In my Ember Reign novel series I refer to the mysterious beings who own Orion the Delta Class Lightship as being the Great Elders.  The girls call them that as well as "The Great Old Ones."   In ER3 Be The Angel, near the end there's an impending encounter with the Great Elders.  Megan meets them and they begin to make changes as to how Megan will proceed from there.  Divora is a Russian remote viewer who once worked for the KGB.  She remains on Orion waiting to meet the Great Elders.  May said "why? they are like kin to God" and she says "I hope so."  Then adds, "Did you know one of the most common words translated as God in the bible is Elohim?  It means "Mighty Ones" great and powerful beings of the Cosmos.  It's plural.  It corresponds with the Creation story.  It was Elohim who moved over the face of the deep.  It was Elohim who was in the Garden of Eden and it was Elohim who said "Let us make man in our image."  It's plural.  It is a plural singularity, meaning the many work as one toward the same objective.  Keep this in mind as you continue to read.

People continue to ask me intelligent questions about what's really going on.  One man wanted to know why there were some cattle mutilations near an area where the Delta Class Lightship belonging to a set of the Great Elders was seen.  The following is my answer.  I hope it gives you something to think about.

The Great Elders have no need for mutilating cattle, or anything.  However I am aware the bad ones and the government follow all UFO activity they are aware of.

When Ray Griffin came to me he said "what's happening in Gulf Breeze is real but is not what it appears to be.  You are going to Fyffe, AL.  That's the real thing."

He had a reason for wording his sentence like that.  It wasn't long after the mass sightings of the huge triangle that many smaller triangular UFOs began being sighted around the world.  A few years after that new massive triangular UFOs were sighted.  These were not the Great Elders.

I saw in night visions as the first group of Great Elders arrived it was a short time the bad ones showed up.  I saw the good ones as glowing a soft blue in color.  I saw the bad ones as glowing red.  There were so many of each I could not count them.

The moment the Great Elders and their people move away the bad ones move in and do bad things to discredit anything the Great Elders have done.  You could say it's a kind of test.

In New Mexico in certain places they have mutilations like that every now and then and people see what looks like black helicopters in the area previous to these mutilations.  Now and then someone will see a cow suspended under a helicopter.  Sometimes they say they were close enough they should have heard it but the helicopter made no sound.

When they came I was told one week before I met Ray Griffin to ask for a sign so that I would know who sent him.  One week after I met him they contacted me again and gave me the sign.  The sign has a meaning and it's secret but I have explained it on at least one of my websites.  The point is the Great Elders knew there were others and they wanted me to know there were others out there doing things to confuse people.  Best way to fool someone who knows the sign is for someone on the bad side to show up and use the same sign.  People who have seen it may not even question beyond that, but they will need to.  So Jesus said question even the angels from the heavens.  Test the spirits to see who sent them.

Back in the 80's however the Great Elders did make appearances all over the earth and in one of those several F-14s were ordered to investigate and fire upon the Delta Class Lightship.  All of those jets simply vanished.  In my Ember Reign books I explain what happened to those jets and those pilots.  But I wrote it as science fiction.

In Russia the DTL (Delta Class Lightship) appeared near an anti-aircraft instillation where the soldiers fired upon the ship.  The ones who fired on it vanished only to reappear moments later unharmed without their weapons.

The Great Elders are experts at predicting future events and one of the things Ray would do is send several people letters of what would happen a week or so from the time he sent the letters.  One of the things he said they told him is that AT&T systems would all go down at one of their main communications centers causing AT&T to reroute all their communications through competitors.  When this happened at that location there was a person going to their car in the parking lot and a person standing at the back door who saw them vanish for several minutes during this event and then that person reappeared having no idea what was going on and no memory of what had happened to them during the time they were gone.  Ray predicted it and it happened.  But the Great Elders are the ones who sent angels to him to tell him what things would happen.

Two news reporters came from Nashville to Rainsville to see this UFO and Teri laughed for two reasons.  She was now receiving communications from the Great Elders and she was also fed up with the news people who had come to the area to make fun of those who had seen the big UFO.  So she told them "you want to see the UFO?  Fine, leave your camera in the car and drive to..." And she told them where to go and not to take a camera.  You see she had been in their shoes at one time and now she knew things about the "aliens" that would be hard to explain to anyone who had not experienced them personally.

So they went and did as they were told and what they saw defied all logic.  They returned and told her they had seen a flying tractor trailer, but only the trailer.  They heard the sound as if it were going down the highway.  It was so close they saw the rivets in the side.  And it just flew away and vanished.  One of them was crying the other was laughing.  The Great Elders had challenged the very foundations of everything these two men believed in.  They didn't see a UFO, no they could identify it all right but those things do not fly!  Yet this one did.  At this point we see it's clear the Great Elders can make people see anything they want them to see for what ever the reason.

