Numbers 12:6-7
God made himself known to His prophets in visions and spoke with them in dreams.
God sent me the visions when I lived at 312 E 12th street in Joplin, MO when I was 20.
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I've had prophetic dreams and night visions since I was a child.  As a teenager I had dreams that predicted people's deaths.  I had night visions and remote viewing dreams and knew things about certain people that I couldn't have known any other way.  I saw both space shuttle disasters weeks before they happened and recorded those dreams and what I thought they meant in my Dream-Link dream research group.  Other people knew about what I had seen before these events happened.

I've seen other disasters that are yet to come and I run another site just for dreams.  These are some of the more recent prophetic dreams and night visions that I've had speaking about things that are happening and soon to come.

There are things going on right now that people need to know about.  I'm not the only one having dreams and night visions like these.  Serious world changes are on the horizon.

Giant Horses 12/1/2007
Prophetic Symbolic
I found myself in a very large pole barn.  The barn has wooden fence all the way around it nearly to the ceiling.  I looked around and saw a partition, a fence between the room I was in and the next room to the north.  I saw someone standing near the fence in the same room I was in looking at two gigantic horses on the other side.  I went to join them.

These horses made Clydesdales look like ponies.  Some were at least 10 feet tall and some must have been near 20.

Again I looked around the room and now saw some of these large horses in the same room that we were in.  I began looking for a way out.  I moved to the south away from the big horses but one of them I guessed to be about ten to fifteen feet tall followed me.  Seeing no escape for me I turned to the horse who sniffed at my sleeve.  Its head was massive.  I could put my entire fist into one nostril of its nose.

As it sniffed at my hand it literally sucked me to it's right nostril and lifted its head and tossed me right out through the narrow slit at the top of the wall.  I flew out and landed on the ground glad to be out of the room with the horses.

The horse is one of the most versatile dream symbols.  Depending on how you view the horse and the content it is used in the meaning will change dramatically.  The general meaning of the symbol of the horse is that of power.  This is an ancient symbol.  New meanings arose as humans developed and their languages evolved to suit their time period.

In this dream I see two confinement chambers having "beasts" of great power.  There is reason for concern.

I'm not sure what my exit from this chamber means, if it has any meaning.  I am only certain the dream is important and has some prophetic value.  I am also certain that a GREAT WAR and GREAT EARTH CHANGES will soon come.  I can't say when but I can say that I have reason to believe it will happen in my life time.  I say this because God told me I would witness two great escapes.  I've not yet seen them but when I do I will know.
Strange People Strange Place 12/5/2007
Prophetic Symbolic
I was with my wife in a strange place like an apartment.  It was like a vacation but wasn't.  Other people came in and they were all drinking something.  I felt very uncomfortable.  They told me to relax and have a drink.  I threw the drink right through a window and heard it break outside on the road.  People looked at me like they thought I was loosing it or crazy or both.  I told my wife to get the things packed quickly because we had to leave.

I opened the front door and fell out holding onto the door I realized the sidewalk wasn't under the door where it appeared to have been moments before.  Now there was a door under me and I climbed down and went into the basement.  I went out the basement door on the north side of the building and found I was in the neighbor's basement!

I went back and looked around and nothing looked right.  I went back thorough the basement and to the walkway back to a path that seemed to lead back to the room where my wife was. There was a window but no door and a hound dog grabbed a box and ran away with it.  Someone was yelling that something was in the box they needed.  I never saw the dog again.

I climbed to the window and could see my wife and I asked her "where the hells is the door?"  She said it's over here on the side.  "It wasn't there a moment ago."  I looked and she was right there was the door.  I dropped off the wall from the window ledge and started around to the door when I woke.

Sometimes symbolic dreams are filled with crazy symbols.  Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind is what the dream is about.  This time the first thing that came to mind was earthquakes, floods, famine, plagues, war.  This dream is foretelling disasters soon to come and how people will keep on living their lives unaware and unconcerned.  Death and disaster will take them without warning.

