Everyone has met someone who's angry about something they can't do anything to change.

The things that cause these people to be like this are called sub-demons.  Each type of sub-demon will feed upon a certain type of energy they can take from humans.  These spirits have general known names like hate, strife, jealousy, revenge, lust, greed, vanity, ego etc.  If there's a sin by that name there's a spirit by that name.

To the sub-demon it gives just the right flavor and if the sub-demon can feed on a person it will and it will grow stronger and larger because of it.

I believe it is important for people to understand what causes these things.  The reason is real yet exists unseen to the mortal world.  Energy for the most part is invisible like the air around us.  Energy can not be destroyed.  It can be converted to another form.

Since people can't see them they can find all kinds of other explanations for the bad things they do and in fact some of these influence bad behavior in humans and the hosts have no idea what they are doing is bad.

Of those who influence people in a bad way yet the people fail to realize what they are doing is bad are the spirits of revenge / vengeance.  This is because that sub-demon spirit is able to fully justify in their minds that their behavior is not only acceptable it makes them think they are doing a good thing.  It makes them believe they are going to set the record straight.   The truth however is this, they can't fix anything for all of their complaining and pointing out the facts.  All they are doing is pissing on the ashes of a fire that's been dead for more than 100 years.  Others might say they are beating the preverbal dead horse.  Either way as long as they continue to act this way the sub-demon within them can feed upon their own energy and grow even more powerful.  Powerful sub-demons like this can actually multiply among the people and create even more sub-demons of the same type.

So in all their effort to do what they think is right all they are doing in reality is feeding their demons and making more of their kind.

Satan can not cast out Satan and multiple wrongs do not make anything right.

Islam and Jesus
We see that among the Islam community there is the highest number of people who think they must kill the infidels.  That's anyone who is not a "good" Islamic.  These people do not realize that God did not take the birthrights of the Jews and give it to Islam.  It didn't happen.  Mohammed was never a prophet of God.  There was a misunderstanding of the scriptures manipulated by sub-demons in the minds of those who felt they had been wronged.  The scriptures foretold that one would come like Moses from among the brethren.  Moses was well educated and preformed miracles.  Mohammed was not from among the children of Israel (Jacob) but was a descendent of Abraham, therefore they rationalized his rights to that inheritance and made him a prophet of Islam.  Not a prophet of the God of the Jews.  Mohammed wasn't educated and couldn't read or write.  He preformed no miracles and was outside of the bloodline of Jacob (Israel) therefore was not a brethren.  Jesus on the other hand was and was well educated enough to confuse the religious leaders time and time again.  He preformed miracles.  He feed the hungry, healed the sick and even raised the dead.

Under Mohammed or Moses either one there is no new covenant and as such there is no salvation.  Only under the blood of Christ Jesus is there salvation.  Therefore those who exist outside of these facts are not saved and do not have rights to the spiritual inheritance given through Christ.

I mention this because those who exist outside of the new promise (contract) with God the Creator are literally at the mercy of the demons.  Among these it is said there is a way that seems right to a man the end there-of is the way to destruction.  Demons run wild among these people and do what ever they like among them.  They are literally a play ground for sub-demons.  The 6th commandment "Thou shall not kill/murder."  Literally has no meaning because they are "justified" in the evil they do and the blood they shed.  In God's books however there is no excuse for what they do.

The spirits that drive them are jealousy, they lost their birthright to the Children of Israel (descendents of Jacob) and they are mega angry about it even thousands of years after the fact.  Revenge is also included, they think by their hatred they can in some way set things right.  The truth however is they can only make things worse for everyone.  They can't get their birthrights back through bloodshed.  They can only get it back through accepting the new contract with God through Jesus Christ.

Racial Discrimination
Everyone knows someone who has this problem.  There are black people who scream foul at every chance as if someone is out to get them.  I ran into a man like this not long ago and he says he has the right to complain about his ancestors being slaves.  The man is so filled with hate for white people he can't see the truth and logic in front of his face, even if you draw him a picture he can't see it.

He says he's got white, Indian and black in him and still he's trying to find some retribution for a crime committed against "his" people that was rectified in the 1800's.  He doesn't consider himself white or Indian but he considers himself to be black and for that one "justification" he feels he has the right to keep pissing on the ashes of that long dead fire.

I know people who have more white in them than black and still they see themselves as black for the sole purpose of pissing on those same ashes.  They want a reason to complain and to feel that someone has done them wrong, when it wasn't they who were ever done wrong.  Ask yourself where's the logic in choosing to be a victim?  Where's the logic in choosing to be miserable and make everyone else around you suffer because of it?

The answer of course is there's no logic, no benefit, nothing good that can come from it but there is a driving spirit behind and within it.  That spirit is as I said a sub-demon that loves to make people hurt inside, so that it can feed, become stronger and make more of its own kind among the unwitting illogical masses.

When these people die they are not saved.  The sub-demon they allowed to use them as host now becomes their owner.  It takes them to its lair in the underworld where it will keep them until the Judgment Day.