Now we ask why Ray said those things going on in the gulf were real but not what they appeared to be?  Massive UFO sightings and some of them being caught on video and on film.  If they are not what they appear to be then what are they?  Who created them?  What are they doing there?

When I went to investigate I ran into 3 Navy guys who were just standing on a sand mound out in the gulf waters at Pensacola Beach.  I moved close to them as I thought I might without being noticed just to listen to their conversation.  Now and then I could see them looking and pointing at locations over the Gulf but when I looked there was nothing there.  Finally they noticed me and I said hello and asked them if they had seen any of the UFOs that were being sighted.  They freely admitted they were Navy and based the same base where the Blue Angels are.  They said sure they had seen some UFOs.  So I asked if they knew what was going on and they said "If we tell you we will have to kill you."  I could see by their expressions they knew something that was classified.  They didn't burst out laughing at the joke either, because it seemed it wasn't a joke to them.

Yes at least some of those UFOs had to have been real.  Some of them may have been projections that were not what they appeared to be.  Just like Ray said.  They are real but they are not what they appear to be.  One thing was certain the Great Elders had nothing to do with what was going on in the Gulf area.  The facts however present a mystery since both the mass sightings were taking place at the same exact time.  Gulf Breeze got national news and only a few local news teams aired what was going on in the Fyffe area and they made the witnesses out to be idiots.  People who had seen the UFO wouldn't talk to anyone unless they knew them.  So when I went down there I had to tell Susan and Terri who I was and that Ray Griffin sent me before they would talk to me.  But they had been told I would come that I had been sent to them by the Great Elders for some reason that I was not even aware of.

Now we have actual witnesses of the DCL who don't want to talk to anyone because they don't want to be portrayed as idiots.  No mater what they say no one will believe them anyway.

We have a distraction going on in the Gulf Breeze area that is getting national attention and the guy in the center of that won't reveal his name.  They just call him Mr. Ed.  And we find out later that Ray Griffin was Mr. Ed's neighbor and knew who he was and what he did.  He said Mr. Ed. or Ed Walters did make fake UFO pictures to fool the kids.  He was just playing with his camera and then all of a sudden the real thing happens and he become the center of attention.  People like Ray Griffin knew he was faker.  But they also knew he couldn't have created the real UFOs that people were seeing.  Some of them wondered how it was that Ed could capture the UFOs and only a handful of others ever saw them.  Ray moved out of Gulf Breeze.

What is the purpose in all this?

When you add it all up we have several things that stand out.  Who ever was behind the UFO activity in Gulf Breeze didn't want people knowing what was going on in Fyffe, AL.

The same entities didn't want the actual witnesses in the Rainsville, Fyffe area speaking to the news so they made sure to make fun of them so anyone who did talk would not be believed.  Yet 1000's of people saw this UFO while only a handful of people saw the UFOs in the Gulf area.  How is it that a UFO sighted by 1000's gets no national attention while UFOs sighted by a handful of people get national attention?

Another thing that I know to be factual is that when UFOs are sighted in an area the Airforce comes in with jets and pop fairs here and there to get people looking toward them instead of at the UFOs.  Then when asked they say "We had maneuvers going on, they were seeing jets and fairs that's all." When they act like that be suspicious there was most likely a real UFO or more than one UFO in that area at the same time or near the same time.

In an area where UFOs are frequently sighted in New Mexico they found a dead cow with something inside it that was not a cow.  No one could identify it but it was growing inside the cow.  When the mother died so did the baby, what ever it was.

The Great Elders have no purpose at all in harming living things.  They are ascended beings.  They do know of other beings however who are malicious who have other motives.  These bad ones are malicious, deceptive and these are the ones our government is aware of for the most part.  These are some our government has made some deals with for technology.  Overall the America population is viewed as the larger threat to their secrets.  That makes us the enemy.


For those who have asked "why are there UFOs in famous religious paintings" this page may hold some answers.

The Bible speaks of "angels" and "watchers" and "nephlem" who have been visiting the earth for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians saw the God's coming and going to and from the earth four thousand years ago.  In their ancient book of the dead first discovered inscribed in stone inside a tomb they mentioned "the two earths" that seems to indicate there were two planets that had life on them as we understand it.

Throughout time different people have observed strange things, asked questions and sought answers.  They tell their stories as they understand it and these are passed along among the population until now.  Who are these beings, what are they and what are they doing here?

