HELL / Pits of Fire

There's far too many different concepts concerning the punishment prepared for the devil and his followers.  Awhile back this intellectual woman wrote me an E-mail saying she had found this website and that in reading she felt that I was somewhat above average in intelligence.  She wanted an answer, is there a lake of fire?  Then added that she could never follow a God who threw souls no mater how wicked into a lake of fire.

You don't need me to tell you what the bible says about it, you can read that yourself.  All I can do is tell you what I know and what I've seen in the spirit.

Some of these same people will tell you the bible is the Living Word of God, yet choose not to accept the concept there really is a lake of fire made for the devil and those who follow him.  These people have chosen to be mislead and so choose only to seek evidence to support what they choose to believe in.

In 1974-5 I didn't know there was such a thing as people who went to church every time the doors were open, calling themselves Christians who weren't even saved!  God showed me first hand in no uncertain terms there is such a thing.  This was a spiritual and life lesson that drew out over a few months but when the chips were cashed in the revelation came like a lightning bolt.  And no I didn't want to believe either.  If a person calls on the name of the Lord they shall be saved, it says so in the bible!  So what went wrong?

There are two categories of Christians, those who serve God from "head thinking" and those who serve God from the heart or spirit.  Jesus clearly said "there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end there-of is the way of destruction."

The bible also clearly says there are those who will come to the Judgment thinking they are saved only to have God tell them "depart from me wicked servant."  And when he tells them what they did wrong they won't understand until HE shows them from the books.  Then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Likewise there will be those who will come to the Judgment not realizing they are saved and God will tell them when he was hungry they fed him, when he was cold they clothed him and so forth.  And they will say "when did I do this for you Lord?"  God will then tell them "If you have done this to the least of my children you have done likewise also unto me."

The key to salvation of course is the Holy Spirit created by Jesus Christ during his life and death upon the Earth.  This is his body that is broken for you that provides salvation to all who accept it.  The passing on of the Holy Spirit is done through the laying on of the hands from one who has it given to one who asks for it.  And these call upon the name of the Lord and receive their salvation.  The catch beyond that however is you can't get the Holy Spirit from someone who doesn't have it to give.

Why did God go to all that trouble to be born in the flesh, suffer and die as if he were a sinner?  Because as it says in John 3:16 God loves us. He doesn't want us in a pit of fire and so provided a method by which we might be saved.  I'm saying that God doesn't throw people into those pits, they find their way there on their own and they jump in on their own either by choice or by ignorance.  Now you may be thinking "how can we be judged for somethign we were unaware of."  Right, you are reading this now aren't you?  Then you have been informed.

If you have ready my personal experience pages then you know where I'm going with this.  You see God wanted me to tell a "Christian" family they were not saved and I said "they are Christians Lord" and he said "Tell them they have a spirit of religion, they do not have the Holy Spirit that provides salvation."  I threw, pardon my language "a holy fit" over being given such a task by God.

I also learned that when God gives a command you follow it or things will not go well for you.  Meaning God won't leave you alone until you do what He said to do.  You see God wanted to teach me such things and living the example is how it often works out.  I went and told these people what God had said and they literally threatened my life!  They said where did I get that message from?  I said "God told me, spoke to me and told me to tell you."  And they said "God doesn't speak to anyone anymore and if he were going to he would speak to us and not some worthless like you."  They were very proud and highly religious and their spirit began to show through for me at that time and my heart was broken.

Guess what, I know God not only can but still does speak to His children and can do so in a voice where they can't hear anything but Him if He so chooses.  Which means I knew they were wrong when they said God doesn't talk to His people anymore, because He was speaking to me in varous ways including that voice you can't avoid.

After threatening my life I was upset in so many ways and afraid to go home.  I slept in the closet of my little CB shop on the floor with my dog and my gun.  It was there God revealed things to me about the devil and how how it was he who created all the various religions of the Earth in order to deceive and mislead humans.  How the laws given to Moses could not save anyone but were in fact the evidence of our sinful nature.  You see there are rules set for everything and as it turns out there are some things that don't like to follow those rules.  You see Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice is the only solution to the problem of being separated from God by sin.

