The Catholic church has done more to paganize Christianity than any other religion on Earth!
The Bible clearly tells us not to practice the things the pagans practice.  He was very clear on his instructions about such things.  If it wasn't happening in his day and time then why would He warn us about such things?

For thousands of years people have mixed their pagan religions and practices to satisfy their twisted cravings.  It's not a mater of interpretations all you need to do is study the history of religions to find some of the answers.  Some of those clues and warnings were given to us in the Bible.

Some of us have recognized the warnings and noticed how certain other religions disregard those warnings openly.  None of these are more obvious than those of the Catholic church.  People who recognize the failures of the Catholic church wonder why the Catholics are unable to recognize their mistakes.  Many people observe religious practices and become completely burned out and disgusted with religion.  They rightfully blame religious thinking on many wars and murders that have plagued the world for thousands of years.

Recently certain friends of mine began asking about such things and I began sharing some of this information with them along with passing their messages to each other.  Finally it occurred to me that if these are so interested in this subject then perhaps some of our visitors are as well.  I asked them if it was all right to post their messages on this page and the answer was "Please share with your visitors so they won't make the same mistakes others have made."  So this page will be a combination of my messages to them and their messages to me and to each other.  I hope you find the information of value.
My friend Matthew understands first hand about how people get caught up in religious dogma and tradition.  He wants to share his thoughts about this subject with you.
Please put my writing about the subject on your site or send it to your friends.  I have learned to believe in Christ my own way.  If I ever had to depend on a priest or a pastor, I think I'd be in real trouble.  The Old and New Testaments are handbooks - guidebooks to living.  The Christ did a great many things that go completely against what modern day (and past day for that matter) churches try and lay on us.

Revenge and all it entails is ugly.  It's not of Christ.  For those who have yet to understand that, forgive them.  Falling back upon your human emotions is not good enough.  Christ advised us to give our other cheek to those who strike us.  I don't see much of that in the world today.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen it in my life as of yet.  Wash the feet of those you feel below you, socially.  Who does this?  It's a way of advising us to take care of the poor, down to the smallest detail.  And in that smallest detail lies everything he was saying. 

Still today in Jewish and Arab culture, the feet are the dirtiest of the human form.  This is why they struck Sadaam's statue with their shoes.  This is why a prominent reporter threw his shoes at Bush.  The feet are the closest things to the ground - and therefore closest to the dirt and filth of this world.  The Christ saved a prostitute from stoning.  He HIMSELF washed and oiled the feet of a destitute.  This is the example.  It SHOULD be the example.

I will admit that the only "gospel" I read was MATTHEW.  But when I turned up with too many questions for the "teacher" that asked me to read it, I was told I was too stupid to "Interpret" that gospel.  Huh?  Jesus, in Matthew, gave dire instructions to stay away from organized religion.  I will send you verses if you need.  He didn't offer one psalm or saying about it - but many. 

Jesus advised against cloistering yourself away from your fellow man only to chant, over and over, useless hymns.  He proclaimed, in Matthew, that there was ZERO, absolutely ZERO, need for Rabbis (in our new case, Priests).  The heart of Jesus' teachings are so far and away from the Catholic (and most likely every other denomination) teaching that I cannot imagine living any way but simply, easily, through the writings of the Old and New Testament.

Angels and Demons must be tackled head on.  I really don't believe you can trust either.  The only thing one can trust are the actual words and deeds of Jesus himself.  Everything else is hearsay and bullshit.  Thomas Jefferson, a foe of the English Church, once stated that if one cut out all of the fantastical bullshit from the Old and New Testaments, the tome would be a great learning tool.  He proclaimed that Christ's message should resound to every human around the world - but only if humans could strip all the fantasy away from the message.

Jefferson knew it to be an incredible message to humanity and if you and I sit here and look at it - all of the great things Christ ever did in his ministry - every single one of them was human.  Everything he did as an example to us was NOT mystical - it was well within all of our grasps to follow in his footsteps.  It still is.  Jefferson was right.  Religion is blinding.  Jesus' examples, as a human, are eye opening.  Let's all try to be a little more, as much as we can, like the human Christ.

All one needs to do is read Matthew to see what Christ said about all this stuff.  When I asked Mr. H. in Arkansas how the Catholic church reconciles the fact that Christ went on and on about not simply enclosing yourself away from the world and repeating chants (think the Our Father or Hail Mary) over and over again and how useless that was.  When I asked him about where Christ says in Matthew how the need for a "middle-man", ie priests (he was speaking of rabbis, of course) was not only not needed but advised against, Mr. H. just told me that I simply didn't understand what I was reading and so he sent me two giant books on Matthew that some guy had "translated properly" for me...  Ridiculous.
Christ spoke against idols, spoke against priests, spoke against useless chanting and yet people still think the Catholic church is the head of the entire following of Jesus.  Crazy.  I guess people will believe anything.