UFOs and strange beings inexplicitly appear in very old religious paintings.  References to angels are found in our most valued religious documents.  We are told they can look like humans can walk among us, eat with us and most who see them have no idea who or what they really are.  The truth seems to be if they don't want people to know who and what they are then some "entertain angels and do not know it."

Great Father Abraham saw the Lord walking toward him as he sat in the shade of a tree.  With the Lord were two angels.  God Himself inhabbiting the body of one of these angels came and spoke with Abraham while his wife Sarah prepared a meal for them.  When they were finished the Lord aparently vanished but two of the angels went on to Sodom to "verify if the prayers they received concerning Sodom and the sourounding cities were true."  If it was they were to destroy the cities and the people while saving Lot and his family on Abraham's behalf.  We know the story, the people were wicked and even tried to molest the two angels who they thought were young men so the angels blinded the wicked people and escourted Lot, his wife and two daughters from the city leaving their son behind.

This isn't a story about Lot it is the story of supernatural beings.

For many years strange objects have been observed in the skys around the globe.  Some people have seen the beings inside these craft and some of seen them outside of their craft walking and talking with people on the ground.

In 1970 a friend and I stood within a few steps of a hovering glowing UFO around midnight.  I had seen the craft many times and knew it's path but I had never been this close until now.  It was also clear the beings inside the craft were looking directly at us through their viewport.  This UFO has been observed by many people and later we discovered a mother who told a story about her son who "went for rides with the spacemen in their spaceship."  It just so happened the UFO we observed that night had a path that lead to the south and on that path it made a few stops.  One of these was to visit with a young man who lived near Harden, IL not far from the Illinois river.

His mother thought the boy had a good imagination as neither her or her husband had ever seen this craft.  The boy grew up married and moved somewhere near the Saint Charles area near Saint Louis, MO.  Then one night the lights went out at the house while she waited on her husband a truck driver to return home.  She said a bright light came down in the front yard and she went to see a hovering glowing UFO over her yard.  In a panic she called her son who told her "Don't worry mom, they are just looking for me and when they see I'm not there they will leave.  They will not hurt you."  Sure enough in a few moments the hovering glowing craft lifted up and went on it's way.  She said "You were telling the truth?"  He said "Yes mom, I wouldn't lie to you."

It was my dad who first told me this story but one day while eating with him at a resturant in Kampsville, IL beside the river this mother and her husband were seated at a table beside us.  I spoke with them brefly and verified the story.  I got their names and contact info and sure enough lost it before I could make contact with their son.  I do not remember their names and my dad now has dementia and he does not remember these people or the story.  I've been looking for them every since without success.

The thing is this boy said the "space men" were just that, nothing more than men with a glowing spaceship that took him for rides.  He was not threatened by them.  There was nothing pecular about their appearance.

Among the stories of strange things UFOs and alien beings we find that some people are visited over and over.  Some of them have strange dreams and strange events follow them all of their lives.

In the Bible in the book of Numbers chapter 12 God speaking tells the brother of Moses that when God makes Himself known to a prophet He appears to them in a vision then speaks with them in dreams.  Since I was a young man I've had strange dreams that fortold all kinds of things.  As an adult in 1989 I had dreams and a voice told me I would meet a strange man who had strange ideas about UFOs and the beings behind them.  I saw papers and read the highlighted words that said "Ask them for a sign from heaven so you will know who sent them."  One week later I shot video of the Ozark UFO convention and met this man I had been told about in the dreams.  This man "Ray Griffin" told me "what is happening in Gulf Breeze, Florida is real but it is not what it appears to be.  You are going to Fyffe, Alabama to see two reporters, Susan Stockman and Terri Baker."  I was thinking "this guy is certifiable" and went to the bar to get a drink during my break.

At this event one of the speakers was a man named Daniel Fry.  Daniel told a story of riding with the space men.  He said basically asside from the fact they had a spaceship they were "quite unremarkable."  I still sell DVD's of his presenation for $15.  Daniel is no longer with us but his story and the story this boy told are so very similar it is uncanny.

When I got home from the convention I had another powerful night vision and I stood on the back porch looking toward the west at the preacher's house where I saw a wall of fog rise up from the stream and a ball of fluid light moved up inside of it broke apart and one part remaind while one part went into the south sky and formed the shape of a UFO.  It then flew away toward the south east.  In this I walked to the fog and looked into the light and there I saw a very special symbol that I recognized but now understood what it was.  The moment I woke I realized I had been given the "sign" that I was to recognized as a "sign from heaven."

