The following invitation has been withdraw.
These people are so crazy they wouldn't want help if they could get it.
They have no humility without which one can not be saved.
Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God.

There's no point in them wasting their time or mine for me to try to help them.

I'm leaving it out here in case them or someone like them want to read it.

The Invitation
I have to be out of my mind to make this invitation to celebrities.  People like Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and others like them.  You are rich and beautiful and when you have problems and think there's no reason to live just remember there are those out here who would gladly trade places with you.  These problems are based in the spirit and activities you submerse yourself within daily.  It's difficult, almost impossible for someone to change after spending a life time being someone else. 

There's hope for Lindsay and Britney, and others like them if they truly want help. 
Madonna knows who she is and knows how to change her own life and she has to some extent though it's a shame she's not figured out what's really important in life.  Paris was raised completely wrong.  She seriously needs help but I would consider her an extreme challenge.  It's almost impossible to correct that many mistakes in parenting.

A human being needs proper diet, exercise, rules to follow and purpose in life and it is clear that somewhere along the line some are not getting what they need to be a balanced human being.

When I feel stressed out I have places I go to get away from it where no one bothers me and sometimes I go with a friend.  The trick is that the friends must not be part of the problem and I think some of your friends help make your problems worse.  The ones that are, dump them, you would be better off with strangers.  I've been there and I know what I'm talking about.  You do not go to people who are worse off than you to get help!  Those high paid psychiatrists don't care if you get better either, all they want is your money.  The entire world knows they have not helped you.  Dump them!  Remember, no one can help someone who doesn't want help.

My daughter Laura (20) told me the other day "What good is being rich and famous if you are not happy?"  She's exactly right.  So your prison looks like a castle, it's still a prison if you're not happy with who you are.

When you find a bad dog you will usually find a bad owner.  When you find a bad child you will usually find bad  parenting.  These children grow up to become unhappy people who make the same mistakes their parents made with them.

Psychology is applicable when correctly applied and understood.  Lindsay says "
I'm going to do what I want to do."  This is a cause and symptom of what's wrong with her, Britney and Paris Hilton.  Anyone who has any understanding of behavioral problems knows that limits and boundaries must be established in order to maintain a healthy balanced life.  Most of us have these limitations placed upon us since we are small children.  The rich and famous however are not always subjected to these limitations.  They can go where they want when they want and buy what they want when they want.  They consider that money and fame can buy them anything they want.  People who are truly happy first find their happiness within.  They know you can't buy true love or happiness.  Until a person can recognize and accept these changes must be made in their lives they are out of control and they are not truly happy.  They cause problems for themselves and those around them.

I invite you to come to a place where the majority of the people won't recognize you and will treat you like a regular person.
  Most of them won't care who you are they would treat you the same as they would anyone else.  Most of them won't recognize you because people like you are not someone they expect to see this far from Hollywood.  So wear a disguise if you like and come visit me for a few days.  I'll show you a good time but not nearly as good as you are used to.  Be a normal person for a few days, get away from the crazy and relax.  You should also know I am not one of your fans, but I'm not an enemy either.
I believe that once you learn what is wrong in your life you can correct it. Sometimes to do that you need to step away from your life and look back at it to find the problem.  Odds are you are the one doing something wrong that is causing your problems but either way you should give yourself the chance to find the source and try to fix it.  Yes Britney, I'm willing to listen to you, are you willing to listen to me?

I'm not a big fan of the media either and I think media and cameras should give you some respect and leave you alone during your private life. They should be ashamed how they behave.  They should get a life.  If you want to talk with them then it should be your choice.

One of the rules to come see me is the media does not find out where you are going.  We don't want the media attention and you don't need it.

There will be some rules and you will have to leave some baggage behind.
No I'm not charging you for helping you.  I'll help because I care.
If your interested or have questions then Email me.