Matt has hit the nail on the head with his messages and I've quoted them to you just as he wrote them.  Ask yourself why Jesus spoke against these things, why He didn't want people interpreting His messages to us.  The answer is simple, He knew how people twisted the facts and truth how they reprocessed the food then regurgitated it to feed others.

Following is a message I sent answering some questions for another friend.

Yes and that's just one example.

They say the Apostle Peter is buried at the Vatican but when his coffer was found in Jerusalem inscribed with "Simon son of Jonah" (Peter's real name) the Vatican refused to comment.  Finally one spokesperson for the Catholic church said "It doesn't really make any difference if he's buried at the Vatican or not as long as people believe that he is."

After doing more research the "Naked Archeologist" discovered they had built the first Vatican upon a mass grave yard.  While digging through the bones they found one that was a male that had no head.  They proclaimed this skeleton to be the bones of Peter.  Remember this was a mass grave that had men, women and even the bones of animals in it.  This is not where Peter was buried but the Catholic church seeing a way to influence the "masses" decided it was to their advantage to say that it was.

They have a set of "foot prints" in stone they say were taken from the road from Rome where Jesus appeared to Peter.  They say these are the footprints of Jesus.  So they took the stone and put it inside a building behind a cage where people can reach in and touch it.  As we know from history God wouldn't even allow Moses to have an image of HIM inside the Holy of Holy.  What makes anyone think Jesus's apparition would leave foot prints in stone so that people could worship it?  Answer is he wouldn't
.  Another fake by the Catholic church in order to give people "idol's" by which they can influence the masses.

The point is when these things of high importance can be proven to be false it makes you wonder just how many things the Vatican has done to mislead the public.

Kinda sad actually.

Idols and Images for the purpose of worship Are Forbidden By God

Did you know that God does nothing without purpose and good reason?

There isn't a church building on the planet that has more idols and images for the purpose of worship than the Catholic church.

Christ came to set us free from religon and there isn't a public church on the planet that is more religious than the Catholic church.  Until you understand what religion actually is just keep that in mind and keep reading here.

God did not allow even Moses to have any images of things in the heavens or upon the earth for the purpose of worship, did you ever wonder why God did that?

If you read the "House Cleansing Page" on this site I will explain why God not only disapproved of such things He strictly forbid it.

For those who want a quick explanation, it is as I always say God set rules for all things in creation to follow, but not all things follow those rules.  If you don't know the rules you need to in order to understand how Creation works.  You need to understand Lucifer what his job was before his fall and why he fell from God's favor.  You need to understand the conditions he and his kind exist under now and how they still have influence in our world.  You need to understand they no longer get their spiritual energy directly from God, they take it, literally steel it where they can from the living.  To do this they attach themselves to the living and when they can't they attach themselves to inanimate objects, statues, idols, and things that people favor.  More often they attach themselves to religious images and tokens where people give prayers and devotions.  Don't think for one second they can't and won't attach themselves to that crucifix on your wall or hanging around your neck or a set of druid prayer beads sold to you having some implication to God.  If you favor it then demons and sub-demons will attach themselves to it and use it against you all the wile you think that thing is of God and going to protect you in some way, well it won't and God said "don't do it" for a very good reason.

Likewise even your bible can be used by sub-demons as a tool against you if you worship it and place that kind of value upon it instead of God.

Christmas and Easter are a Fabrication of the Catholic church.

People world wide believe that Christmas is the birthday of Christ.  They have no idea just how wrong they are or where the misconception came from that began all this pagan thinking.  I sent this message to some people to inform them where the idea came from.

Christmas?  OR "Christ-Mass" Is a Roman Catholic Concept!
Rome was then and still is notorious at their ability to control the masses through religion and politics. They mix the truth with lies and they always have. The Catholic church is born of the heart of Rome and it is exactly what Rome created it to be, a device to manipulate the masses. If you listen and watch you will see them frequently use terms that indicate that controlling the masses is more important to them than the truth. One example, Christmas, Dec. 25th (Winter Solstice) is a festival for a pagan sun god! It was also the "birthday of the Persian god Mithra." When the emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in the 14th century he proclaimed Dec. 25th the birthday of Jesus. It stuck and this pagan festival has been proclaimed the birthday of Christ by the Catholic church every since.