and saw that only Noah and his family were left of the righteous spirit God set forth to destroy the people upon the earth, all but Noah and his family and two of each animal the angels of God would bring to Noah.

So you can see that while God did not kill Cain but let him have children that literally took over the earth God finally came to a point where He saw he had no choice but to destroy these descendants of Cain in order to save Noah and his family and their descendants.   This was done to preserve the physical as well as the spiritual link back to Adam and Eve.  Because on down the way one of their descendants would give birth to the Son of God.  The spirit and the physical blood line were critical for the Creator to produce the Spiritual Key to the Father's Spirit for His people.  God did not and would not "change horses in the middle of the stream" and choose the descendants of Ishmael over His all ready chosen people of Israel.

Remember how God dealt with Cain when you consider Ishmael and his descendants.  He had a purpose for them but did not favor them over the children of Israel.  Keep this in mind because it will happen again just as the angel of God said it would.  Also understand that in the past God has allowed the union between evil and a human being and allowed them to prosper upon the earth for a time, and this was done for a reason.  It is the same with the descendants of Ishmael.  If you can comprehend how the spiritual blood lines work then you know that no messiah or prophet of the one True God can come from the spirit of the descendants of Ishmael.

The spiritual connections between Cain and his descendants are the same with Ishmael and his descendants.  The type of spirits involved with these people are the same.  Their intentions and motivations are the same.  The method by which they live and work are the same.  The everlasting curse upon them is the same.  Their spiritual leader is the same, the great deceiver, the devil, Satan, the fallen angel Lucifer, also known as Allah. The same spirit that had Jesus crucified by stirring up the people against Jesus by using religious leaders against the very Son of God.

If Jehovah God will not give them the birthright they will steal it!
The next thing that is critical to understanding these people is the fact that at that time only the Jews, the chosen people of Jehovah could be saved.  This is in direct relationship to the promised land.  Ishmael and his descendents could not be saved under that law and had no rights to the birthrights that were given to the children of Israeal.  A tremendous animosity existed between the descendents of Ishmael and Israeal that exist yet to this day.  God said they had no right to the birthright and they insisted they did because Abraham was their father, even if God had not ordained the union between Abraham and Hagar.  In the end Hagar and her son were sent packing because there was no place, no blessing, no birthright for them within the family of Abraham. 

Since people tend to believe what they choose to believe in and tend to find evidence to support what they choose to believe in the "lost children" of Abraham had to find a way to steal their birthright back, which is exactly what they tried to do.  Since they hated Abraham for his not fixing the problem he created and they hated Jehovah for alegence to Abraham these people turned their backs on both Abraham and Jehovah.  They took up an allegiance with a new god, the moon god Allah.

Jehovah God gave them a way to become His children through Jesus but they refused to accept Jehovah's solution to their problem.  They never liked the way Jehovah did things and they never liked His favor of the Jews.  They would not accept Jehovah's solution so they decided to steal the birthright, they did this through Mohammed and the Koran.  Keep in mind that "Allah God" is the moon god and is not Jehovah God at all.

In general people try to emulate their religious leaders.  Buddha, Gandhi, Moses, Jesus all had beneficial lessons to teach their followers.  What do we know about Mohammed?  We know he was a tormented soul.  We know he was a pedophile and loved to molest and have sex with little girls.  We know he loved to kill anyone who disagreed with him and plunder their possessions including their wives and daughters.  We know he was tormented by demons known as djinn, who were always with him.  Mohammed was mentally and spiritually ill.  Who in their right mind would want to be like him?  Moses and Jesus both led their people toward the truth, what did Mohammed do?  He didn't lead but he frequently sent out armies to kill people he didn't like, and they paid him a percentage of their booty/loot/plunder.  Molesting little girls and murdering people were his best known attributes.  He didn't teach people to love each other.  He didn't heal the sick, raise the dead, or feed the hungry, but Moses and Jesus both did such things.  Moses and Jesus were both highly educated but Mohammed could not even read.  The prophet said "from among the brethren God will raise up one like Moses."  Muslims say it was Mohammed, but he was nothing like Moses.  Jesus was very much like Moses from the time they were born and the kings sought to have them killedAnyone who thinks Mohammed was anything like Moses is seriously deceived. The brethren were Jews, they were descendants of Israel, they were not descendants of Ishmael.  The descendants of Ishmael were the enemy of the Jews / God's people, they still are to this day.  God was not speaking to the descendants of Ishmael when he made that statement concerning the one who would come.  He was speaking to His people about His own Son.