God can use various things to deliver what some might call "omens" or messages to people to get their attention.  Last year we went on vacation and out of the 1000's of condos they might have put us in they put us in condo 666!  And it was below ground level and had NO view, only the side of a rock wall out the front door.  My daughter was given a letter which was the account of a dream I had that night while sleeping on the floor of my CB shop.  Original hand written message by me and dated.  I had no memory of it still being in existence but there it was and it had returned to me over a period of more than 35 years!  At that moment in time while we are in condo 666!  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  Shortly after that I was cleaning in my office and came across other dreams I had, some back then and some later all talking about similar things and some having prophetic nature.

The woman who threatened my life lost her entire family.  Her husband divorced her, her younger son held up a store and went to prison for armed robbery.  Her daughter who I knew back then went to Baptist collage and went out on a party rode trip drinking and the driver ran off the road into a ditch rolled the car breaking her neck and killing her instantly.

A few years later I found myself in spirit standing on the edge of a smoldering pit with the sounds of crying, moaning and screaming filling the air.  There was a one room shack there and I looked in and then to the pit seeing a great multitude of souls in that pit. It honestly looked like they were in a lake of fire.  I looked around and saw more of these pits glowing in the distance.  The surface of the ground was like pumas.  Then I looked back and I saw the girl there naked with burn scars all over and no breasts.  I recognized her and was in shock.  We walked without speaking to the shack and in there I said her name "what are you doing in this terrible place?"  And she said "I returned to tell you that you were right and we were wrong."  With that she went right back out the door with me following and she returned and jumped back into that pit.  If you think that sounds crazy you are not alone.

I woke and could literally smell that pit and I was burning up like I had been next to something hot.

This was a girl who was a Baptist in life called herself a Christian and thought she was saved
.  God said she wasn't.  In fact not one person in her church was saved since God showed me the spiritual nature of those inside which I was able to compare with another Baptist church in which there were 4 or 5 in the back right hand pew who were saved and had little tongs of fire above their heads.

Religion can't save you, calling on the name of God can't save you unless you follow the rules set forth by Christ.  Believing your saved can't save you.  God doesn't want you to be lost that's why he became the sacrifice for us and that's why he put people like me here to explain these things so you get it right while you can.  Contrary to some beliefs you only get one chance to get this right so don't screw it up.

Does God throw people into the pit?  NO He does not
.  He gave us everything we need to be saved and went to a great deal of trouble to make that happen.  When people don't get it right it's not His fault.

If someone "can't serve that God" because of these established rules they will end up making the choice themselves to spend all of eternity in a lake of fire filled to the brim with screaming souls who made the same mistake.  Don't think for one second what you like or don't like will change anything, because it won't.  God has revealed all kinds of things like this to me and believe me I didn't like the idea either.  Until God revealed these things I had no idea how they worked.  I did understand He's God and He made the effort to let me know.  What I think about it only makes a difference to me and doesn't change anything.  What I do however does make a difference.

On the Judgment day all things will be reviewed for everyone on an individual bases.  Those who are not saved and believe me most won't be will have made a choice where they end up.  The angels of God only follow the established rules.   God does nothing without purpose.  Those who don't make the right choices will end up where they don't want to be and that's what the gnashing of teeth is about.

It makes no difference how many times you may pray and ask for the laying on of hands and the Holy Spirit, that doesn't make God angry.  Go as many times as you like until God gives you a sign that you can't mistake and let's you know you got it right.  Speaking in tongues as unimportant as it may seem was the sign they watched for to indicate the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Unimportant?  Not a chance.  Because in order for the other gifts of the spirit to work the Spirit must speak such things into existence.  It must be able to communicate.  Don't make excuses for why you can't speak in tongues, find out why and get with the program.

Go with God.
God bless you every one.