The drink is their spirits that keep them deluded.
  When they offered it to me I threw it out the window. I told my wife to pack because we had to leave quickly.

Out the front door literally nothing to stand on!  There will be confusion like crazy.  The hound will steel things away.

The strongest emotion in this dream was the sense of urgency and need to run for our lives as quickly as possible.

12 of the 24 Elders come to earth 12/10/2007
Informative Prophetic Night Vision
I was in a mall with quite a few other people when I heard a voice speak to me and say "12 of the 24 Elders are coming to earth right now."  I ran out of the inside part of the mall toward the north and looked to see a black storm cloud in the north.  I heard thunder.  I looked to the east and saw a long white cloud.  This one was long to the north and south coming out of the east moving toward the west. 

As it came near I saw sculpted heads and began counting them just as I thought to take a picture of the cloud.  I pulled a little silver camera out of my pocket and realized it was Laura's camera.  I began taking pictures while trying to count the heads.  I counted eight men's heads sculpted perfectly and unchanging in the cloud.  I wanted to shoot video and had my new little video camera with me but by the time I got it out the cloud was moving directly overhead and I could no longer see the images on top.

I looked to the east again and saw another similar cloud also very white moving toward me.  I didn't see anything right away but shot video and pictures.  When it moved over me I looked behind and within the cloud and could see several very large spaceships that were homes, someone lived in them.  They were different colors, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, etc.

Another cloud moved over like the last one and again I saw more spaceships hiding in the cloud.  I saw several sets of clouds move over like the last then I ran back into the mall through the north entrance.  I ran into a little fast food or restaurant to the right.  I saw others running toward me from the center of the mall, some of them also had cameras.  They wanted to show me what they took pictures of.  Others wanted to talk.  I began telling them what I had seen.

This is an informative prophetic night vision.  Dreams like these are not just dreams, they contain critical or very important information.  Many times these night visions can be taken a face value especially when they speak to the dreamer delivering a message.

The voice said "12 of the 24 elders are coming to earth."  There are 24 elders, I know I've met them in the spirit.  They have sent me messages before.  NO THEY ARE NOT GOD! NO THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO WORSHIP THEM!  Yes they do work for God.  I can also say they will not leave the earth again until something very important takes place.

Me taking pictures of the clouds and images in the clouds means "record what you see."  Me showing others is telling me "share this information with anyone who asks."

Being in the restaurant means a place where information is shared.

I met the 24 elders long ago in a powerful night vision and most of them are men, about 4 to 6 of them were women.  They were all wearing long beautiful colored robes.  They were of various races of people.

The Great Elders are also "The Great Old Ones" I speak of in my novels.  They have been to earth before, now 12 of them are returning.  I expect the other 12 will follow later.  I also know that ships that are homes to many other beings will follow the 12 great elders.  I know their ships will be hidden as if "in the clouds" or in the heavens.  They will be observing and helping the angels in the days and during the time to come.  Some of them will be seen by selected people and they will be recognized as angels.
Angel Vision 9-8-2006
In my dream, there was a bread competition of what tasted the best. I was standing as if I was invisible, to many. I saw that old man had won and the young man lost as one of the bread tasted the best. And then in the while, I was in some place where I could see all galaxies or all infinitum. I then looked at Milky Way Galaxy, and looked at Earth. At first nothing happened, and then like mere minutes, A light exploded out of Earth, and then the Earth was changed from Materiality, to Immateriality, or more specifically, from physical to spiritual. The light continued in sphere shaped that is continually expanding, I saw all planets and other galaxies had been changed from physical to spiritual. It ended when the last of infinitum had been hit by the light and changed into spiritual.
        God the Father spirits and angels do not see the physical world with physical eyes.  They see them with spiritual eyes.  In this format they see spiritual energy.
        The bread being eaten is dealing with the truth.  The better and more the truth the better the bread.  This bread is the foundations of creation.  This bread that wins contains the signature of the Creator.
        It's been years ago but I have also been in a very high place where I looked down upon our galaxy from space.