Mental Illness
Do you know anything about mental illnesses?  Do you know how many people with mental illnesses have started religions?  Do you know what other things these mentally disturbed people have in common?  One thing that nearly all of them have in common is their sexual perversions.  Either they can't get enough or they don't want any or they are homosexual, which is also a mental illness.  Mohammed was a pedophile, he liked having sex with little girls.  He was also aware that he had a sexual perversion and gave evidence of this in the laws he lay down for those who followed after him.  This is why he insisted that women cover their faces and bodies.  God didn't command that, Mohammed did.  People who murder innocent people are also mentally ill.  Mohammed had both.  Now consider how many religions were started by mentally ill people.  Then consider how many other people follow after the teachings of a crazy person.  Realize that these kinds of mental illnesses are contagious to the weak minded and uninformed.  Watch them as they stand at the gates of Israel and throw rocks and insults toward Israel trying to provoke a fight.  Who in their right mind would do something so foolish?  Who hates Israel more than they do?  Only the devil himself.

Radical Islam Promotes Murder
The God of Moses handed down the ten commandments and the sixth commandment says "Thou shall not kill" which translated means "Do not murder people."  Murder means killing innocent people.  The same God said don't be quick to shed blood.  The Koran claims and talks like Allah is the same God making reference to Abraham and Moses and the Jews.  Just for the record Allah and Yahweh constantly contradict each other, except for one thing!  The Bible and the Koran clearly says in all versions that salvation and the gift of prophecy was given to the Jews, not the Arabs!  There is no salvation for the Arabs under these terms, no wonder they are so angry and want to kill the Jews.  Islamic radicals express the will of their father the devil in attacking God's children where ever they find them.

Murder is unacceptable by the God of Moses and certainly unacceptable by Jesus Christ.  Jesus died for our salvation while Mohammed molested little girls and murdered people as he chose.  Radical Islam stands at the borders of Israel, shouts obscenities, throws rocks and tries to provoke a war.  Israel does nothing of the kind in return.  The spirits of these people are clearly defined and very easy to recognize.  Allah
is not The One True God.  Allah is not Yahweh/Jehovah.  Allah is not the Creator God.  Allah is not the God of Truth and Light.  Allah is the enemy of the Creator.  Allah is the enemy of God's children.  Allah is the enemy of truth.  Allah is the source of murder and great darkness upon the earth.  Allah vows he will wipe the children of God from the face of the earth, just as the prophets of God predicted that he would try.  Just as the prophets of Jehovah said, Allah the dragon and the flood he sends from his mouth will not succeed in their efforts against God's people.

Israel has been constantly under attack by the forces of evil for more than 2000 years.  Before that the descendents of Abraham were constantly being attacked by the forces of evil and enslaved.  The people doing the attacking and enslaving were godless pagans, people who worshiped many idols and demons.  Islam's god is a demon named Allah and is most likely a demon known as a djinn.

Hezb'allah is a terrorist army funded by Islamic radicals.  They stand at the gates of Israel, throw rocks and insults hoping to provoke an attack from Israel.  Israel does not do the same to them, but Israel just wants to be left alone.  Islamic radicals can do anything they want without fear of being faulted because they constantly do so much evil that no one really notices.  The moment Israel does anything in their own defense every finger is pointing at Israel.  Hezb'allah attacks Israel, Israel defends itself and who's to blame?  Israel of course, just ask any Islamic radical.

All this is as it was prophesied and in that day when the Islamic hoards come to attack Israel they will find out who's God is the One True God.  If you care to know what really happened in the last war please read this.

This site is not here for Muslims
I'm not interested in converting any Muslims to Christianity.  If they have been fired within the mold they can not be changed.  But if one is called by the one True God they have not yet been fired in the mold and they might be allowed to see the truth of these things.  God would not that any should perish but the truth is the majority will perish.  The truth is that compared to the world population only a handful of people will receive the keys to the heavens.
Revelation 20:4
I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
There are quite a few more documented facts that I will share with you on this page and on this site as I get time to type up the pages.  Check back soon.

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A wise man once said "Only when humans outgrow their religions will they truly be ready to meet God."
The Bible
The Truth is an insult to Islam!
If it were possible they could have what they ask for they would begin killing each other, because they must be murdering someone.  It is their way.  That's why they call it radical Islam.
Last night I was viewpoint with an Islamic terrorist leader as he prepared one of his suicide bombers for a mission.  He told him "even if you kill only yourself you are a hero" but I want you to kill everyone in the building."

On the table before them were boxes of explosives.

These are not peaceful Muslims.  You don't need to read a book to know what they want or what they intend to do.  Murdering innocents is what they live for.
Are they dangerous?
Are they peaceful?
Do they want peace?
Do you really want these
people to have nukes?
When you hear the people speaking the same words that demons speak then you know the spirit of those people.
Islam taking credit for 9-11 even though it was an inside job staged by Bush, Cheny and a number of others in high places, in order to lay the blame on Islam and make money while doing it.