I knew I had to go to Fyffe, AL. And that's what I did.  Taking a friend with me I went, I shot the interviews with Susan Stockman and Terri Baker in Rainsville, AL and they took me to show me the locations where the giant midnight blue triangular UFO was most frequently sighted.  Susan showed me pictures she took of the craft and they told me quite a few other things including their meeting the "strange man" named "Ray Griffin" who told them what was going to happen before it happened.  He told them where they would have a special experience with the beings of the craft and He was right every time.  I told them my night visions and about asking for a sign but I never told them what the symbol was that I had seen.  <Cutting out a LOT to make the story fit on this page.>  When I returned home the first call I received was from the mystery man.  Ray asked me what I had seen and I asked him to tell me.  I wasn't overly surprised when he told me what I had seen without hesitation.  Who he was and who these beings were was then verified.  Then he asked me who I thought was behind this midnight blue trianguar UFO and I said "It's the flagship of the Great Elders."  And he said "Now you are on the right track."

If God speaks to His prophets in dreams then God wanted me to go there, learn and experience these things for a reason.  That reason also has something to do with me sharing this story with visitors to my website.  If you are here reading this then likely you are here for a reason and some of you will have been directed to be here just as I was directed to go to those places and meet those people to hear their stories.

After these things I had another powerful night vision and in it I met 24 of the Great Elders.  These are some of the things I know about them.  Most of the following was taken from a message I sent to someone who was asking about them.

The Great Elders are made up of sets of 12.  I don't know why God does this but Jesus did it to so I think there's a connection.

They are ascended humans from previous recreations either on earth or other worlds that can support life as we know it.  There may be cases where beings are in human form that were not as life as we know it but I can't be certain of that personally.  The entire point of being incarnated is a process of spiritual growth.  The uncertainty of the spiritual variables while incarnate is what helps make us all unique individuals.  What is then sealed on earth incarnate will then remain with few exceptions.  People who are saved will have certain faults removed as they are given new bodies.  No more sickness no more death, no cold, no hot, no hunger or pain as we understand it.  Perfect clarity of mind and spirit are given to these.  Access to all kinds of knowledge that we couldn't comprehend and some we might are given to them.  One of these is the knowledge and access of how to travel across the Galaxy very quickly.

I was lead to them by a series of very vivid informative night visions (powerful dreams).  Finally I saw them in a place that appeared to be made of stone as they walked pass me one at a time.  Most of them are men but there were a few women among them.  I recall 2 or 3 but I can't remember every single one of them.  I do recall what we would refer to as different nationalities or races.  Some were darker skinned but most were lighter to white.  All 24 walked past me in regal robes.  Not one of them said a word but all of them looked directly at me and smiled as they passed.  They stopped standing in an arch looking at me.  The moment I woke I knew exactly who they were.

I believe that some who see these beings think they are "gods" but just because they have "god like" or "god given" powers they are not gods.  Others think they are aliens and they worship them anyway but they do not want people to worship them.  Some believe these are the aliens who seeded life on earth and while they may have been part of that process by God's own intentions and plan as they do command some angels they are not God the Creator but they are part of the creation/created beings.

They watch over earth and the mortals because that's part of their job now.  They are part of the creation process as we will be when we pass into that realm.  The term "singing with the angels" is based on the fact that those who ascend to be with God will become part of the next creation process.  As such the earth and planets like it are destroyed and restored in each transformation.  This is why so many people fail to comprehend the first two chapters of Genesis that talk about the Creation / ReCreation that took place before then during Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.  Another thing many people even Christians do not understand is that Adam existed in the Garden of Eden for many years before Eve was created.  Adam had time to see and name every creature God had made before Eve was created.  He had time to see all of the Garden of Eden and he did it on foot.  Eden was not a small place.  Most of it now resides below the waves with places desolate of old, which is why so many have searched but could not find it.  At that time the Earth's water level was much lower and a LOT more land was above the waves.

Then back up and think that if Adam lived for years before Eve was made and they lived together in the Garden for a few more years the earth itself and all of creation were not created in 6 of our days.  The days were not days as we understand it they were units of time known to God as Ages.  Ages are made up of groups of years involved in the process of certain portions of creation.  "The Age of the dinosaurs," etc.

You can be certain the Great Elders and their friends were watching over Eden and the Earth during portions of the creation process.  You can be certain that we are made to look like them for a reason.  "And in the image of God He made them."  "He made them in His own image."  This happens over and over again throughout the Galaxy and perhaps throughout the entire universe but I can't be certain of that.  But in this Galaxy yes people are generally made in a human form for that same reason.  This is why we look like the Great Elders and they look like us.

There's a few more things I can share about the Great Elders page on my website.