Think about that for a moment.  If a person gives a sub-demon a home inside them that sub-demon will claim them and keep them after they die.

However if a person gives the Holy Spirit a home within them it will also claim them for God when they die and take them to be with God.  Are you starting to get the picture?

You need not be a rocket scientist to understand the logic in how these things work.  From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and when a heart is filled with a bad spirit that spirit will speak through the host and tell you who and what it is all about.

My Life
I've been through some horrific ordeals in my life with people trying to kill me on multiple occasions and having been dead twice (NDE).  I've had a weak immune system all of my life and I've spent a good deal of my life sick.  If something bad was going around I would get it and my life sucked during those times.

I was abandoned by my parents lost my town friends and family at a young age and I've been on my own for a very long time.  I've saved a few lives along the way and had my life saved along the way.  I've learned some valuable lessons and I've taught a few of those lessons to others who would listen.

I've seen and experienced things normal people will not in a life time and that's a very large part of how I know the things I know that others either don't know or refuse to believe.

I remember but I don't feel I have the right to complain about it.  To do so would only allow a sub-demon into my life that would make things worse for me and those who love me.

I get up in the morning, thank God for another day above ground and might even thank him for some of my blessings starting with my wonderful wife who works hard to keep me in line and out of trouble. :-)

If I am able to make it to my computer I check my messages on E-mail and FB and see who needs help.  I don't care what part of the world they are in or what race or color their skin is, if they ask and I can I will do my best to help them.  These are the first things on my mind when I get up.  I might spend a few minutes or a few hours answering messages and chats with people who are in my FB friends or one of the groups I run.

I have friends on FB who came to me because I was the one who helped them when no one else could or would and they will sometimes compete for a few minutes of my time in a chat.  I love them all and they know it.  They always have questions and I do my best to answer them as accurately as I can.

They love me in return and tell me so.  They enjoy a few minutes to chat with me each morning and it brightens the rest of their day.

The Right To Bitch About It
There's a girl who lives up the street from us.  We watched her grow up.  She's had heart problems since she was a tiny baby.  She's had open heart surgery multiple times and she told us recently that she is due to have another operation.  They said she needs a heart transplant.  My heart breaks for her.  She's a good person who's had nothing but problems all of her life and yet she doesn't complain about it.  She always has something nice to say to us and a smile now and then she may even tell a joke.  If anyone has the right to complain she does, but still that isn't who she is.

There are countless others like her who are far worse off than we are and yet most of them don't complain how they got a raw deal in life.  Life isn't fair, mostly it isn't fair.

The slaves who were brought here against their will, they have a right to complain.
The Jews who were rounded up and slaughtered in Hitler's camps, they have a right to complain.
The Indians who were lied to by white people, screwed out of their land, murdered and made to live on reservations, they have a right to complain.  I know some Indians but you don't hear them complaining.  You see them taking advantage of a bad situation and going on with their lives.

I have friends who are black and they prefer to be called African Americans despite the fact they were born in America.  I don't care what they want to be called the truth is most of them remember how they came to be here and they don't dwell on that so that it doesn't ruin their lives.  I think if someone is born in America they are an American no matter the color of their skin or their race.  We shouldn't separate ourselves from who we are as a people.  The term "African American" sets them in another classification.  Groups tend to stick together and dislike people in other groups.  They take sides.  If people wouldn't do that it would be better for all involved.  So I say either you are an American or you aren't but don't take sides.  Don't set yourself in a group that reclassifies you.  If you were born in Africa and moved to America then you are truly an African American.  There's no shame in it.  Your ancestors were not slaves to white people but they may have been slaves among their own kind.

There's not a race on this planet that I am aware of that has not been a slave to someone at sometime.  Our Founding Fathers left Jolly Old England to get away from the tyranny and religious percussion that existed there. Yes some of those people were treated as slaves under another name.  Ward of the state, work farms, etc.  If they wanted to eat and have a roof over their head they worked for no other pay and that's the same thing.  If they got out of line or didn't follow the rules they were punished.  They were beaten, locked up and abused by their masters.  If it were possible for us to look back far enough we would all find that we have ancestors who were slaves to someone.

Victim By Choice
The man I mentioned in a previous segment doesn't think he's a racist, but he is one of the worst of his kind yet he can't see it and can't comprehend it.  This is because the spirit within him blinds him to the truth.

He gets up in the morning, curses the day he was born and looks for someone to blame.  It's his mission in life and it's the one thing he's really good at.

If his slave ancestors had been left in Africa odds are very high he wouldn't be alive today to make everyone else he knows miserable.  He chooses to be a victim it is as simple as that.

So the next time you hear someone complaining about all the racists in the world you know the "smeller is the feller" so don't fall for their song and dance.  Do not be like them because if you do then you will automatically accept their sub-demon inside of you.  It is a deal with the devil that you don't want.

The things on this page are factual examples, they happened but these types of spirits are not limited to the subjects on this page.  Sub-demons come in many flavors and can be twisted to suit their own desires.