In the book of Genesis it says there were giants in the land who were descendents of beings who came from the heavens to the Earth and mated with human women.

These giants were blood thirsty evil people who's hunger could not be satisfied, their power was unchallenged and they were cannibals, they ate people.

Certain translations of the bible and confusion over just what was being said has caused a great deal of misunderstandings and wrong teachings in the mortal world.

The story reads that directly after these giants were mentioned God told Noah to build a big boat because he was going to destroy the world with water.  Just about every nation and people on the Earth have a great flood story to tell from history.  Geological evidence says it happened.  The Bible tells us why it happened and who was saved from the direct line from Adam and Eve.

Genesis also says that these "sons of God" or beings from the heavens left their giants upon the Earth then and says then again later.  Meaning these beings from the stars came again and had more children by human women who created havoc on the Earth that God did not approve of.

Some like to argue over the words that were translated into "Giants."  Nephilim, the men of renown and Son's of God being two of the translations.  From my research I know the original writings were very old, the oldest writings known to the descendents of Adam and Eve.  The only person who could have written it was Enoch.  Enoch was seventh from Adam and it was known among all of his relatives that he walked with God, lived on Earth for 365 years.  He did not die but was taken up into the heavens by an angel.  It would make sense then to find the books of Enoch to find the truth concerning these things.  Enoch called these beings "great giants, greater than those upon the Earth in that day.  He said he saw them on the second and fifth levels of heaven and when asked the angel responded "These are the Gregori, the great giants who took to wife the daughters of men who's offspring were giants upon the Earth."

Some like to argue they were not really giants and they have all kinds of thin evidence to support their argument.  But we are not done, sometimes we need to read another account of these types of events in the bible and take it in context to find the truth.

The two places in the bible were these are mentioned is as I have said in the time of Noah and the second time was much later in the land of Jericho.  Joshua sent out spies into the land they were lead to by God and they returned saying "There are giants in the land, we are like grasshoppers to them."

These men said the giants were so large that normal humans looked like grasshoppers to them.  Yes these were in fact giants living in the city of Jericho.  Yes God sent Joshua and his people to destroy them.

Others like to argue these "sons of God" were angels yet we know from the New Testament that when we go to Heaven we are like the angels.  We are not given in marriage and understand that angels do not have sex and neither will the ascended ones who God takes into the heavens.  Therefore we find a conflict between the idea these beings who came and mated with the human women were actually angels.  The truth is they were not angels they were flesh and blood alien beings.

People who worship the bible as if it were equal to God Himself often believe the literal translation of the Creation story and for it to be true then God did nothing forever then all of a sudden realized He was alone, then set forth to create everything in all of creation for us alone including all those things out there we can't even see.  Brace yourself, he did all this in just six Earth days!  Wow, talk about throwing things together!

Now let's go back and see what was said between Enoch and these Gregori.  The Gregori were in serious distress seeking restitution between them and God and asked Enoch to pray to God on their behalf and forgive them.  Enoch responded "Who am I that I should pray for angels."

From this we again get the idea that even Enoch was saying these beings were angels, but that's not what he was saying.   He was responding in sarcasm to these Gregori.  He did this because he knew they had such power and respect before they broke God's contract with them.  He was calling them "angels" as an insult simply because they had access to the heavens and they lost it all because of their disobedience to God.

"Who am I that I should pray to God for angels?"

Because Enoch knew they were not angels.  Enoch knew God did not send them to Earth to do the things they did.  Enoch knew there were other beings in the heavens who were not angels.  He also knew that when on the Earth they pretended to be angels and that made God furious with them.

Goliath also mentioned in an important segment of the Old Testament was also a child born from the unsanctioned union between an alien being and a human woman.  He was a real giant and he really did live on the Earth among humans.

Did the giants exist?  You can be sure they did.